July 2020

Happy Fourth of July- God Bless America

President's Message- July 2020

As we enter the middle of the summer, we are experiencing situations which none of us has ever faced and we are optimistic that life will go back to normal soon. With the early school closing, our youth, especially high school seniors, had their world turned upside down and parents and teachers faced difficult situations. As I drive through the neighborhood, I am pleased to see the youth in the streets, at the gazebos, or riding their bikes as this adds a real vitality to Birkdale.

This begins the third quarter for the association and all residents are reminded that quarterly assessments are now due. This year we have seen our landscaping and other physical facilities improved, all of which enhance the quality of life in Birkdale and the value of our homes. We also continue to see a highly active real estate market. The departure of some old friends makes way for new ones who we welcome to the neighborhood.

The Covenants Committee is conducting the annual inspection which will be finished in a few days. Preliminary findings are very favorable. We have seen our Mail Box Guy busy on many fronts as mail boxes and posts require frequent attention, and our neighbors are acting very responsibly. The complete report will be out in July.

The pandemic upset our association schedule and we are still trying to recover. Please watch the message boards at both entrances for updates. We are hoping to resume in August.

The association Annual Meeting will be in October and two Board seats will be open. I have received some questions and interest in these and invite more. Please consider this position as it is the life of the association.


Earl Bishop
President, BCA


Treasurer's Report

July 1, 2020



THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Most Birkdale residents are paying their assessments on time! Our delinquency rate has dropped to 6%, which is the “normal” for similar communities. Although our delinquency balance remains at $31,055.72, there are four owners who are responsible for $20,000 of that total. Please be assured that your Birkdale Board of Directors continues to use every legal method to collect delinquent accounts.

Your Birkdale Community Association Board sincerely appreciates homeowners who pay their assessments in a timely way. Birkdale’s annual assessment continues to be the same as in past years; $101 per quarter or $404 per year. Currently 36 homeowners did not pay the April 1st assessment and 6 accounts reflect shortages.


The BCA Board recognizes that we are in an unusual situation with the Covid-19 prevalent in our society. The Board has considered and adopted the recommendations of Community Associations Institute, a national organization supporting community associations such as ours. The adjustment to our collections policy is as follows:

1. The third quarterly assessment is due on July 1, 2020.
2. Residents experiencing financial difficulty due to Covid-19, should immediately contact the association manager identified below to discuss a payment plan.
3. Late fees and penalties will not be assessed if such notice is given and a payment plan is agreed to.
1. The third quarterly assessment is due on July 1, 2020.
2. Residents experiencing financial difficulty due to Covid-19, should immediately contact the association manager identified below to discuss a payment plan.
3. Late fees and penalties will not be assessed if such notice is given and a payment plan is agreed to.

If you are unable to pay your assessment on time because of a COVID-19 issue, it is your responsibility to notify ACS West, Inc. to work out a payment plan.

ACS West, Inc.

Lee Ann King, Birkdale’s Community Manager

1904 Byrd Avenue, Suite 100

Richmond, VA 23230

804-282-7451, or admin@acswest.org


There are several options for paying your assessment. Assessments are due on the 1st day of each quarter: January, April, July, and October. Owners can mail a check to ACS West, Inc. at the address above. Some residents pay online through their banks while others use an electronic assessment payment outlined in your coupon book. Remember, some methods of payment add service fees. Please allow adequate time to ensure that your payment is not late.


If quarterly assessments are not paid, ACS West, Inc. sends out reminder notices to owners. However, if their efforts are not successful, the BCA Board has authorized Equity Experts to file liens and other legal actions, including foreclosures, in the Chesterfield County Courts.

Once an account has been referred to Equity Experts, owners must deal with the collection agency, not individual Board Members nor ACS West, Inc., our Community Manager.

Delinquent homeowners pay all collection fees. These charges can be substantial since the collection agency bills for each contact, service and procedure. There is NO CHARGE, however, to our association.

Since November 2016 when Equity Experts became Birkdale’s collection agency, they have collected over $42,930.62 for our community. Currently, Equity Experts is following 21 delinquent accounts.


Contact Betsy Martello, Treasurer, 804-739-7487, or, betsy@martellofamily.com


Holiday Decorations- Volunteers Needed

Are you willing to lead the Holiday Decorations project for Birkdale? It involves organizing other volunteers to hang the wreaths on signposts after Thanksgiving and then to remove them after January 1st. This is the perfect opportunity for Birkdale resident(s) to help with an effort that does not take too much time from your busy schedules. Thanks for considering this volunteer opportunity!

Questions? Contact Betsy Martello, 804—739-7487 or betsy@martellofamily.com


News from the Architectural Review Committee


June has been a busy month with several requests for house and property improvements. The ARC committee has also been making their yearly inspections of the Birkdale Community. So far things are looking great considering the age of our community. One of the most common problems lies in overgrowth of shrubbery around the perimeter of the home. Bushes need to be trimmed regularly to maintain their shape and size, and eventually do require replacement.

Also, please take note, if you want any additions to your property that are going to be permanent, you will need a Plot Plan showing the location of the addition when you send in your request. Thank you.

Applications submitted to ARC for approval:

9000 Highgate Hill Drive - Patio
13906 Spyglass Hill Circle - Shed
9118 Spyglass Hill Terrace - Patio
9113 Mission Hills Lane - Roof
8901 Duchess Way - Fence
14436 Old Bond Street - Fence
9109 Royal Birkdale Drive - New Home Construction
8802 Killarney Court - Fence
8023 Ainsdale Lane - Patio
9103 Royal Birkdale Drive - Shed
9112 Stonecreek Club Place - Fence

Lee Kemmet
ARC Committee

Mailbox Maintenance

Mailbox maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility, and the specific requirements are in the ARC Guidelines.

When painting your mailbox, Lowe’s on Hull Street has the equivalent paint color as Benjamin Moore which is Lowe's - Valspar, Quart, 372, Birkdale Vanilla Cookie, Exterior Satin, Duramax, 105-1, 107-1, 214-2.5.

For your metal mailbox, Cottage Red Benjamin Moore is available at Virginia Paint and can also be mixed at Lowes.

The Birkdale logo and numbers may be purchased from Sign Crafters Inc., Attn: Barbara Isenberg, 804-379-2004 or email bisenberg@sign-crafters.com


You may contact resident Rich McGinness - The Mailbox Guy- who will assist you with mailbox maintenance.
Rich McGuinness at Themailboxguy@yahoo.com or call 919-621-9983

TJ Lazy Dog

Birkdale's Young Entrepreneurs- Co owners of The Lazy Dog

Meet middle schoolers TJ McPeters, and Sophia and Jake Clouse who run Lazy Dog pet care here in Birkdale. The three friends (who travel by bike) are available to take your four legged friend for a walk during the day while you are at work, on vacation, or simply need a hand. For a slight upcharge you can also include a brushing, bath, and other services. Call them today to schedule an appointment- You can't beat their rates! 804-335-8098


Fourth of July Celebrations in and Around the Richmond Area July 2020

richmond sky line

The Fourth of July, like everything else is looking much different this year. The big celebrations are put on hold for virtual events and small family gatherings. Here is a list of some alternatives if you still want to see big fireworks display.

Fireworks at The Diamond, Richmond

Richmond’s Flying Squirrels will not hold their annual baseball game followed by a fireworks show at the Diamond, but are partnering with the city of Richmond and CBS 6 to put on a fireworks show that will be televised from 9-10pm and can also be seen over the city skyline.

Chesterfield Fireworks Show, Chesterfield

Like many other Virginia counties, Chesterfield will replace their annual Fourth of July festival with a fireworks celebration at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds that can be viewed from the parking lot. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the fairgrounds will be closed and there will be no additional activities, concession stands, or entertainment. No glass, alcohol, fireworks, or pets are permitted.

Fredericksburg Nationals 4th of July Spectacular

The Fredericksburg Nationals host a 4th of July Spectacular on Saturday July 4th from 8:30-10 p.m, with fireworks starting at 9:30pm. The show is free to the public and all attendees will view the show from their cars, meaning that you don’t need to be parked at the ballpark to see it! Tune into Superhits 95.9 for patriotic music paired to the fireworks show.

Firecracker 4-Miler Virtual Run, Richmond

Date: July 4-31, 2020
Another virtual running event in Virginia, the Firecracker 4-Miler is a fun and active way to commemorate the Fourth of July this year. Sponsored by Sports Backer, this virtual run invites participants to walk or run four miles at any time between July 4th and July 31st, completing the race at their own pace and in their own location while following local health and safety guidelines.

Blue Mountain Barrel House, Arrington

Blue Mountain Barrel House is throwing an Independence Day Low Country Boil on Saturday, July 4th with delicious low country boil food served between 12-6pm and live music from Virginia band The BLNDRS from 3-5:30pm. In addition to the festivities, the Tasting Room and Food Truck will be open and serving during their regular business hours of 11am-9pm. Guests are encouraged to bring their own pop-ups and folding chairs to enjoy the music in order to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Patriotic 4th of July Displays at Dorey Park & Meadow Farm Museum, Henrico

Date: July 1-5, 2020
Henrico’s Parks & Recreation department will showcase patriotic displays from July 1st-5th at Dorey Park and Meadow Farm Museum at Crump Park, including artwork, a sand sculpture, and 70 flags to honor our country. These exhibits are open for visitors to view at their leisure, but social distancing measures are in effect to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, an Uncle Sam on stilts will be at Crump Park on Friday, July 3rd from 4-7pm to greet guests, and Dorey Park will have a historical re-enactment led by Colonial Williamsburg historian Jamar Jones, who will tell the true story of London Pleasants, an enslaved man who defined his own independence during the Revolutionary War.

Tazewell 4th of July Celebration, Tazewell

Date: July 4, 2020
The town of Tazewell will have an Independence Day Fireworks display on Saturday, July 4th beginning at 9:30pm that will occur at the Tazewell Middle School baseball field parking lot. A food truck will be onsite at 7pm, and spectators are encouraged to practice social distancing while viewing the fireworks.

Richlands Independence Day Celebration, Richlands

Date: July 3, 2020
Join the Southwest Virginia town of Richlands for a fireworks celebration on July 3rd beginning at 9:30pm. Fireworks will be viewable from downtown Richlands, and spectators are asked to remain in their cars during the show.

Stable Craft Brewing 4th of July Celebration, Waynesboro

Date: July 4, 2020
Stable Craft Brewing is celebrating the 4th with a new craft beer release, the Dreamsicle Sour, a sour ale infused with orange purees, and the re-release of their crowd-pleasing Watermelon Cider, made with pounds of crushed watermelon that results in the perfect summer beverage. The brewery will be open on July 4th from 12-10pm for a special “Grab the Glass” event; visitors to the brewery will get to keep a limited-edition Independence Day glass with any brew purchase (while supplies last). To ensure the safety of their guests, the brewery has expanded their outdoor covered dining area and requires masks in the indoor dining spaces, which have also been spread out to prevent close contact.

July 4th Backyard Celebration at Western Front Hotel, Saint Paul

Date: July 4, 2020
Southwest Virginia’s Western Front Hotel is hosting a July 4th Backyard Celebration, featuring live music from the 49 Winchester Band and all sorts of summer foods and drinks available for purchase from their onsite gourmet restaurant, Ina + Forbes. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are limited due to social distancing safety measures; $15 per person tickets include free s’mores and sparklers.

July 4th Virtual Celebration & Scavenger Hunt, Ashland

Date: June 30-July 4, 2020
Sponsored by Hanover arts, the town of the Ashland will celebrate Independence Day with the July 4th Virtual Parade and Celebration. Follow their Facebook page for more information on the events, including a photo contest with prizes, live music performances, and a slideshow of parades from previous 4th of July celebrations. Additionally, the in-person scavenger hunt is spread over five days and will feature local businesses in Downtown Ashland; all completed scavenger hunt checklists will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

Liberty Celebration at The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Yorktown

This year’s Fourth of July marks the 244th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, and you can acknowledge this major moment in American history at the Liberty Celebration at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. Newly reopened, the museum will follow social-distancing procedures to keep visitors safe during the momentous event, with many of the day’s activities happening outdoors to allow for more visitors with plenty of room to participate. On July 4th, they will host interpretive reenactments, such as a recreation of a Continental Army encampment and a Revolutionary-era farm, 18th century artillery demonstrations, and educational seminars that cover both the freedoms earned after the American Revolution and the limitations of the victory for many Americans who were not granted the same freedoms and liberties. Don’t miss the Forgotten Soldier special exhibition, on display at the museum until July 8th, which explores the personal stories of African-American soldiers and their valiant contributions towards an independent nation.

To learn about more events taking place visit https://blog.virginia.org/2020/06/2020-fourth-of-july-events/



We have a new locally owned landscape company called Nature's Way. They have done a nice job with plantings at both entrances to the neighborhood and continue to do maintain the common areas for us.

Please do not drag brush and clippings or debris into the common areas to include the area surrounding the power lines behind Royal Birkdale. Those areas belong to you and to me as property owners.

Do not park on the green spaces in Birkdale. Please use driveways and try to avoid street parking. When you are forced to park on the street, please DO NOT park across from another vehicle. This limits the roadway and does not allow for emergency vehicles to pass through.

NO FIRES are allowed in the neighborhood. Fires require a permit from Chesterfield County. It is not appropriate to burn any vegetation in common areas and cause alarm to nearby homeowners.

If you have any problems or complaints regarding common areas, please call Wayne Bass at 804-639-0795.

Our Neighborhood is Completely Solar

If residents observe a problem with a solar light such as no light at night, please call Nick Martello at 804-739-7487.


Covenants Committee

The Covenants Committee has the responsibility to enforce the governing documents of the Association. These are primarily found in the Architectural Standards and Guidelines and there are others in the Declarations, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation. The Covenants Committee is empowered by the Board of Directors to conduct an annual inspection of the properties to ensure compliance. The purpose of this is to protect the interests and home values of all property owners. The inspection is done in the spring of each year.

The following are the most common discrepancies which are identified:

Mailboxes and posts – These wooden structures are affected by weather and normal aging. Many issues can be corrected by washing to remove mildew, dirt, or bird droppings. Posts are frequently damaged by edging and trimming which may necessitate painting or replacing lower level trim. Paper boxes weather the worst and may need replacing. This will necessitate replacing house numbers and the logo. Mailboxes also rust and fade and need maintenance periodically. The ARC Standards should be consulted for paint colors and material specifications.

Houses – Commonly noticed problems with houses involves dirt or mildew which are easily removed by power washing. Gutters which sag or become filled with dirt and debris are common. Missing shutters or screens, roof shingles, or pieces of siding or trim are frequent issues.

Driveways – Driveways in Birkdale are primarily asphalt, concrete, or aggregate. Each of these will deteriorate over time and need maintenance. Parking off of driveways on lawns is also a violation.

Landscaping - Our standards require the maintenance of landscaping consistent with good property management. This includes lawns as well as plantings. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed or pruned, and dead plants or trees should be removed or replaced.


Neighborhood Watch


Any suspicious activity should always be reported to the local police to investigate.

Bear and fox sightings should be reported to the Animal Control number.

Emergency 911 | Non-emergency 804-748-1251

Animal Control 748-1683

Traffic Hotline 804-318-8084 or speeding@chesterfield.gov


The Pets of Birkdale

If you would like to send us a picture of your pets we will feature them in next month's edition. Email to newsletter@birkdlaeonline.com



August 6- Board Meeting

September 10- Board Budget Meeting

October 1- Annual Meeting

October 3- Semi-Annual Yard Sale

October 11- (Tentative) Fall Festival

November 5- Board Meeting


Community Contact List

The Birkdale Board Members
* Earl Bishop, President, 639-5915, earlbishop8313@gmail.com
* Doug Craig, Vice President, 639-1439, cckcraig@aol.com
* Betsy Martello, Secretary/Treasurer, 739-7487, betsy@martellofamily.com
* Wayne Bass, Member-at -Large, 639-0795
*ACS West, Community Manager, Lee Ann King 804-282-7451, fax 804-282-9590, E-mail: admin@acswest.org

Association Contact Names and Numbers
* ARC—Lee Kemmet, 739-6405, clkem5@comcast.net
* Covenants Committee--- a volunteer is needed to head this committee Earl Bishop is currently serving as contact
* Landscaping/Lighting—Wayne Bass, 639-0795; Nick Martello, 739-7487
* Newsletter—Cynthia Steiner, 804-852-3365, newsletter@birkdaleonline.com
* Social Committee—VACANT
* Neighborhood Watch--VACANT (Won't you please put your name here?)

Other Community Contact Names and Numbers
* Women’s Club—currently inactive
* Lake Committee---
* Swim Team—Joy Blocher, email: collingtonswimteam@gmail.com
* Birkdale Golf Course Clubhouse, 739-8800, www.acumengolf.com
* Birkdale Golf/Swim Membership, hospitality@acumengolf.com


Thank You for a Fabulous 2020 Graduation Parade.

A Huge Shout out to Dani Fink and her team for organizing a wonderful Graduation Parade for 2020 graduates and retiring teachers. Thank you also to all the neighbors who came out and showed their support. It truly was a memorable night. For those who were not here when the neighborhood was first built- the slogan was- Birkdale- Life is Good. For a few hours we all forgot about this crazy pandemic we are all involved in and enjoyed the good times and life long friendships we have made in Birkdale. This event brought the entire neighborhood out as we watched many of the kids who were born and raised here in Birkdale graduate from High School. We wish them all the best as they head off to college next month. Thank you for giving them this wonderful memory!

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Support your Neighborhood and Local Businesses who Advertise in the Birkdale Classifieds

Do you need help with your yard and home projects? Time to contact the advertisers in this month's Classifieds to help tackle those chores. The Classifieds are filled with local businesses that offer services to make our lives easier. To view the current issue of the Birkdale Classifieds click the link below. This publication is printed and delivered to paper boxes of all Birkdale residents the first week of each month. If you would like to run an ad in the Birkdale Classifieds, contact Cynthia Steiner at classifieds@birkdaleonline.com. or text 804-852-3365. Resident rates start as low as $15/month.

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