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Do you know what Macrame is?

OMG! It's the last day of November. It's really here. It's CHRISTMAS!
Happy Christmas everyone :) I hope all your bells are jing jing.. jingling.

Last week I was telling you about Mass Hysteria and bugs in the human brain.. You can read about it here.
Taking about mass hysteria I'm so excited that a container came from Indonesia yesterday.. with fresh stock for Spring on it.
Well yes it's true, I always get excited when containers arrive with new product lines on them.. and especially from Indonesia.
Yes I know it's only just Christmas, how can you mention the "S" word right now? Because - it always plays to plan ahead, and right on plan, we have stock arriving ready for spring 2019...
SPRING 2019.. now is the time to start thinking ahead.

Macrame is it the next BIG thing?
Certainly in India, China and Indonesia lots of companies were gearing up for big demand, during the year it was a topic of conversation at many international trade shows.
One wholesaler from Australia told me that macrame was their number one best selling line this summer. After that I started to pay attention.
Artisan, cotton and hand-made from family business, or mass produced from mega-factories/sweatshops. You can be sure the big bargain stores on your high street have the later. In China I checked out the big factory versions, cheap, but somehow just didn't feel right.. so we opted for the artisan, Indonesian versions.
You my friend, have access to this the authentic, genuine item. Ethically sourced and produced and traded fairly, so you can join that virtuous circle.. and bring these and other products to your customers.
It's an exciting time for the independent retailers right now, as the big high street stores crumble in the new retailing world, there are lots of opportunities online and offline for the nimble and authentic traders to deliver what people really want.
What do people really want..? Well obviously Macrame products :).. right? Yes and not just this.. people want to know that the food they eat is not messed around with, the soap they use doesn't contain strange things, the fragrance they use isn't secretly harming them. They just don't trust those mega-corps anymore... yes the hipsters..the independent traders will inherit the world... or at least do a roaring good business this Christmas and Spring..

At AW we were using bio-degradable bubble-wrap 15 years ago.. to pack your orders. We were the first gift-ware company to import Jute and organic cotton bags from India. We have from day one sold pure un-messed about with essential oils.
Now we are doing our best to reduce plastic, especially one use plastic from all our products, and you can be sure we will be always bringing you the best big thing.. as ethically and authentically as possible.

OK I know you are busy..
It's mad crazy busy in our warehouses, but I can promise you we are doing our level best to turn orders around, if you can plan a head a bit.. it's a good idea to order now to ensure stock for next weekend.

Have a great weekend..



Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging filled with Boho atmosphere, ethically sourced, produced and traded fairly. These wall hangings are inspired by tribal art objects and boho chic decor. These are unique designs, meticulously handcrafted in Indonesia by a family business using natural materials giving a minimalist feel and creating a relaxed feel in the room. This is perfectly fit in the interior of the living room, bedroom, apartment, dorm room, baby nursery, kids room and even a cosy café or a studio.


Wholesale Aluminum Bottles

Wholesale Aluminium Bottles, these are attractive bottles suitable for cosmetics, solvents, floral waters, massage oils and essential oils.

If you prefer to store Essential Oils, the Aluminium Bottles are the best way due to impervious to light and provides the oils with the necessary protection from temporary temperature fluctuations as well as excellent damage protection, lightness and a striking presentation


Bath Bomb 5 Shelf Display - Brownwash

Five Shelf Bath Bomb Display with blackboard, this shelving unit is an instant space-saver that's as handy for displaying your bath bombs. Lovingly handmade from sustainable Albesia Wood in the heart of Bali villages. Also suitable for books, flower pots as well as towel display.

Wholesale Bath Bomb Display Stands are designed to be at the heart of a contemporary gift shop: well thought out, well made and surprisingly affordable. The look is modern and uncluttered.


Bali Original Art

Take a look at these beautiful wholesale Buddha head abstract design oil paintings on canvas. You are going to love these amazing colours and texture.


Christmas Gifts Ideas


3 for 2 DIY Peg Photo Frames

Personalise your customers home décor with framed memories! Let them display pictures of loved ones and cherished moments your new stylish DIY Peg Photo Frames.


NEW Wholesale Aluminium Tins

Wholesale Aluminium Tins are suitable for cosmetics, toiletries and candles. These aluminium tins are extremely versatile, they can be used to hold any product for their adaptable appearance, the small tins can be used for lip balms and bigger aluminium cans can be used for candles.


Jute Gift Bags

Wholesale Jute Gift Bags with handles and window. These incredibly popular eco-friendly gift bags are perfect for packaging your products (or ours) and adding value. Create an instant pick up gift by pre-filling them with beautiful items. Ideal for jam jars etc.


Jumbo Bath Balls - 180g

Bath Bombs are just the thing for anyone looking for a high-quality bath addition that looks and smells great. Now sold in New Improved Packaging where dividers help to secure bath bombs whilst delivering.

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