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Beau's Quick Notes for the Weekend #21

Hey there friends, another week has past, 21 weeks of entries! I have been getting so many great responses from people, and have been taking loads of images for websites and publicity so my heart felt thanks you goes out to everyone reading this!

If You Have missed any of the previous Notes Click Here for an Archive

Artist of the Week

Claes Oldenburg I love art that defines a city by its existence that is what Claes Oldenburg builds larger than life sculptures of ordinary object. They are bight Colorful and they tend to become icons in the city they live in.


Recipe of the Week

Pumpkin Pie Gelato. Maybe it is because it still feels like summer here in Birmingham that I am wanting to summon Fall weather. This recipe will be ready for you when it is time for pumpkins and colorful leaves!

Book of the Week

Moon Walking With Einstein ia a fun read about Joshua Foer's entrance into the U.S. Memory Competition. As someone who uses mnemonics on a daily basis, and having my own memory castle that has 64 different rooms it was a fun read, he investigates about memory and how the process is a skill worth cultivating regardless of how fast you can google something!


What is a Sifu

Most of Us have seen Kung Fu Panda and seen the cartoon image of a Sifu. Either that or you have watched some old Kung Fu Martial Arts Film all of which muddy the waters as to what a Sifu's (It means Teacher) job is with regards to learning. A quick post to honor those that keep a clear signal to human knowledge so easily lost.

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