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Race Weekend: Sat. Aug. 26- Sun. Aug. 2017

In this issue:

▪ Race Registration Deadlines
▪ Pre-Ride Dates and Times
▪ Call for Volunteers - It's Time!
▪ Say Hello to TORQ!
▪ Thank our sponsors!
Race Registration Deadlines
Pre-Ride Dates and Times
Call for Volunteers - It's Time!
Say Hello to TORQ!
Thank our sponsors!

Race weekend is almost here!

Winter, spring, summer, and fall, which is the best season of them all? Why the Minnesota High School Cycling League Race Season of course!

Who's ready for Austin MN?
Race #1 for 2017!

Take a look at the team lineup for this year. MN League

We look forward to seeing all the new faces and the familiar faces back for another season of fun...and mountain bike racing.

Be sure to follow the MN League on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.



Are You Race Ready?

Online registration closes at midnight TUESDAY AUG 22. Check your dashboard in the NICA Pit Zone to see if you are fully registered and ready for the race Austin Race, Aug. 27 2017!

To be Race Ready:
1. You 2017 season registration must be complete and payment received.
2. Check your race status. If it says “Registered” you are good to go. If this field is blank, you still need to order and pay for the race. “Pending means we still have not received your payment.

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On-site race is registration will be available at Noon Saturday Aug 26. A late fee of $10 late applies. Contact NICA Registration Services ( with questions or problems.

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The start of the Austin Trail is long, flat, and fast!


Registered coaches, high school and middle school racers are able to pre-ride the course. Only racers who have REGISTERED AND HAVE RACE NUMBERS DISPLAYED ON THEIR BIKE can pre-ride before the race.


Pre- Ride: Saturday August. 26,
* Registration Opens at Noon
* Pre-Ride Opens 1:00PM
* No Riders allowed on Course after 3:15PM
* Pre-Ride Ends 4:00PM

Pre-Ride: Sunday Aug. 27
* Pre-Ride Opens 7:30AM
* No Riders allowed on Course after 8:00 AM
* Pre-Ride Ends 8:00AM

TMB 7740

Volunteers Make the Races Happen! Thank you!


Join the Race Crew and volunteer your time at a race this year. Helping with scoring, handing out water, course marshal and the popular "sweep" position - all are important and we need 130-160 people to make these races work.

Suggestion: If your son or daughter is racing, volunteer to help when your child is not racing. Be a part of the excitement and still be able to watch your son or daughter race!

New Offer for Course Marshalls

There are some volunteer roles that take an extra bit of effort. They have long hours and are in the weather. The static course marshal is a race-day volunteer is our eyes and ears on the course, spending 4 hours making sure our event runs smoothly and that all student-athletes are safe. These folks have the best seat in the venue to watch the race, but do give up a long portion of their race day.

The league wants to reward those course marshals willing to put in the time with a free race entry. Volunteer at race 1 and your son/daughter’s race 2 is free! Upon the completion of your shift, when you turn in all your gear, the head course marshal will collect your information and the rider number you wish to apply a race to. This is a season long program but slots will fill up fast!

Note: This does not apply to roving marshals, sweeps or the marshal assistant.

How to Sign Up:
1. Go to the Volunteer page on the site.
2. Review the positions available.
3. Click on the Volunteer button on the right side of the page.
4. You will be taken to a different website where you can sign up to volunteer!

Thank you - we appreciate your support!

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TORQ is committed to supporting NICA and encouraging more kids and families on bikes!

TORQ is a range of highly advanced nutrition products designed specifically with the endurance athlete in mind. In 1999, TORQ nutrition products were born in the U.K. to support the rigors of mountain biking, where a new product range quickly made a global name for itself and has been embraced by professionals in other endurance disciplines such as cycling, triathlon, ultra-running and swimming. TORQ has even made its way to the summit of Everest, and the North Pole.

All of the TORQ ‘fueling’ products are designed to provide the endurance athlete with a simple system and means of taking-on more energy (carbs) through a specific carbohydrate composition. Most importantly, all TORQ products are 100% free of artificial ingredients and are designed to be easy on the gut (no gut rot), and easy to consume (and yes, truly tasty, and clean tasting too)!

Visit their website for more information at and look for the TORQ tent on race weekends!



Take a minute to review our growing list of national and local sponsors (see images below). When considering a purchase, be sure to visit and thank our sponsors for their support. Please encourage them to continue to support our student athletes as they learn life lessons about being part of something as special as cycling. VIEW ALL MN LEAGUE AND NATIONAL NICA SPONSORS

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Final Note

As always, check the MN League web site: for more information. Questions can be directed to our new MN League Director Josh Kleve at

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