November 20, 2017 Pure Intentions and the Path to Empathy: An Interview with Sister Jenna It’s not every day that I get to sit down and have a conve

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November 20, 2017
Pure Intentions and the Path to Empathy: An Interview with Sister Jenna

It’s not every day that I get to sit down and have a conversation with someone like Sister Jenna, so this was an amazing opportunity to engage in some deeper investigation into everything from the power of living from our hearts to acknowledging how we can personally contribute to the healing [and transformation of the world.

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26 JUL 2016
In the wake of the recent violent events in Ft. Myers, Orlando, Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and France, the Meditation Museums located in Metropolitan Washington, D.C. have become safe havens for healing, reflection and peace during times of tragedy. Over the past two weeks, the Museums have hosted back-to-back events ranging from conversations around race, gender, religion, and politics to applying spirituality to all of these usually divisive topics.

The Museum’s events help people cope with the constant barrage of chaos in times when we are supposed to keep our calm. When entering the Meditation Museums, visitors are taken on a tour of the various religions and faiths to find their common ground. In addition, a new installation titled “Soul Awareness/Body Awareness” depicts both the positive and negative states of thinking. As the tour concludes, the visitors are shown a silent room for meditation as well as the question, “Who Am I?” prominently displayed on the wall for self-reflection.

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Fear The Real Terrorist

Posted 07/07/2016 03:18 pm ET | Updated Jul 07, 2016

Fear the Real Terrorist You Tube
 turnberry ocean club balcony2-thumb

If you are feeling any form of pain—you live in terror. Get it out! That pain is coming from a deep feeling of inadequacy and worthlessness which is fed from being separated from the real self. You can be a King, President, or an impoverished child, fear does not discriminate. It feeds off of pain and hopelessness. When we decide to heal the pain of fear, do not expect it to be a quick fix. Awareness of this fear is only the beginning. Get in touch with recognizing signs of pain and address them immediately. Follow the steps above if you must.

To summarize, keep an eye out for ways to always value the feelings of another child of God over a religious belief, the color of your skin, your nationality, or language. Find ways to celebrate that has nothing to do with who is the chosen or better one. Recognize the common ground with each other instead of thinking what material gain can I get from this. When we experience the Light of God, the terrorist called Fear is so scared of that Light, that it will exit your system. Ask yourselves, how deep is your faith? Your faith will gain strength based on your waves of healing, acceptance, love, and your power to forgive not just others but yourself.

Vote Peace with Meditation
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The Princess and the Poorest Feel the Same Peace

Posted 06/23/2016 06:29 pm ET | Updated Jun 23, 2016

Thank You Princess Basmah
Princess Basmah at the Meditation Museum

She: HRH The Princess Basmah bint Saud bin Abdulaziz al Saud of Saudi Arabia.

They: Disadvantaged youth from the slums of Colombia.

The Meeting: The Meditation Museum for an afternoon of music, healing and peace.

48 Hours Later: The Colombian government has agreed to a bilateral ceasefire with FARC rebels, a historic agreement that could move towards the signing of a peace agreement.

Several private organizations and individuals from Colombia joined forces to sponsor the youth to visit America. Ranging from 12-18 years old, they are the winners of the singing festival, Cantando y Educando (Singing and Learning). They are students from the poorest public schools in the crime-ridden city of Cali, one of the most violent cities in the world. Each brought such a unique voice and sound. Some played instruments, many sang from their hearts. Together, they are Voices of La Paz (Voices of Peace).

HRH Princess Basmah bint Saud bin Abdulaziz al Saud of Saudi Arabia came to America to participate in diplomatic meetings and to share her new book, The Fourth Way Law. From different worlds, they crossed paths outside the nation’s capital. I first met Princess Basmah during a private event hosted by author and civic leader, Reverend Marcia Dyson to share the Meditate The Vote movement with her. We had a lovely time and I learned how much we have in common in terms of our love for humanity. I could feel that our story together was not yet finished.

The next day, I observed the incredible group of youth in concert. I was so moved by their talent, courage and determination to transcend their stories of struggle in their home country of Colombia. As I offered a moment of silence and blessing to wish their future to be brighter than a thousand suns during their program, I knew that their voices must be heard much further than that moment.

Our purest thoughts come from silence; when we can pause the details of our schedules, and hear the purpose of why our paths cross with another. I invited both HRH Princess Basmah bint Saud bin Abdulaziz al Saud of Saudi Arabia and the Colombian youth to the Meditation Museum, as it is customary in my tradition to welcome guests into our spaces that are so carefully nurtured with remembrance of God. Destiny was created for them to attend on the same day, at the same time. A magical moment emerged for the youth to meet a real life Princess, a scene perhaps only known to them through a Disney movie.

The youth arrived in the Meditation Museum with a quiet exhaustion. In two vans, with guitars, drums, and rain sticks in hand, they filed in to the Meditation Museum. First, they were guided on a tour. Although they had visited the museums of Washington, DC the previous day, they didn’t compare to the exhibits of One Light, Who Am I, and Soul and Body Awareness. All are intended to wake up a deep memory within each of us, and feel our destination Home.

Then we gathered in a circle, greeted each other and began to share. Through a demonstration of crystal bowls, we experienced how our thoughts create vibrations; it is always our choice as to what kind of vibration we wish to spread. It is so important for each of us to recognize the negative thoughts we are holding, and find a way to release them. The youth each wrote a painful memory or experience from their lives in Colombia, that they were still holding, as a means to formally let them go. It is only then that each can truly believe in their power.

As the moment approached for Princess Basmah to arrive, the youth lined up, each holding a red rose for greeting her. She greeted each youth member individually, and then took her seat at the front of the Meditation Museum. The youth began to perform, and the atmosphere filled with a heart-felt energy. When a young woman began to sing, “I Will Always Love You,” the Princess turned to me and said, “How did you know?” “Know what?” I asked. “This is my favorite song,” she said with awe in her voice. “Our purest wishes are fulfilled here, it is what the space represents,” I shared.

Princess Basmah then offered a message and blessing to the youth. “Your life is for purpose,” she deliberately shared with the youth. “Never let anything distract you from that.” She and I excused ourselves for a private meeting, while the youth and their guides enjoyed a home-cooked meal, continued touring the exhibits, and shared their experiences of the trip with the volunteers of the Meditation Museum. Slowly and naturally, they returned to playing music, singing and dancing. It is their art, their way of healing, their purpose.

“I have never felt so much love before,” one of the youth shared while receiving her blessing card. It was a rainy Tuesday in Washington, DC. Amidst a hostile political climate with Democrats waging a sit-in on the floor on Capitol Hill, the aftermath of a tragic event in Orlando, and countless struggles around the world, The Princess and the Poorest not only met, but also experienced the same peace and momentary perfection of life. When the intention is to love all of God’s children the same, that is exactly what is felt.

Then, just 48 hours after that profound meeting, on June 23rd, after 70 years of war, the Government of Colombia and its largest guerrilla announced a definite, bilateral cease-fire. Generations of Colombians have never known one day of peace in their country. These youth may be the first generation in decades whose children will be born in a country at peace. I believe that they truly are The Voices of Peace. They are certainly ready to walk the talk with the flag of Colombia. They will return to their home country with renewed peace for themselves, their country and the world. I believe our thoughts have the power to create this vibration.

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Wake Up America And Meditate The Vote

Posted 06/24/2016 02:28 pm ET | Updated Jun 24, 2016

National Anthem for Meditate the Vote
Meditate the Vote

Do you wish for fewer guns to be accessible to all? More justice when it comes to the lost lives of young African American males? Do you want to see people of all life choices to feel accepted and safe?

Whatever are those deep inner thoughts, I am aware more than ever why Meditate The Vote is so timely and invites us all to a call for action.

We can sit in outrage in front of our televisions and telephones. Or call our neighbors and ask if they heard the latest news. We can worry endlessly about our future and our children’s futures. Or, we could do something to create the change we wish to see in ourselves and watch it manifest in our world.

If members of Congress have the courage and determination to push back against a system of least resistance and not break until some clear steps of progress have been acknowledged, how do we as citizens of this nation not make our voices heard? This is why it is the prefect time to Meditate The Vote. Launched in May, through conversations in community spaces, and special events such as tea with a Princess from Saudi Arabia, I am seeing in its unfolding how important it is to strengthen our consciousness from within.

It is time to think deeply, not only about our complaints of a broken world, but of our own state of limitation. To explore solutions for a better self that can influence our Nation and the world. I believe we are being called to become responsible for how we treat our mind, relationships, body, and finance. It is not up to a leader who can do that; it is up to each and every one of us.

Today, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron resigned! Just a few days ago members of congress in the United States waged a sit-in, to hold themselves to greater accountability. Our world is shifting. Are you?

Today, we launched a new version of the National Anthem for Meditate The Vote. As you listen to it, do you hear your own opportunity calling you, despite the angst and fear that typically holds you back? This is not the time to wait for anyone. We are the ones we might be waiting for!

Consciousness is being revealed in a variety of ways. Whether it is through a superseded energy of dark thoughts, or a powerful readiness to make a change, we have to Vote. We must choose which side we wish to feed the most. That which you feed will travel with you in all that you do, so let’s truly begin to Meditate the Vote, remembering that our own actions create our happiness or sorrow.

It is not for someone else to do this for me. It is in my hands to make my changes and know that does change the way the world revolves around me. So, make your choice and keep listen to your inner voice. Be invested in the story you have always wanted for yourself.

Follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook #MeditateTheVote

Meditate the Vote at the Meditation Museum
Inside Nova

Meditation museum serves up serenity in bustling N.Va.

Posted: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 7:30 am
by BRIAN TROMPETER, Staff Writer
Tysons Corner probably is the last place where frazzled commuters would seek peace of mind, but the newly opened Meditation Museum II provides an environment for reconnecting with one’s better self.
“We want the space to offer more openness, inner strength, peace and happiness, but also encourage people to maintain determination and never settle for less in life,” said founder and director Sister Jenna.
Staffed by her and a group of volunteers, the museum is affiliated with the non-profit organization Brahma Kumaris, which has more than 9,000 branches in 120 countries.
The first Meditation Museum first opened six years ago in Silver Spring, with Sister Jenna as its founder and director. It holds about 200 free events per year and has served about 30,000 people.
The organization also served Virginia for a decade out of a location along Georgetown Pike in McLean, then opened the second museum Oct. 14 in Tysons.
The Meditation Museum II is located upstairs in a small strip mall at 1984 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 201. Climbing the stairway, visitors are enveloped in a fragrant scent resembling that of a botanical garden. It’s a happy coincidence, as the smell emanates from a florist shop next door.
Visitors entering the museum must take off their shoes, which keeps the floor clean and symbolically represents leaving one’s burdens behind, Sister Jenna said. Attendees also may be followed around by an inquisitive, white Havenese dog named Happy. (READ MORE)


You Matter. Choose Love.


The word, “Love” has been used so much that often its power is diluted. We use it as the right thing to say in a speech or the right weapon to use when you want someone to submit to us. Perhaps the real power in the word is that Love is so large. Which might lead us to question, “Why do I play so small?” Love is large and it has the capacity to remove any limitation of race, creed, religion, or language.

The question then is, ‘When we speak of love, do we return to the awareness of a sacred soul contract, first beginning with the self, then to God, and then funneling out to others?’ If we cannot love and accept ourselves by means of sacred acceptance, will it ever be possible to love God and others from the depth of our own beings, where love resides? (Read More)

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Belief Days of Compassion

Posted: 09/09/2015 1:05 pm EDT Updated: 09/10/2015 11:59 am EDT


It has been a few months since the beginning of my journey with "Belief," a new TV series to be aired by the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on October 18-24. Spearheaded by an incredible group from Values Partnerships, the series has given us a forum for conversations around healing, love, forgiveness, God, and life!

What makes this opportunity so unique are the many voices of leadership, as well as those in the mainstream, engaging in a national conversation and being heard. I deeply believe that together we share common sentiments and a vision for humanity to stand tall and rise to a pure level on consciousness.

As someone dedicated to a simplified path of spirituality, I have been in the practice of letting go of my own subtle illusions for years. This journey with "Belief" has inspired me to do so even more, in sometimes surprising ways. I have been appreciating more of what is real, and checking how I listen to increase my power of self-respect and respect for others. Although I learned this lesson years ago from my spiritual mentor, Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris, who stands strong at 100 years old, it is in the revisiting of this awareness while engrossed in life that I have come to deeply appreciate it. We tend to view our lives and the stories that revolve around them with an acute sense of interpretation, when we allow it to become our practice. "Life is about interpretation," shared my friend, Michelle Roper from Soul Luminous Radio. It struck me when she first said it, and I still turn to it today.

After viewing a few episodes of the upcoming "Belief" series, I have been observing that my interpretation of the shows vary. I wondered why that is. Is it because I am changing so much on a day-to-day basis? Is it because as I allow soul awareness with a connection to the Divine move my thoughts, words, and actions, that I am viewing it from a more simplistic interpretation? Is it because my subtle voice quietly echoes in my subconscious, "If I am not able to embrace all with compassion, healing, and without judgment, I still have more room for refinement?"

I have been refining, embracing, and observing many areas within my own consciousness whereby I can truly see not just a better humanity in the future, but a better humanity within myself. It is where love for the Divine, and love for His creation carries the light of compassion regardless of race, gender, religion, language, or nationality. "Belief" is deepening our awareness and asking all of us to honestly see if we are being true to ourselves or only living from the surface; if I am living compassionately towards my own story; if I truly believe my thoughts and energy contribute to a better world. Is my life a message of compassion, from a soul who has been healed?

September 11 is a day that the world remembers. We remember it as a day of grief, hate, pain, tragedy, and sorrow. It was a day of revealing how compassionate we can be to our neighbors when faced with tragedy. From September 11 - 21, the Belief Team, working collaboratively with OWN, Values Partnerships and many around the world, will be engaging in a conversation called the Belief Days of Compassion and Healing. It will be a rich opportunity to go deeper into our beliefs, compassion and courage to move forward. I call upon my inner most being and of yours to ask the below questions and observe the emergence of thoughts and experience that follows...

1. What is your vision for a healed, transformed world? What does it look like, how does it feel, what is happening within it?
2. "Belief" is a seven-night programming event illuminating the best of religions around the world -- the rituals, stories and relationships at the heart of different faiths, and the ties that bind human beings together. How might this series and the global discussions around it, contribute to a healed and transformed world?
3. How do we bring about a world of compassion and peace versus fear and division?
4. How will you share your vision within your community during the Belief Days of Compassion and Healing?

I believe if we do not ask the right questions and foster awareness around life circumstances we will perish. We will miss experiencing and realizing how great we are as a creation.

What do you say? Tweet your answers to #BeliefDays or @OWNTV or @americameditate

What Do You Believe In?

Posted: 08/12/2015 3:27 pm EDT


I would like to briefly share with you the moment that I was introduced to Belief, and the journey I have been on since.

As I sat in my office at the Meditation Museum going through countless emails and schedules for upcoming activities, I shared with Antonia, who handles most of my schedule, "I will be retiring or at least move into my time of sabbatical". Then, Rev. Carolyn Wilkins, Interfaith minister for Agape in California, called to inform me of an upcoming television series entitled, Belief, narrated by Oprah Winfrey of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. She shared that Values Partnership (who is collaborating in mobilizing a grassroots movement to bring attention to the upcoming series), is looking at transformational groups in the country. "I was thinking about you and thought you would be perfect," she explained, to be on a call with Oprah as she shares the intent and story of the Belief TV series to be launched Oct 18-24.

A few days later I found myself on a national call led by Values Partnership engaging Oprah Winfrey in a conversation with thought leaders across the nation as to why this show means so much to her. She shared that it is about seeing what is larger in us; examining why faith matters to so many individuals from all cultures and situations in life; and that the project is a result of traveling to 33 countries to explore the lives of real people diving into their faiths to overcome life's greatest challenges.

In that moment, I took a step back inside and asked myself, "Could this really be happening?" Have we evolved to be open to accepting perhaps that our faith gives us some sense of human identity, but it is our experience with God that gives us purpose and reminds us we are here to love?

After the call, an incredible amount of energy began to ensue with regular conference calls across the nation with the OWN team to explore how those of us were receiving this possible shift of narrative in our country and perhaps the world. As is my practice, I kept noticing the energy behind the project, which was coming from a genuine place of how we can all be of service to others and as a result, serve ourselves in a higher way.

I was raised by a Hindu father who believed Krishna to be God, and a Roman Catholic mother who believed Christ would save her from her sins. Rather than choosing who was right, I intuitively felt that God was One, but the choice of which path that would bring an individual comfort and understanding was up to each of His children. It is not surprising that I was called to a deeply spiritual path of being in connection and relationship with God. I believe that when our faith is working, we can accept all faiths and all stories without judgement.

It is perhaps why it is challenging to hear of current events referenced as "religious wars." I believe our wars are more of a lack of ability to understand and accept our differences, than an expression of diverse paths focused on God. When we are deeply submerged into divine power or deep self-realization, the natural emergence would be a soul filled with virtues and values whose only mission is to bestow God's love and light. It seems to me that any form of violence or brutality is an absence of the divine. Perhaps Belief will open viewers to that, among other, profound realizations that can truly shift our world.

When I was led to my practice, it called me to not be focused on being a Brahma Kumari, but instead to be true to the original worth of the self. It invited me to find the courage to see myself honestly and be strong enough to change ALGAE (anger, lust, greed, attachment, ego) into the opposites: peace, purity, joy, love and wisdom. Through spiritual knowledge, discipline with love, and patience of the spirit I have come to realize that I am on a return journey to purity of heart, being clean inside.

Being a part of this gradual build up around the Belief TV series that will broadcast on OWN between Oct 18-24, I am witnessing possibility like never before. That of uniting rather than dividing. That of forgiving rather than seeking revenge. The possibility of laying down arms for flowers and good wishes. The possibility of offering folks permission to look into their inner world with more grace and beauty than any other way. Could the upcoming Belief TV series be a game changer for our humanity?

In this unfolding story with the Belief series, I am consciously embracing the friendships garnered between various faith traditions, economical classes, race and cultural limits, around a conversation that is elegantly not propagating anyone to belong to a religion, but to perhaps explore more how one's religion has the power to use God, and God to use one another, to do great good in the world.

I look forward with love and regard for this powerful project to reach the hearts of many.

If we intend to lay down arms, forgive, let the past be past, to move on, then I believe when we break attachments and love everyone the same there will be the experience of a good life. Then we will see the face of God in everyone.

For more information on "Belief" visit:
Follow my journey of Belief @americameditate###

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Bringing Soul to the Workplace


SisterJenna Korean War Veterans-300x240

Sister Jenna Speaks with Korean War veterans at the 7th Annual Armistice Day Commemoration & Peace Vigil in Washington D.C.

The word “soul” is being used more frequently and it’s easy to see why. We are all seeking a better quality lifestyle and a better way of conducting life and business – perhaps blurring the separation between the two.

Soul is consciousness and there are two kinds of stages that exist within each of us, one that is original, “soul-awareness,” and the other that is learned, “body-awareness,” which is a more limited interpretation of ourselves.

When we are being true, the quality of expression that emanates from this place is kind, pure, peaceful, wise, and generous. In body awareness, we think from a position of what is in it for me, giving rise to ego, attachment, and greed. These forces begin to play a dominant role in the results we witness from our choices.

Imagine a corporate workplace as a collection of individuals who conduct business from the consciousness of their souls. I believe when we talk about the “soul” of business, we are referring to the qualities or virtues we bring into our work, style, ethics, and means of producing. This is from the very same space in which I show up within myself. Qualities such as respect, trust, appreciation, truth, and humility will arise from a soul who is walking in truth. Contrary to that, limitations of the ego, attachment, unhealthy competition, and fear arise from body-awareness – the mentality of what’s in it for me? Since little can be created or sustained from a place of body-awareness, many corporations and governments are now struggling to stay afloat because this mentality has taken root as the normal state of affairs. Disassociation from soul-awareness is a dead-end street.

Instead of the common reaction to a problem of looking outside of ourselves and blaming others, perhaps a new soul-business model would have us look inward first, and honestly reflect upon our contribution to the whole.

When we check in with ourselves, we can objectively observe if we are part of the problem or part of the solution. It is through awareness that we authentically relate to ourselves and others.

Currently, we are witnessing an expansion of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness in the workplace, which is signaling us to fix something at a deeper level than merely having a high-level consultant offering strategic business advice. The fix we are in need of is more on a soul level. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington, the staff at Google, and those from all genres of business are bringing more soul-awareness into their workplaces. There is a need for the soul to feel safe, clear, creative, and courageous in the spaces in which people are expected to produce effective results. Some of the most successful inventors and leaders have failed many times until a moment of stillness met a moment of wisdom.

It is quite simple. If a corporation, workplace, or family cannot find their joy or calling within their fortress of work or home, then the soul needs attention. It is never where you are that matters the most; it is the state of consciousness that you are in that makes the difference. When we bring soul-awareness to business, it is with the best intent to bring qualities and virtues to a space where all thrive and flourish. When I the soul rise, you rise is the soul’s way of doing business.

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Golfing, Mystical and My Life Lesson

Posted: 07/17/2015 5:26 pm EST

I have recently been enamored with the art of golfing. It all grew out of a friendship, the kind of connection that opens up something new in us. I first met Reverend Sylvia Sumter who is the head of Unity Church in Washington DC, when she was a guest on our daily radio show, America Meditating. Then she attended our retreat center, Peace Village, in the Catskills mountains of New York. But I never would have guessed that I would be meeting her more and that she would become the one chosen by destiny to introduce me to golfing. Historically, I have always thought that golfing was the most boring sport! I am learning how wrong I was. It was something Rev. Sumter said which no one has ever told me, she said, "Golfing is mystical Sister Jenna, and very spiritual!" Something struck me in those words. I said, "Really?"
One day, during a packed agenda of service, not uncommon in my world, Sylvia called me and asked, "Would you like to come golfing?" To her surprise I said, "YES!" "Really?" She replied. I said, "I am on my way." I drove happily to the course with no expectation, reflecting on her intriguing words, 'Golfing is mystical.' I was thrilled to be trying something new and I valued her, for inviting me and wishing for me to find the joy in something she loved dearly. I arrived to the golf course in the America Meditating Radio Mini Cooper, with our eight-pound service puppy, Happi. When Sylvia watched me walked toward her, wearing my white sari, with Happi by my side, and a big smile, she said "Well, you really are ready to play golf!"

As we rode in the golf cart up to the first hole, I noticed how much I was loving being out on the turf, and allowing that mystical breeze to flow through my long white sari, Happi's ever present effervescent approach towards life being a puppy. I followed Sylvia out to the where I would first know what it was to golf. I watched her in trust, and first allowed my inner world to experience the moment, the vibe, the skill, and more than anything, the newness.

Then it was my turn. I took a club, breathed, felt it, then, I swung that club and my sari blew up in the air instead of the ball! I stepped back, appreciated Sylvia not laughing at how strangely funny that scene might have been. I breathed in again, felt it, and swung, and alas, I hit it! I was so thrilled and so was Sylvia and the caddy whom I never got to know. As we approached every par I kept remembering what she said, it was a mystical experience and I love the world of mysticism. So, before I would swing, I understood how important it was to feel, breathe, then swing and know it will be fine.

A few days later, I was all caught into the golf fever! That's all I wanted to do. And, now I practice regularly outside and when I get even an hour or two, I just wish to get into the mystical vibe and then swing! I am now a PRO in the process; P for patient, R for ready, and O for optimistic. I love the turf and the practice it offers. The following is my interpretation of what it means to be a PRO, on the course and in life.

1. Primary Grip: This is so important because it represents how I the soul sit inside my skin. Holding on to the club where I check my capability in holding on to my truth and power with a little looseness, enough to move what I want as far and accurate as I want.

2. Position: Gently bent, back aligned, feet apart, balanced and ready to support the arms and swing with accuracy. This represents for me my spiritual balance. How much I serve me, the world, and God. It's suppose to feel right, easy, relaxed, aligned in your zone to allow our true selves to emerge.

3. Focus: If I do not know where I need to go or what I need to see, I will never feel my journey. To focus is not to see what everyone sees, but to see what you see. My focus represents being centered behind my eyes, knowing the soul sits there and from that place I will see how far and deep I believe in who I am or have been.

4. Breathe: Then the breath, that moment when silence meets you right before the action is about to be performed to make magic or gain an opportunity to humble you to realize I can always know more and be more. It is the steps I take every day and every moment that indeed get me there.

5. The Swing: Many of us attempt to begin here, but in reality much needs to happen before we swing, take action in our lives. Once we've done the prior work, this step is about letting go and trusting ourselves. It is about knowing that I tried my best, and in the end that is all that matters. It is in that millimeter of a second that I realize how powerful are the 86,400 seconds I have every day to make something out of me.

6. The Walk: The stroll of satisfaction to allow me to appreciate life is a beautiful journey. Smell the turf, love the people you meet along the way, know that no two days of playing are ever the same, but everyday offers so much for us to celebrate.

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This statue of the Hindu deity Ganesh is one of many artifacts and icons from several religions at the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring. (Bonnie Jo Mount/Washington Post)


A sculpture of a meditating frog sits at the entrance to the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring. (Bonnie Jo Mount/Washington Post)

Inside the newly opened Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, exhibits refer to the pursuit of “God,” the “Supreme Soul” and often “The One.” A constant visual theme is ­orangeish-reddish light emanating from a vague, otherworldly source. The message is clear: Meditation is about connecting with the divine.

“If the mind can be in a state of experiencing the energy of God’s light or presence,” said Sister Jenna Mahraj, a nightclub owner turned ­spiritual teacher whose organization opened the museum this year, “it’s like everything we tend to find so disheveled — it starts to find its own purpose.”

Yet in gyms, businesses and public schools in every direction from the museum — which sits on busy Georgia Avenue — meditation is often presented as something akin to mental weight-lifting: a secular practice that keeps your brain and emotions in shape. Gyms list it alongside Zumba classes, and public schools say it can help students chill out before tests by calming the mind and training it to look upon disruptive thoughts from a non-judgmental distance.

[Meditation not only reduces stress. Here’s how it changes your brain]

This rough juxtaposition between the religious and secular versions of meditation epitomizes a key debate about the ancient practice as it explodes in the United States: What is the purpose of meditation? And who decides?

A sculpture of a meditating frog sits at the entrance to the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring. (Bonnie Jo Mount/Washington Post)

To Mahraj and her community, called the Brahma Kumaris, promoting the religious component is part of the purpose of the Silver Spring center, which is more about spiritual advocacy than a museum in the classic sense.

“This country needs to stop thinking meditation is about emptying your mind,” she said during a recent tour. “I respect all meditation practices, but I don’t necessarily believe in a practice that tries to ‘empty’ your thoughts. . . . I don’t think that’s normal.”

Mahraj is not alone in her concern that meditation might be getting too secular, which can be shorthand for saying that today it is often taught value-free — unattached to a philosophy or worldview. Hindu and Buddhist leaders in particular have raised concerns that meditation may be going the route yoga has in the West, where it has largely morphed from being a tool for enlightenment to one for a firmer tush.

Roll Call Heard on the Hill
Meditation Museum

Meditation Museum Moves On Up

By Warren Rojas
Posted at 1:18 p.m. on April 10

Need a little serenity now?

The oasis of enlightenment known as the Meditation Museum has taken up residence in some shiny new digs (9525 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Md.) and starting Friday welcomes all to its grand opening.

The suburban haven plans to welcome supporters — organizers tell HOH that aides from the office of Senate hopeful Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., are expected to attend — from 6 to 9 p.m. at the updated outpost.

Guests will be privy to classical dance performances from India and Japan as well as various inspirational exhibits (“Who Am I,” “Eight Spiritual Powers”), and are invited to partake in the interactive series “Listen. Emerge. Become.” being launched in conjunction with the America Meditating Radio program.
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Off the Grid Into the Heart

Posted: 01/30/2015 5:12 pm EST

Sister Jenna HP.1.30.2015
Off the Grid Into the Heart CD

Listen to Off the Grid iTunes Launch Promo

As technology accelerates our lives, many of us feel an urgent need to get off the grid, slow down, feel safe, and loved. Did you know that researchers in the new field of "interruption science" have found that it takes an average of twenty-five minutes to recover from a simple telephone call. Consider how many calls, texts, and emails, you make and receive in a day. We might be feeling that we never have enough time to catch up. So, our thoughts spin a million miles a minute with no easy way out. Some may consider getting off the grid, physically, by running away to a tropical island, or moving to the mountains and settle into a small little cabin where no one can find you. Instead, it invites us to stay in the midst of the chaos and use all the varied scenes of life to pull us deeper into acknowledging why living a life of love is so essential to our basic survival.


Get off the Grid and Into the Heart

Unplug Every Day
An interview with Sister Jenna of the Brahma Kumaris

dec14 sister jenna-300x290

Sister Jenna is the founding director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the director of the Washington, DC branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization. This prolific teacher, writer, speaker, and radio show host once owned nightclubs in the DC area, drove luxury cars, and looked through the windows of her condominium to see the ocean. But the buildup of stress and a feeling that she had become a pawn in the game of life led her to seek another path, one modeled for her by her parents. She saw their lives and relationship change as a result of their practice of Raja Yoga through the Brahma Kumaris. The woman now known as Sister Jenna had a powerful experience on a mountaintop in India that changed her own life. She now runs, among other things, a spiritual nightclub at the Meditation Museum in the Beltway. In February 2015, Sister Jenna will be one of the featured presenters at the Conscious Life Expo. She spoke to us about unplugging and getting off the grid in order to live more fully in the world.
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Cyber Safe or Cyber Insecurity?

Posted: 12/23/2014 10:28 am EST

The cyber-attack on Sony Pictures is alarming to many. It raises questions of thievery, censorship and most invasive of all, personal security.

Regardless of the views of right and wrong in this recent attack, we can all agree that the threat to our personal security is serious and one we are not willing to give away. The question for me is where does our security truly reside? If it is within the numbers and titles that define us in cyberspace, in this modern world of total access, yes indeed we are threatened. If instead, we root ourselves to the inner space of goodness and virtues within us, we still have hope. READ MORE

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World Changers
Sister Jenna 2.BW


Founder and Director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Maryland displaying interactive displays of various faiths. She is also host of the Internet radio program streaming 5 days a week, called "America Meditating Radio Show." Learn more at

Read the original article in Be Magazine here on page 9.

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News Channel 8 MeditationMuseumThanksgiving Parade

Video Clip from News Channel 8

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Sister Jenna

Sister Jenna

Sister Jenna has provided an extraordinary level of improvement and innovation in the quality of people’s lives. Sister Jenna is an inspiration to all who have the opportunity to know and work with her. As director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring Maryland, she has created a space for the public that is a safe haven for personal reflection and growth. (Read More)

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Sister Jenna at the Korean War Veterans Armistice Day


Hundreds Gather at Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to Honor Korean War Veterans and Hope for Peace

by News Release - July 28, 2014

Hundreds gathered at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to honor vetrans and participate in a vigil held on the eve of National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day ( July 27th), marking the fateful day the ceasefire agreement was signed on July 27, 1953. Renowned spiritual leader Sister Jenna and artist Shizumi Shigeto Manale, joined humanitarians Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich, in calling for peace on the Korean Peninsula, in the Gaza, Ukraine, and elsewhere conflict persists. (Read More)

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What are your thoughts?

This hero portrays the value of Dedication.

Sister Jenna.

Submitted by Antonia June 30th, 2014
Sister Jenna is the founder and director of the Meditation Museum, a non-profit organization which has been active in Silver Spring, Maryland since 1997. It features interactive displays of various faith traditions and offers tailored training sessions providing tools for personal development. The Museum hosts a variety of conversations, workshops, special presenters and meditation sessions on a weekly basis which are attended by approximately 200 people per month. All course offerings are free to the public. Read More and Leave A Comment

Cutting Edge Consciousness
Cutting edge consciousness speakers

Cutting Edge Consciousness

Sister Jenna: The Seed of God in Each of Us

Published on Jun 24, 2014
Sister Jenna, of the Brahma Kumaris spiritual tradition, joins Barnet and Freeman for a great conversation about spiritual evolution. Purity, peace and happiness are our natural state -- but we must learn to peal away layers of attachment to find the seed of God that transforms our lives. Then discipline and practice become gifts rather than burdens -- they help to lighten our load rather and inhibit us.

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Your wellness spa

Urban Centering

The Meditation Museum in Washington, D.C. offers peace, hope and reflections where it's needed most.

Pause for Peace Place

Outreach efforts include educating the community on meditation.

With nearly 100 museums located in the nation's capitol why shouldn't there be one dedicated to the centuries old practice of meditation? The concept is, after all, integral to religious traditions throughout the world and has inspired and endless outpouring of writings, music and imagery of every imaginable sort. Although the infinite wisdom and benefit meditation brings can’t be contained under one roof, the Meditation Museum ( in the Washington D.C. suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland welcomes visitors from all walks of life into its tranquil respite.

Meditation Museum card

Opened in 2009 by founder and director Sister Jenna, the Meditation Museum is an expansive space filled with inspiring artwork, artifacts, quotations and interactive displays. It frequently hosts special events, ranging from group meditation sessions to wellness seminars such as “Good Feelings, Feeling Good” and “Becoming Free of Obstacles in the Workplace” – especially fitting for the area’s powerful and stressed out decision makers.

We keep the focus of intention clear,” Sister Jenna says. “We want people to raise awareness of themselves.”

Visitors from all over the world come through the museum’s doors, and many are meditation newbies. The director understands why people are often apprehensive about the practice, and uses herself as an example. “ I’m not designed to sit still and clear my mind and do nothing,” she points out. “Instead, I want to stimulate my own positive thoughts. When people say ‘I can’t keep my mind from thinking,’ I tell them ‘Neither can I!’”

Perhaps the museum’s most important missions involve reaching out to the D.C. community. “We invite groups of children from challenging upbringings to come in,” Sister Jenna notes. Gang members, for example. “When they first start meditating, the results of their actions come to the surface,” she says. “But they’re guided to see that a positive shift can happen. And it does.” The museum has also welcomed mentally challenged individuals who had never before been able to sit quietly and experience positive thoughts.

The Meditation Museum has launched educational initiatives such as America Meditating: Pause for Peace in which, with the help of social media, a free app and plaques placed in highly trafficked areas, students in schools or workers in offices are reminded to take moments during their day to check in and “ not waste time on negative thoughts about themselves or others,” explains Sister Jenna. “ Instead, we can choose thoughts that support peace, happiness and truth. Negative thoughts make us ‘peaceless’.”

The museum and outreach are free to visitors and sustained wholly by voluntary contributions and private donors. –Andrea Renskoff

Working for Life

Jenna Mahraj, also known as Sister Jenna, is a living example of the global spiritual community she reaches with her work. Born to an African Catholic mother and an Indian Hare Krishna father, by her 20’s she was, of all things, the owner of two Miami nightclubs. Then a trip to India changes her vision and purpose. In addition to running the day-to-day operations and programming at the museum, Sister Jenna hosts Blog Talk Radio’s ( America Meditating program. She can also be found touring in an RV dedicated to bringing a meditation space to the city streets. “We park and then people can come in and relax, listen to meditation music and take some time value their own existence, “ she says. Looking to the future, Sister Jenna hopes to create more meditation opportunities in other locales.


Love, Peace, Purity

May 1st, 2014
How meditation can remove the root of depression
By Sister Jenna

Ten percent of adults suffer from depression in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a staggering number of people who cannot find contentment within themselves or the world around them. Although prescription medications have had a positive effect on some, another supportive approach for improving the long-term state of awareness in individuals is meditation.

Meditation has been documented as an effective component for improving a number of medical conditions. For people struggling with depression, meditation can help by returning them to a realization that the original state of the self is goodness and power. When people feel good internally, the world around them automatically looks more positive. The challenge is to practice a contemplative cycle of positivity during a bout of depression.

Quality of existence comes through the mind
We have seen this through the incredible stories of pivotal leaders in history, such as the late Nelson Mandela. These inspiring individuals have eloquently shown us that the quality of existence during their most challenging times rested in their state of mind, not their external surroundings. They deeply turned inward when the outside world was failing them—what they found was their innermost place of strength and wisdom despite their physical or emotional conditions.

When we refuse to allow our external conditions to define us and determine our value, we open ourselves to a whole new dimension of thought. Meditation provides the opportunity for people to notice the internal dialogue continu­ously taking place in the mind. Rarely do we detect how engrossed we are on a subconscious level with fear, worry, resentment, and even anger. Looking at it from a spiritual perspective, we under­stand that depression activates those emotions of fear and anger to suppress original and eternal qualities of love, peace, and purity. As we begin to face those negative emotions, we draw out the power to change the waste thoughts that emerge from that negative state into positive thoughts. We redirect the feeling of being low.

The root of depression
First we must understand how depression takes root. In spiritual terms, the subconscious is the keeper of all life experiences. In the ancient language of Sanskrit the subconcious is referred to as sanskar, where all the positive and less-than-positive experiences reside in the being. When these experiences emerge together at the same time in the mind, a person can feel confused, distracted, fearful, and low. A cycle perpetrating this pattern can suppress pure feelings, thus depressing the souls’ greatest nourishment: happiness.

Noticing what we are thinking and what type of thoughts we are enter­taining is the first step. The more gently vigilant we are about this practice, the quicker we can overcome patterns of sinking into depression. The biggest misconception in today’s society is thinking that meditation is solely done on a mountain top, at a retreat center, or sitting down somewhere quietly—there is much more application to the practice than that.

What is meditation?
Meditation is accomplished when we become aware of the thoughts taking place in our minds and then actively practice to change them into more uplifting and worthy thoughts. Then, when we actually find time to slow down and sit in solitude, a deeper sense of stability and recognition of their worthiness and goodness can occur.

The pace of our lives and access we have to constant text and language create an abundance of static in the mind. This is why when we start meditating we can often feel overwhelmed by our internal noise, the remnants of all we have recently absorbed. Paying attention to positive thoughts while on the move is imperative in creating a healthy mental dialogue.

Replacing negative thoughts
An acronym that I use regularly is ALGAE. A for anger, L for lust, G for greed, A for attachment, and E for ego. These emotional states of thinking are the root cause for depression if they are used to suppress the original goodness of the being: love, peace, and purity. The opposite factors of ALGAE are peace in place of anger; innocence in place of lust; contentment and joy instead of greed; love in place of attachment; and spiritual wisdom of the self or self-respect in place of the ego. The stimu­lations of the external world have the tendency to feed ALGAE. When a gentle, vigilant approach to paying attention to thoughts occurs—particularly while those thoughts are active—emotional suffering takes a back seat and so does the temporary fix of antidepressants.

Through meditation we can take charge of our minds and shift the influence that emerges from the subcon­scious. It is possible to slow down the barrage of waste thoughts that come from ALGAE, thoughts that depress the mind from being in a state of joy. Understanding how the waste thoughts were created leads us to the formation of new positive constructs. Instead of living in the pain of the past, we can begin to feel the deeper and true essence of who we are. As many traditions throughout the ages have suggested, there is an inherent goodness and purity in every being at their core. We reach this pure state of being and awareness through a consistent meditation practice.

Depression is on the rise, but fortu­nately so are contemplative practices. As we move further from the core of purity and peace we will either be gently urged or forcibly pushed to step inside and shift the state of consciousness we cyclically entertain. Though the mind can be our best friend, if we ignore it, it will wreak havoc. By paying attention to the quality of thoughts emerging on the screen of the mind from sanskars, we are able to shift them from negative into positive. Eventually a new pattern emerges, shifting ALGAE into the pure state of who we are. By rejecting waste, we can feel deeply in charge of our minds. In time our minds can become our best friends once again.

Sister Jenna is a spiritual mentor, meditation expert, motivational speaker, host of the America Meditating Radio Program, cohost of an upcoming reality TV show, and director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Denver Post

Meditation Museum Hopes to Help Congress Chill Out

By Amber Phillips, Digital First Media
POSTED: 02/07/2014 12:06:46 PM PST

Could meditation break through Washington gridlock?

The Meditation Museum (because with roughly 75 museums in D.C., why wouldn't there be one for meditation?) has been holding free, regular workshops for overstressed, over-agitated politicians and their staffers.

Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reports the workshop, “In the world of politics? Don't get mad, get wise” provides anger management training, group-problem solving exercises and, of course, a non-partisan, non-denominational guided meditation.

Before you pass off the idea as hokey, a museum aide told Roll Call the workshop is actually quite popular.
“We do it almost every other month because people like it,” the aide said.

Roll Call Heard on the Hill

Meditation Museum Wants to Help the Politically Connected Unwind

By Warren Rojas Posted at 11:27 a.m. on Feb. 7, 2014

Keeping the trains running on Capitol Hill is, by all accounts, a high-stress gig.
Which is why the Meditation Museum thinks it’s so important congressional operatives learn to cope with the pressure rather than allowing work to derail their mental well-being.

The spiritual center (8236 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Md.) is hosting a free workshop on Feb. 18 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., geared specifically to those who work in government. The “Don’t Get Mad, Get Wise” program delves into anger management techniques, involves group problem-solving exercises and comes to a close with some light meditation.

“We do it almost every other month because people like it,” a Meditation Museum aide said of the semi-regular self-improvement lessons. The group routinely cycles through a series of core issues, including bolstering self-esteem, learning tolerance, fostering cooperation and heightening decision-making skills.

The workshops are, by design, strictly nonpartisan and do not require prior training in meditation. “We focus on mindful breathing … and have some guided meditation commentary,” the aide said of the low-key program.
Does the thought of commuting to the Maryland ‘burbs make your blood boil?

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Does being Hurt

Does Being Hurt Ignite a Desire in Us to Hurt Others?

Posted: 02/01/2014 3:49 pm EST

After meeting a Syrian man who defected from Syria at the airport, I wrote these thoughts from 30,000 feet above on my way to Washington, D.C. from India.
We know of prominent leaders of countries who were exposed to some form of violence, or witnessed ruthlessness from a parent who was in power. In many cases, these leaders pass down the process of control without self-respect, unconscious of the fact that they are only repeating a cycle of pain onto their people.


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Creating Trust

Creating Trust in a Fear-Based Environment

Posted: 01/27/2014 10:37 am EST

The challenge is in where the forced pieces are placed and how that silently pulls us -- knocking on the door of our mind saying, "Move me... I don't belong here." But, we have convinced ourselves and attached to the "fact" that we must be right. As time goes by, we easily forget where the forced piece is located and live in a steady accumulation of fear that as we get closer to some other areas, we just might not be able to keep it all together. The fear builds to a point that it drives our every thought, word, feeling, deeds and the vibration we carry into a space. READ MORE...

turks and Caicos Weekly

Meditation Museum to be opened in TCI

WITH the increasing distractions and pressures of a fast paced life, there is a growing trend of people seeking avenues of tranquillity to explore their thoughts and find inner peace.

Sister Padma of Goldsmith and a group of spiritual teachers dedicated to wellness of the mind and personal empowerment are thoughtfully creating a space right here in Providenciales to provide just that.

The space, which is scheduled to be opened in a few weeks, is located in Grace Bay and is intended to be a Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum/Café.
(Read More)

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What Happens When East Meets West?

Posted: 01/17/2014 1:57 pm EST
As we reach the middle of the first month of the new year, I find myself in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India, where the cows and cars have an uncanny agreement that supports the flow of life. Unlike my travel companion who thought it to be chaotic and insane, I somehow kept seeing nothing can flow like this if some special power were not at hand. That power is called "Bhavna." It's a Hindi word, which translated to English means, "a deep unique feeling of faith, love, and regard." READ MORE...

The Gazette

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

The Meditation Museum: Targeting the Mind, Soul and Spirit

Free sessions aim to help individuals enhance their quality of life.

By Aline Barros Staff Writer

Gazette Sister Gita.12.10.2013

The Meditation Museum is unique in Silver Spring.

Visitors say it renews the soul, clears the mind and relaxes the body. Students talk about getting spiritual help while enhancing the quality of their thoughts.

They also get to meet Sister Jenna, as she is called, the director and founder.

“The audience that we have are individuals that are soul searching. They want to be better people. They are stuck — perhaps overwhelmed or even just curious,” Sister Jenna said during an interview.

The museum, at 8236 Georgia Ave., is open to people practicing any religion. All are welcome, she said.

Visitors to the museum, which has been open since 2009, can find free classes on meditation. They can join in workshops about busy people, the purpose of the soul, spirituality and growing up, world peace and more. The museum offers presenters, discussions and sessions on how to silence the mind. Read More

11.11 Article image


By Sister Jenna
We are moving faster, thinking faster, and perhaps letting go faster due to the speed. As a result, we are moving further away from ourselves. We generally identify ourselves by our appearance, likes and dislikes, abilities, job titles, and even by whom we are surrounded and who we keep as our close companions. Our sense of defining who we are is greatly influenced by what people say, the circumstances that we encounter and the difficulties that we face. So, do we have to learn about ourselves from all that is external? Or, is it an inner knowing?

Our fears are very much rooted in a limited sense of the self. The way our mind feels about who and what we have become reveals itself in the way we look at the world and our relationships in it. We are being moved to come from the inside, to really listen to what our thoughts are signaling to us. Thoughts are our greatest resource, yet we abuse them and in many cases we do not use our thoughts in ways that can strengthen our mind. What is for sure is that pure feelings and good wishes are needed over a long period of time. We need to be consistent in our vision for ourselves and understand that those who come as harsh teachers provide a great opportunity to strengthen our most powerful resource – our thoughts. Read More


Friday, November 22, 2013

Meditation Museum RV Rolls Through Silver Spring for Thanksgiving Parade

By Rachel Nania.

WTOP Article 1

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WASHINGTON - This weekend, plenty of local clubs, businesses and organizations will show off their holiday spirit at the annual Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade.

But for one Maryland organization, getting in the spirit means getting spiritual -- in a RV.

For the past three years, Sister Jenna, director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Md., participated in the parade by driving a classic Mercedes convertible with some of her museum team members.

"All the sisters and the kids would walk around (the car) with angel wings and bubbles," says Sister Jenna, who explains that her name signifies kindness and respect, not religion.

But this year, Sister Jenna is ditching the angel wings for a set of big wheels. Read More

WTOP Meditation Museum Gets Wheels

June 19, 2013 - Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley, Proclaims America Meditating Day

Maryland Proclamation.1.1

April 2nd, 2013 - America Meditating launches Online Radio Show.

Today America Meditating launched the America Meditating Blog Talk Radio Show as an outlet to share the initiative with others and learn about the multitude of good work happening across our nation. Listeners can Tune in live Monday through Friday at 8AM EST, or log on to America Meditating Blog Talk Radio Show anytime to listen to recorded shows.

The Garden Island logo

The Garden, KAUA‘I, Healing pain into power with Sister Jenna, Feb. 3rd, 2013: "Whenever you look at your own life, all of your sorrows or discomforts will come from having felt one of these,” she said of the ALGAE. “In the meditation I will teach you how to reduce the percentage of this in your own consciousness and increase our inner light, which is who we are.” Read More

GPS for the Soul Meditation Tips

Huffington Post, GPS Guide: Sister Jenna's Light-Restoring Guided Meditation, Jan. 31st, 2013
If "He" came gently onto the screen of my mind, what would "He" say? In our constant search to find meaning, purpose and happiness, our outer search always sends us back inside ourselves to truly listen to what is real and pure. These slides of Light will offer a peaceful yet powerful experience of our link back to Source, to the Divine, to God, to Light. Read More

washington examiner

Washington Examiner, September 1st, 2012": Credo- Jenna Mahraj
I'm not quite sure if it's a specific faith, but we are on a specific path. The name of the path is Brahma Kumaris, and it's from the East, and it's fairly new, shy of a hundred years, with now thousands of branches in 120 countries. It's also rooted in there is one source and one God, and when we can begin to remember that supreme source, then we begin to move in a way that defines divinity....Read More...

GPS for the Soul Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips: Live by a Quotation
Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - July 8, 2012
WASHINGTON - We are always looking for different techniques for meditating, but realistically, if we stay in awareness and in a consciousness of being a peaceful soul while we are walking and moving around, then life starts to unfold a lot smoother. In order to be in love with life and the world we need to love ourselves. ... Read More

GPS for the Soul Meditation Tips

Sister Jenna's Meditation Tips: Does Meditation Have to Be Serious?
Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 28, 2012
WASHINGTON - Some people think that their thoughts and feelings are the result of something outside of them. They blame others or a situation for "making them" feel a certain way, as if the thought came from outside and got in their head. We know this isn't true. We alone create our thoughts and thoughts are triggered by our life experiences. ... Read More

GPS for the Soul Meditation Tips

Sister Jenna's Meditation Tips: Playing Your Part in the Drama of Life
Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 26, 2012
WASHINGTON - Have you ever wondered what this life is all about? What are we really doing with our lives? What are we supposed to be doing? What is our role? Lets imagine that we are here, in life, or in the "drama." Since life appears so "dramatic" these days, this seems appropriate to look at life like a movie, and I am an actor in the movie playing my role. If I wanted to play my role accurately, I would find it beneficial to be close to the director wouldn't I? ... Read More

GPS for the Soul Meditation Tips

Sister Jenna's Meditation Tips: Soul Consciousness and Awakening Innocence
Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 22, 2012
WASHINGTON - In our younger years, during exposure to a particular religious practice or later during our search for truth, we often got fixated on the person rather than the source of the message. We listened, but were we absorbing the wisdom with the intention of letting go of all attachments and replacing attachments with love? Have you ever asked the self: "Am I just enamored with the person delivering the message, and as a result I really am not able to imbibe the power of the message in myself?" ... Read More . . . Subscribe to America Meditating News

GPS for the Soul Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips: Increasing Real, Pure Love
Sister Jenna - Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 19, 2012
WASHINGTON— What I have come to understand through my studies and experiences is that if we are energetic beings, then God too is an energetic being and an ultimate and eternal source of energy: a "light." Unlike us, the supreme soul is free of the knowledge of defects. The supreme energy that is this being of light is perfect and free from vice. This energy is the same as you and I: It is perfect, pure, loving, peaceful, joyous and wise. But again, only when I realize myself as a soul and accurately understand who God is can I begin to re-ignite the feeling of the soul's original true worth and perfection from deep within. Read More

Meditation Tips: Self Awareness
Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 17, 2012
WASHINGTON - In certain meditation practices, raising our consciousness beyond our current state reduces thoughts, especially those that are wasteful. There are different kinds of thoughts. They can be identified as: positive, necessary, waste and negative thoughts. When we meditate we aim to reduce the impact of "waste thoughts," allowing real genuine thinking to take over our mind. Negative and waste thoughts weaken our inner state of being, and positive and necessary enhance the soul's original inner power." ... Read More

Meditation Tips for the Day -6

Meditation Tips for the Day - The Law Of Karma
Sister Jenna - Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 13, 2012
WASHINGTON— You've heard people say "He's got bad karma," or It's just her karma." What most people don't know is what karma actually means. In English it translates to action. All of our actions since birth are recorded in the soul or "subconscious." What we can ponder on is the possibility of taking rebirth, or another word for it is reincarnation -- which means we may have lived many lifetimes. This means that there have been a lot of actions! Even if the concept of reincarnation doesn't sit well with you, consider your current lifetime and the storehouse of experiences you are carrying now. Bet you can't remember everything, can you? Imagine having to figure out karmas of many lifetimes! Read More

Meditation Tips for the Day -5

Meditation Tips for the Day - The ALGAE
Sister Jenna - Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 9, 2012
WASHINGTON— Today, June 9, 2012, the Meditation Museum officially launches its nationwide initiative entitled "America Meditating -- Pause for Peace." The goal is to light up America and invite everyone to pause for peace at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. or whenever you can during the day. The initiative aims to foster peace and happiness within each individual, beginning in the nation's capital, and spread these feelings into the world around us! Imagine, for a moment in time, where everyone just felt GOOD. Read More

Meditation Tips for the Day -4

Meditation Tips for the Day - Meditation Is Awareness
Sister Jenna - Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 8, 2012
WASHINGTON— Many times people ask, "Why do you meditate with your eyes open?" Well, most of our lives are spent with our eyes open, and we've always had this myth that we are supposed to sit in a corner, silence our mind, close our eyes, and then meditate. It's not true. Open eye meditation allows the consciousness in the soul to build more focus as it maintains an inner awareness of the self's real personality! Read More

GPS for the Soul Meditation Tips for the Day - Day Three

Meditation Tips for the Day - The Light Behind The Eyes
Sister Jenna - Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 7, 2012
WASHINGTON— There's a saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. When you speak with someone, you actually speak to the soul. Inside of every soul are experiences of past, present, and even the future. Have you ever spoken with someone, and in looking into their eyes you were actually trying to understand at a deeper level what they really mean or are trying to convey to you? It is a story that is emerging from behind their eyes. This has happened many times for me. Where I catch myself more tuning into the "vibe" rather than the words. Read More

Meditation Tips for the Day -2

Meditation Tips for the Day - Changing Waste To Power

Sister Jenna - Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 6, 2012
WASHINGTON— Many of us believe that meditation is difficult to do. It's not! I wish to continue to reiterate that meditation is about an "awareness." In practices like Raja Yoga Meditation, there is a focus on reminding the self that I am a peaceful soul. Allow yourself some time to feel it... In feeling it, it becomes real. By accumulating the experience of this awareness challenging situations no longer make me believe it's someone else fault for making me feel peace-less. No one can take away my peace unless you have give them permission to do so! Read More

Meditation Tips for the Day -1

Meditation Tips for the Day - I am A Peaceful Soul
Sister Jenna - Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 5, 2012
WASHINGTON—I have heard many people say, " I can't meditate," " I can't clear my mind," or " I don't know what to focus on!" This is a misconception that often inhibits people from even trying meditation. The fact is that meditation is about "awareness," and you can do it even while you are walking and moving around. If that practice is incorporated when sitting to meditate, the experience is much easier to attain Read More

GPS for the Soul copy

When We Meditate We Come Home

Sister Jenna - Huffington Post - GPS for the Soul - June 4, 2012
WASHINGTON—Before I began my spiritual practice with the Brahma Kumaris I was aware on an intuitive level that life wasn't all I was seeing with these two eyes. However, I was just as much a party to playing the role of being ignorant as I passed through all the stages a normal person would living in America. Read More

IMG 0522 Sister Jenna

Shen Yun: 'Truth,' 'Simplicity,' 'Purity,' Says Head of Meditation Museum
WASHINGTON—“I feel that [Shen Yun’s performance] really offered individuals a chance to experience peace, a chance to experience an importance that truth is very simple. Truth is very, very simple,” said Ms. Jenna Maharaja, head of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Maryland. She saw the Shen Yun New York Company at Kennedy Center on Jan. 25. Read More


Meditation Museum: What's your agenda?
"Our agenda is to enhance the quality of our thoughts, our lives, and our world," says museum director Sister Jenna. "[The museum] is specifically designed to bring us back to a knowledge of our true selves and our responsibility in bettering our humanity. And through artwork or through the arts, we feature a variety of activities and programs to encourage individuals to return to their purity and their peace." Read More

peaceful meditation

Simple meditation and relaxation techniques

Sit quietly....breath in and out a few times...... and inside of your mind engage in this dialogue.
Forget your name....and check how you feel...
Forget your gender...check how you feel...
Forget your role/s and title/s...check how you feel...
Forget your body, check how you feel....*


Thinking Big: The Meditation Museum
AT MOST MUSEUMS, visitors hope to find something pretty to look at. But at the D.C. area's newest art gallery, the expectations are significantly higher. As the sign at the entrance reads, "Our hope is that everyone who experiences the museum finds his or her own authentic meaning for life."


Museum showcases soul

Typically, you visit museums to learn about the world outside of the self: the pyramids of Giza or the art of Henri Matisse, for example.
Not so with the recently opened Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, whose aim is for visitors to learn about the inner self.
“Right now we’re showcasing art by Marie Binder, and on the right side of the artwork we pose questions to the visitors that invite them to reflect on themselves,” says Jenna Mahraj, known as Sister Jenna, director of the museum. The venue is run by the Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual movement founded in India.


Chill out: Stress guru would like us all to take a deep breath
Jenna, who is director of Brahma Kumaris, unveiled her Meditation Museum this summer in Silver Spring. She said her clientele ranges from high-powered leaders to students to overwhelmed mothers.
Specializing in D.C.-centric chaos, Jenna has extensive experience counseling politicians.
"I find if a politician is very angered or afraid to speak of the truth, he lives in stress," she said.


Ideas pour in to try to help BP handle Gulf oil spill

Sister Jenna Mahraj, director of the Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual organization with roots in India, is calling on her supporters to hold a minute of silence every hour to "express our well wishes toward the Gulf."
"The power of pure thinking can accomplish many things," she said. "And every little bit helps."

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Kites for Peace Fly Over D.C.

Cheryl S. Ntumy - Summer 2008 June 11, 2008 1:05 pm

IMG 7160.preview

Some of the kites like this one flying at the Washington Monument were large, elaborate and expensive. SHFWire photo by Cheryl S. Ntumy

WASHINGTON - A few hours after her second-to-last chemotherapy session, Gita Stevenson, 62 , of McLean, Va., sat in the Sylvan Theater at the base of the Washington Monument, watching children and adults fly brilliantly colored kites across the partly cloudy sky.

Despite temperatures in the high 90s, and against her doctors' advice, Stevenson attended the Kites for Peace event hosted Tuesday by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, a spiritual group that teaches meditation classes. She has been a volunteer with the non-profit organization for 25 years.

"Everyone said stay home," she said, "but my heart said come."

Every year since 2001, the Brahma Kumaris has hosted an event on June 10 to commemorate the death of the local organization's founder, Dadi Prakasmani, who came to the U.S. from India. This year the theme was Kites for Peace, marked by an afternoon of kite flying and meditation intended to promote peace and bring hope to children living in countries ravaged by war.

People of all ages braved the heat - and the threat of thunderstorms - to support the event. Archit Gupta, 12, and Ravi Goshi, 11, of Frederick, Md., turned up to volunteer their services.

Archit said he was moved to support the event by "my motivation for peace in the world."

Ravi, who was recruited to the cause by Archit and his mother, said, "This whole project is to help others be peaceful."

The Brahma Kumaris invited local kite club, Wings Over Washington, to participate in the event. Several members of the club flew kites up to 19 feet wide that club treasurer, Barbara Birnman, 60, of Germantown, Md., said could cost a few hundred dollars each. Birnman said she attended the event because she loves to fly kites and because she supports peace.

"I'm a child of the 60s," she said. "I was an anti-war protester; I'm still an anti-war protester. Like Rodney King said: ‘Why can't we all just get along?'"

Paul LaMasters, 52, Birnman's husband and the kite club president, said he was there because "I support kite flying in all its endeavors."

For the Brahma Kumaris, the event represented more than a gesture for children in war-torn nations. It was also for the benefit of those who were involved.

IMG 7151.thumbnail

Paul Dugard, 57, at left, Paul LeMasters, 52, and Jeff King, 44, fly kites at the Kites for Peace event in Washington on Tuesday. SHFWire photo by Cheryl S. Ntumy

IMG 7140.thumbnail

Mandira Sareen, 33, at left, and Nikhil Nayyar, 25, prepare kites for flying. The kites are to be shipped to children in war-torn countries. SHFWire photo by Cheryl S. Ntumy

IMG 7158.thumbnail

Gita Stevenson, 62, attended the event despite undergoing chemotherapy earlier in the day. SHFWire photo by Cheryl S. Ntumy

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