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I chose Discovery through Perseverance for the title of my 'From the Editor' as I listen to the Boston University Kilachand Honors College’s Keystone Symposium 2021 of the same name. This is the 8th annual symposium which because of the pandemic took place virtually.

Using a virtual context allowed undergraduate students from this College to present from anywhere around the globe. I was the advisor for two of the students’ keystone projects: 'A Literary Depiction of Epilepsy' and 'Celebrating Our Differences Through Children’s Literature: How Unique We Can Be!' The creation of their projects, two children’s books truly involved discovery through perseverance. As I listen to theirs’ and other students’ presentations, I am impressed with vast number of topics such as a wearable solution for treating apnea of prematurity through application of physical stimuli; race and voucher based discrimination in high and low poverty areas of greater Boston; simultaneity in the imaginary of future: protracted liminality and co-constructed home amongst Palestinian and Lebanese individuals in Beirut, Lebanon; creating a transgender rights revolution; mechanical loading bioreactor for real-time imaging of mouse flexor tendon explants among many other subjects.

I am especially fond of the words, discovery and perseverance. They are both relevant to embarking on a scholar/scientific inquiry such as you will read in the articles in this issue of WORK and which in many cases required perseverance to complete.

This issue of WORK contains 29 articles on topics such as low back pain; job stress; an integrated prevention approach in mental health at work; job rotation; vocational rehabilitation and burnout. We continue to publish papers on COVID-19 related to work. In this issue, there are five which are all free-to-read.


Karen Jacobs


Discovery through perseverance – Openly Available
Jacobs, Karen

Biological risk assessment: A challenge for occupational safety and health practitioners during the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic – Openly Available
Carvalhais, Carlos | Querido, Micaela | Pereira, Cristiana C. | Santos, Joana

The COVID-19 Pandemic and nursing challenges: A review of the early literature – Openly Available
Danesh, Mojtaba K. | Garosi, Ehsan | Golmohamadpour, Hamedeh

A systematic review of biomechanical risk factors for the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in surgeons of the head and neck – Openly Available
Maxner, Andrew | Gray, Heather | Vijendren, Ananth

Physician burnout and professional satisfaction in orthopedic surgeons during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Openly Available
Lazarides, Alexander L. | Belay, Elshaday S. | Anastasio, Albert T. | Cook, Chad E. | Anakwenze, Oke A.

Anxiety effects on quality of life during the COVID-19 outbreak: A parallel-serial mediation model among nurses in Turkey – Openly Available
Potas, Nihan | Koçtürk, Nilüfer | Toygar, Sükrü Anıl

The effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on anxiety, depression, and musculoskeletal system complaints in healthcare workers – Openly Available
Arca, Muhammed | Dönmezdil, Süleyman | Durmaz, Elif Dilara

Attitudes of the elderly living independently towards the use of robots to assist with activities of daily living
Huang, Tianyang | Huang, Chiwu

Evaluation of oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory cytokines in occupationally cadmium exposed workers
Goyal, Taru | Mitra, Prasenjit | Singh, Preeti | Sharma, Praveen | Sharma, Shailja

The interactive process of negotiating workplace accommodations for employees with mental health conditions
Hossain, Sabrina | Moll, Sandra | Tompa, Emile | Gewurtz, Rebecca

Vocational rehabilitation for young stroke survivors in Gauteng public healthcare: Occupational therapists’ perceptions
Dreyer, Greea | van Niekerk, Matty

Determining the usability and technology acceptance of a powered and automated cargo management system during ladder lifting tasks: A pilot study
Miguel Cruz, Antonio | Murphy, Jessica | Chohan, Avneet Kaur | Liu, Lili | Rios Rincon, Adriana Maria

Italian version of the cornell musculoskeletal discomfort questionnaire (CMDQ-I): Translation, cultural adaptation and validation
Magnifica, F. | Colagrossi, F. | Aloisi, A. | Politi, S. | Peretti, A. | Berardi, A. | Galeoto, G. | Tofani, M. | Pierelli, F.

An investigation of an ergonomics intervention to affect neck biomechanics and pain associated with smartphone use
Tang, Minghao | Sommerich, Carolyn M. | Lavender, Steven A.

Perspectives of spinal health within the school setting in a South African rural region: A qualitative study
Louw, Quinette | Kriel, Réna Isabel | Brink, Yolandi | van Niekerk, Sjan-Mari | Tawa, Nassib

Implementation of the Swiss ordinance on maternity protection at work in companies in French-speaking Switzerland
Abderhalden-Zellweger, Alessia | Probst, Isabelle | Politis Mercier, Maria-Pia | Zenoni, Michela | Wild, Pascal | Danuser, Brigitta | Krief, Peggy

Comparison of knowledge level and attitude towards obstructive sleep apnoea amongst dental and medical undergraduate students of Universiti Sains Malaysia
Selvaraj, Siddharthan | Eusufzai, Sumaiya Zabin | Asif, Jawaad Ahmed | Bin Jamayet, Nafij | Ahmad, Wan Muhamad Amir W. | Alam, Mohammad Khursheed

Evaluation of occupational and non-occupational risk factors associated with carpal tunnel syndrome in dentists
Maghsoudipour, Maryam | Hosseini, Fereshteh | Coh, Paul | Garib, Seifolah

Correlation of hand functionality and grip strengths with anthropometric measurements
Tonak, Hasan Atacan | Kaya Kara, Ozgun | Sahin, Sedef

Human cognitive functions and psycho-physiological responses under low thermal conditions in a simulated office environment
Sepehri, Shiva | Aliabadi, Mohsen | Golmohammadi, Rostam | Babamiri, Mohammad

Minimizing formaldehyde exposure in a hospital pathology laboratory
d’Ettorre, Gabriele | Caroli, Anna | Mazzotta, Mauro

The effect of different work-rest schedules on ergonomic risk in poultry slaughterhouse workers – Open Access
Dias, Natália Fonseca | Tirloni, Adriana Seára | Cunha dos Reis, Diogo | Moro, Antônio Renato Pereira

Work, physical activity, and metabolic health: Understanding insulin sensitivity of long-haul truck drivers
Lemke, Michael K. | Oberlin, Douglas J. | Apostolopoulos, Yorghos | Hege, Adam | Sönmez, Sevil | Wideman, Laurie

Correlation between psychosocial work factors and the degree of stress
Živković, Snežzana | Milenović, Miodrag | Krstić, Ivana Ilić | Veljković, Milan

On demonetization short term effects: Psychosocial risks in tea garden workers
Roy, Priyanka | Grandi, Annalisa | Pira, Enrico

Emotional intelligence and well-being: Associations and sex- and age-effects during adolescence
Costa, Henrique | Saavedra, Francisco | Fernandes, Helder Miguel

Opportunities to enhance collective activity to meet the demands of a task: A case of job rotation among port workers
Motter, Arlete Ana | Silva, Daniel | Santos, Marta

Moving toward an integrated prevention approach for mental health at work: Promoting workers’ involvement through concrete actions
Lecours, Alexandra | St-Hilaire, France | Daneau, Patrice

Investigating association between job stress dimensions and prevalence of low back pain among hospital nurses
Choobineh, Alireza | Museloo, Behbood Khani | Ghaem, Haleh | Daneshmandi, Hadi

Low back pain-associated factors in female hospital-based personal care attendants
Chang, Ku-Chou | Lee, Hsuei-Chen | Yen, Chu-Ling | Liao, Yi-Han | Hung, Jen-Wen | Wu, Ching-Yi


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