Zoey made an appearance in my latest video. Listen carefully and you can hear her cooing. She has also learned to scream, giggle, and pull her own hai


Zoey made an appearance in my latest video. Listen carefully and you can hear her cooing. She has also learned to scream, giggle, and pull her own hair. I'm not sure if one action triggers another, but I can't wait to see these new milestones in person. You can check out my Amazing Puzzle Ball pattern here should you have someone in mind who might need one.


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If you're looking for another great baby gift, check out Jenny Doan's video on how to make a self-binding receiving blanket. Scooter insists on calling them retrieving blankets, (silly Golden) but I have made several for Zoey and they are lots of fun.

If you need some flannel for balls or blankets, I just put some up on the website at REALLY good prices.


Let's Go Bowling!

PowerWrappers on sale, so this is a great time to pick one up and get started making fabric bowls.

Never made a fabric bowl? Click here for tutorials, bowl samples, and supplies. They really are fun to make!


Crumb Quilts

My first crumb quilt class was a ton of fun! I'll be including it in my selection of workshop offerings shortly.


All you need are a bunch of itty-bitty scraps and a little bit of insanity, the crazy quilt kind. Blocks are 4" cut and the more pieces the merrier. I think 14 different fabrics in one block was my personal record. They can be "scrappy happy" like my sample, or pieced by color (one color per block.) Throw some black in there and use black sashing, and you can have a mini stained-glass crazy quilt. Start picking scraps out of the trash can now...


Change For The Better

Those of you who have purchased goodies at my lectures or workshops know that I have a fair amount of math anxiety. Actually, I am "math intolerant." I have a minor nutty counting back change on a good day, working with whole numbers. When there is sales tax involved my brain totally leaves me. (Thankfully, I'm much better with quilting numbers.)


When there are coins to accept and to return I bring an old coin-holder once favored by newspaper boys and ice cream vendors back in the day. I strap it right on to my belt, partly for giggles and partly because it seems to help a little. Don't ask me why. (Click the picture if you want one too.)


I was cleaning off one of the bulletin boards in the office and found a fortune from a fortune cookie that I had pinned up there several years ago. (I am trying to de-clutter.) So, I found a better home for the little piece of paper. I feel so much better now that I've taken care of that huge distraction.



Yeah, I had no idea what they were either until my friend Becky Goldsmith at Piece 'O Cake told me about them.

Favicons are little micro logos you can create to pop up on open browser tabs and bookmarks. They are only 16 x 16 pixels, so to get your favicon to actually look like something is pretty hard. I think we did pretty well, don't you?

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Scooters Video Pick

I like to be under chairs but this Beagle dog climbs on top of chairs and lots more. I think she thinks she is a cat. I would like to meet her.


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