Hello, Friends one of our most important news letters - information you need to know! Stamp Duty changes in Victoria If you are serious and consider

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Hello, Friends one of our most important news letters - information you need to know!

Stamp Duties

Stamp Duty changes in Victoria

If you are serious and considering investing in a property in Victoria and Melbourne you have until end June 2017 to maximise your Stamp Duty Savings. Read changes here

The elephant in the Room

Long Term poor Performance of Industry Super Funds

Why continue to punitively invest in an Industry Super fund when their long term performance is a dismal 3% - 7% (depending on fund type).

Do you know how much worse off you can be financially by continuing to think you need to invest in Industry Funds ... way more than you think. Read more here and make a conscious decision to improve your own Financial Destiny and for goodness sake's get rid of that 'Elephant in the Room'


Effectively using 3 required Investment Principles for a successful Investment

1. Compound Interest / Growth
2. Using other people’s money through Leverage
3. Duplication, making use of Equity in your property

Most people either do not fully appreciate these Very Important, yet simple principles of Investing

If you want to have enough money available to you at a time of your choosing, to either slow down or retire fully; you would want to take advantage of compound growth + using leverage (the banks money) to accelerate your planning strategy

Over a period of 10 years or more this becomes a low-risk investment returning you high returns resulting in your own financial success

Read more here


First Home Owners Grant changes

Vic government introduced new measures to assist first-home buyers in a rapidly rising property market

The Victorian government will abolish stamp duty for first-home buyers purchasing properties worth less than $600,000, and will offer stamp duty concessions for first-home buyers purchasing property valued between $600,000 and $750,000. Property in regional Victoria was given a boost last Friday when the state government announced it will double the first-homeowners grant in regional Victoria. First home-buyers building new homes in regional Victoria will be entitled to $20,000 as of 1 July this year, up from $10,000 for new homes valued up to $750,000.

Both the exemption and the concession will apply to new and established homes. The Victorian government has also introduced an equity-sharing scheme to help first-home buyers fund a deposit and mortgage. The new $50 million pilot scheme, HomesVic, will be introduced in January 2018, and will help Victorians co-purchase one of up to 400 homes. Homes Vic will take an equity share of up to 25 per cent in the properties.

This program will be available to households where couples earn up to $95,000, and singles earn up to $75,000.

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