Ed. Notes: It was almost 25 years ago when Jane and I first opened the doors at WhyHunger and entered the next phase of our lives that led to the form

Noreen Springstead 2014

Noreen Springstead

Ed. Notes: It was almost 25 years ago when Jane and I first opened the doors at WhyHunger and entered the next phase of our lives that led to the formation of KIDS. The first person to greet us was Noreen Springstead and that was the beginning of a relationship that has lasted until this day.

A Long Lasting Relationship: WhyHunger & KIDS
By Noreen Springstead

KIDS Can Make a Difference operated as a vital part of WhyHunger’s programmatic work for seventeen years. I fondly remember the early days when Jane and Larry Levine were active board members of WhyHunger and the idea for their initiative to engage kids in not just learning about the root causes of hunger and poverty, but actively working on solutions, was born.

The start of KIDS Can Make a Difference (KIDS) in 1994 happened when I was in the early days of my career at WhyHunger. I would help type the newsletter or transcribe notes on my old college typewriter with lots of support and encouragement from Larry. Anyone who knows Larry understands his persistence and desire to get the work done. I’ve always admired Larry’s and Jane’s drive and devotion to the program and see how persistence and love have been a driving force in the success of KIDS. Both Jane and Larry have always believed a world without hunger is possible as long as we educate and engage. We spent many years working together, and under their leadership we were able to create and distribute a curriculum and newsletter to more broadly advance the work of KIDS through WhyHunger’s nationwide network.

I felt the power of the program firsthand when we traveled to a school in Brooklyn to host a hunger banquet and saw the kids experience outrage at the injustice of receiving a small portion of rice when their neighbors received a three course meal.

KIDS continues to inspire students through the global expansion of the program with iEARN.

WhyHunger remains a proud collaborator and supporter of KIDS and hold Larry and Jane close to our hearts. We’ll keep sharing our storytelling from the field to further enhance our relationship.

We at WhyHunger are grateful to be part of the rich twenty year history of KIDS Can Make A Difference.

Noreen has been working for WhyHunger since 1992. Noreen's vision guides the organization's marketing strategies and she has established successful philanthropic partnerships with diverse companies such as Hard Rock International, CBS Radio Group, ASCAP, The Orchard, RightsFlow, Duncan Channon Advertising, Shore Fire Media, and others. As part of WhyHunger's signature program Artists Against Hunger & Poverty, she has built long-term relationships with notable artists, their management and record labels resulting in millions of dollars in aid to WhyHunger and the community based members of our Grassroots Action Network. Prior to directing WhyHunger's marketing efforts, Noreen used her expertise in program services to develop, support and replicate grassroots solutions focused on self-reliance and empowerment. Noreen is a graduate of Rutgers University with a BA in Political Science and recently completed an Executive Education Certification Program given by the Harvard Kennedy School.

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