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Volume 4, Number 4 / 2017 Available Online

Review Articles
Muscular Dystrophy with Ribitol-Phosphate Deficiency: A Novel Post-Translational Mechanism in DystroglycanopathyOpen Access
Kanagawa, Motoi | Toda, Tatsushi

Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes or Inherited Disorders of Neuromuscular Transmission: Recent Discoveries and Open QuestionsOpen Access
Nicole, Sophie | Azuma, Yoshiteru | Bauché, Stéphanie | Eymard, Bruno | Lochmüller, Hanns | Slater, Clarke

Research Articles
Patient Preferences for Treatments of Neuromuscular Diseases: A Systematic Literature Review
Landfeldt, Erik | Edström, Josefin | Lindgren, Peter | Lochmüller, Hanns

Clinical Outcomes in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A Study of 5345 Patients from the TREAT-NMD DMD Global DatabaseOpen Access
Koeks, Zaïda et al.

Progression of Duchenne Cardiomyopathy Presenting with Chest Pain and Troponin Elevation
Hor, Kan N. | Johnston, Pace | Kinnett, Kathi | Mah, May Ling | Stiver, Corey | Markham, Larry | Cripe, Linda

Early-Onset Myopathies: Clinical Findings, Prevalence of Subgroups and Diagnostic Approach in a Single Neuromuscular Referral Center in Germany
Vill, K. | Blaschek, A. | Gläser, D. | Kuhn, M. | Haack, T. | Alhaddad, B. | Wagner, M. | Kovacs-Nagy, R. | Tacke, M. | Gerstl, L. | Schroeder, A.S. | Borggraefe, I. | Mueller, C. | Schlotter-Weigel, B. | Schoser, B. | Walter, M.C. | Müller-Felber, W.

Cytokine Profiling of Serum Allows Monitoring of Disease Progression in Inclusion Body Myositis
Badrising, Umesh A. | Tsonaka, Roula | Hiller, Monika | Niks, Erik H. | Evangelista, Teresinha | Lochmüller, Hanns | Verschuuren, Jan JGM. | Aartsma-Rus, Annemieke | Spitali, Pietro

Expanding the Clinical Spectrum of IgLON5-SyndromeOpen Access
Wenninger, Stephan

A Panel of Slow-Channel Syndrome Mice Reveals a Unique Locomotor Behavioral Signature
Grajales-Reyes, José G. | García-González, Aurian | María-Ríos, José C. | Grajales-Reyes, Gary E. | Delgado-Vélez, Manuel | Báez-Pagán, Carlos A. | Quesada, Orestes | Gómez, Christopher M. | Lasalde-Dominicci, José A.

Dominant Centronuclear Myopathy with Early Childhood Onset due to a Novel Mutation in BIN1
Kouwenberg, Carlyn | Bohm, Johann | Erasmus, Corrie | van Balken, Irene | Vos, Sandra | Kusters, Benno | Kamsteeg, Erik-Jan | Biancalana, Valerie | Koch, Catherine | Dondaine, Nicolas | Laporte, Jocelyn | Voermans, Nicol

Two Cases of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II with Eosinophilic Oesophagitis
Fuller, Heidi R. | Shorrock, Hannah K. | Gillingwater, Thomas H. | Pigott, Anna | Smith, Victoria | Kulshrestha, Richa | Sewry, Caroline S. | Willis, Tracey A.

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Most Read JND Articles in 2017

Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2: An Update on Clinical Aspects, Genetic and Pathomolecular MechanismOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.2, Iss.s2, 2015)
Meola, Giovanni | Cardani, Rosanna

Mortality and Causes of Death in Patients with Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis: Survey Study Based on the Clinical Experience of Specialists in Australia, Europe and the USAOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.3, Iss.1, 2016)
Price, Mark A. | Barghout, Victoria | Benveniste, Olivier | Christopher-Stine, Lisa | Corbett, Alastair | de Visser, Marianne | Hilton-Jones, David | Kissel, John T. | Lloyd, Thomas E. | Lundberg, Ingrid E. | Mastaglia, Francis | Mozaffar, Tahseen | Needham, Merrilee | Schmidt, Jens | Sivakumar, Kumaraswamy | DeMuro, Carla | Tseng, Brian S.

Genome Editing Gene Therapy for Duchenne Muscular DystrophyOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.2, Iss.4, 2015)
Hotta, Akitsu

Cardiac Involvement Classification and Therapeutic Management in Patients with Duchenne Muscular DystrophyOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.4, Iss.1, 2017)
Fayssoil, Abdallah | Abasse, Soumeth | Silverston, Katy

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Pediatric Neuromuscular Diseases: An OverviewOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.2, Iss.4, 2015)
van den Engel-Hoek, Lenie | de Groot, Imelda J.M. | de Swart, Bert J.M. | Erasmus, Corrie E.

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Announcing Partnership with TREAT-NMD

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between JND and TREAT-NMD, a network for the neuromuscular field that provides an infrastructure to ensure that the most promising new therapies reach patients as quickly as possible.

The partnership will see our respective teams working together to give a platform to the latest developments in neuromuscular diseases research. Our journal is dedicated to providing an open forum for original research that will improve our fundamental understanding and lead to effective treatments of neuromuscular diseases. JND aims to support the development of important tools for clinicials and scientists in the field, which aligns with TREAT-NMD's focus, as well as it its goal to establish best-practice care for neuromuscular patients worldwide.

The organisation recently celebrated its 10th anniversary at its symposium in Freiburg, Germany (pictured), where copies of the journal were available to delegates.

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