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Featured Candidates & Positions

August 2019

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Overall, things have yet to slow down in regards to hiring and demands for skilled workers. In this war for talent, it can be tempting to settle for a candidate who has most of the skills you are looking for. But this kind of hiring can be dangerous to the health of a business. One solution to the struggles of hiring is to incorporate the use of candidate profiles. In this month's newsletter, we discuss why and how to build candidate profiles. But first, here are our featured candidates and positions.


Featured Candidates for Employers

China based, Regional Controller

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This candidate is based in Shanghai for a global manufacturer and is responsible for cost accounting and financial reporting/forecasting activities throughout the APAC region. This individual currently has 8 direct reports located in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. They been instrumental in building a strong team of plant controllers in the region as well as streamlining the month-end reporting process and leading the smooth integration of two separate new acquisitions in China. This candidate also identified many cost saving opportunities and implemented a system that resulted in a cost savings of $21,000 USD per month at one facility. This candidate was also able to combine three regional roles into one that resulted in a savings of $1.5 MM over 4 years. This person is completely fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese and is accustomed to reporting back to the USA (last 8 years). This candidate is a trusted team member who has proven that they can work independently to drive positive change. Email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102.

Mexico Country Quality Director

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This candidate is currently base in the Monterrey area, but is relocatable within Mexico or even in the USA on the border. This person is responsible for four manufacturing sites under and currently reports to a Country General Manager, with dual report back to Corporate Quality. For the last 6 years this candidate has had three plants which produce automotive systems for the domestic and export market, and one plant which produces parts for consumer products and industrial applications. This person is well versed in Quality systems for multiple industry standards including IATF – 16949 and was instrumental in the shift to IATF for three of their plants. This individual has an excellent presence and is a respected leader. With a wealth of customer facing experience this candidate has been the key to recertification with one of the company's largest customers. Email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102.


Featured Positions for Job Seekers

Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Southeast USA

In this role, you will report directly to the CEO of this $4 Billion leading manufacturer. You will take over from an exiting executive who has made tremendous progress towards building a strong team of 18 internal and external communications and marketing leads. There is a really strong team in place and they have been very successful in creating engagement with the press and integrating the efforts of the two divisions (Automotive and Industrial). You will have a Marketing Director from each division reporting in to you. You will lead the internal and external corporate communications efforts as well as company marketing. The ideal candidate will have experience in the automotive parts manufacturing industry, but other industrial manufacturing experience will be considered as well. This is a critical role and must be based in the Southeastern USA at the corporate offices. Please contact or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.101 for more information.

Continuous Improvement/Lean Manager, Northeast USA

In this role you will be responsible for leading the implementation of lean in both the direct and indirect areas of a large manufacturing site within a $10 billion global manufacturer. You will organize a holistic approach of lean manufacturing within the assigned plant and you will be responsible for managing the implementation of all elements and activities. The goal of the position is to act as a change agent, optimize processes, lead workshops, projects, and culture change in the region. It is important that the applicant has a four year engineering degree, along with 3-5 years experience with flow simulation and integrated planning at an automotive or aerospace parts/systems manufacturer. Email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.101.

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Using Candidate Profiles: Save Time, Save Costs and Retain

Hiring in today's economy has become more and more challenging. Many companies have announced that they are battling a skills shortage. The time to hire and cost of hiring continues to rise and then retaining staff is a whole other challenge.

Hiring the best candidate while also keeping time to hire and hiring costs down is possible when you make the right primary steps. When you have a position open, it is important to know exactly what the successful candidate will look like - this is called a candidate profile.

A candidate profile is different than a job description. In a candidate profile, you are describing the person who would be most successful in this role, you are not describing the job itself. A candidate profile can be made for any position level, function or industry.

A candidate profile will help to generate a more accurate job description and will expedite the recruitment process since you will have a much better understanding of who exactly you are looking for. The hiring process will speed up even further if everyone involved in the hiring is in agreement on the candidate profile.

To create a candidate profile, one must analyze the company internally first.

How to Create a Candidate Profile

1. Get to Know the Department that is Hiring

Talk to the manager of the department that is hiring. Find out from them what the list of qualifications are (education, experience etc.). Also take time to discuss this with the people who are currently doing the job. They will have the greatest insight into what it takes to do the job.

In order to hire the best person for this role, it is important to define what the best performance is. Identify the top performers in this role and analyze the characteristics that they have that make them so successful in this role.

2. Assess Your Company's Goals and Culture

When you've made a commitment to hiring the best, you will be looking for a candidate that will not only be successful in the job, but will share similar values as your company. Determine why there is a hire (growth or replacement), what goals are you aiming to achieve with this hire and how the candidate will help your company get there.

Assess the personality traits within your company culture. Identify the values of your company and figure out how to assess whether the candidate shares the same causes and values as your company.

3. Assess the Open Position

Instead of just focusing on what the candidate needs to have to be successful (ex. a degree and 5 year of experience), it is good to consider what the candidate needs to do to be successful. You will find the right candidate more easily if you can describe the results wanted from this open position (based on the assessment of the company's goals) rather than just the skills that are required.

Include the deliverable's desired in your candidate profile and having your candidates give examples of accomplishing these kinds of results will reveal what candidate is best suited for your open position.


Even when it is clear that you need to hire someone, it may remain foggy as to who you should hire. Going through the recruitment process before clearing up these ambiguities can tack on a lot of time and costs. Next time you need to hire, try building a candidate profile first and see a difference!


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