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April 9, 2020


Conducting on-farm research can help provide the reliable answers you need to make decisions for your operation with confidence.

Soybean Seeding Rate
Russ Robertson and employee Dave Bassett farm corn and soybeans south of Lincoln. Their research project looked at soybean seeding rates to determine the optimum seeding rate and how that rate might vary in different portions of the field, paving the way for future implementation of variable-rate soybean planting.

“People are already implementing variable rate corn and fertilizer. I think this is where farming is going – integrating variable rate soybeans,” Bassett said. “The goal is put the right amount of seed on the right acres.”


Nitrification Inhibitors
Ron Makovicka of York is a long-time participant in the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network. This year, Makovicka and a neighbor, Jerry Stahr, both
tested a nitrification inhibitor with their anhydrous ammonia applications.


Cover Crop Interseeding
Jay Goertzen farms irrigated corn and soybeans near Henderson. For his first project with the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network, he evaluated cover crops interseeded into V5-V6 corn.

“I’ve been interested in trying to interseed cover crops for quite a while but never pulled the trigger,” Goertzen said.

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The shaded areas (red, brown, orange, yellow, green, blue) indicate the target areas where this study can be conducted.

Nebraska Extension through its On-Farm Research Network is recruiting growers to conduct a “Soybean Yield Gap” on-farm research study. The results of the first year of the study were promising. Across four sites, the improved treatment resulted in an average 8 bu/ac yield increase and $46/ac profit increase compared to the baseline treatment.

We are looking for 20 field sites. Sites must be located in the shaded areas of the map above. Specific information can be located at:
For following through on the requirements, participating growers will receive monetary compensation.

Please contact Keith Glewen (402-624-8030,, Laura Thompson (402-245-2224,, or your local extension educator if you are interested or have additional questions. You can also go to the following link to sign up for more information:

Protocol Image

We have lots of ready-to-use research protocols on our website, and we will be adding more in the upcoming weeks.

Protocols are already developed for many topics including cover crop interseeding, fungicide application on corn, soybean planting rates, corn planting rates, soybean planting date, soybean maturity group comparison, various nitrogen management techniques, and more.

All protocols have a sample study map, can be downloaded, and are printer friendly.

StreamingOFR V3

Missed the Nebraska On-Farm Research Results Update Meetings? No worries - we have another great opportunity for you to learn about on-farm research studies conducted by Nebraska farmers! Nebraska Extension Educators are presenting a series of short live webinars for farmers and ag professionals. These events will occur weekly, on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

Each presentation will cover recent on-farm research data on topics relevant to current growing season activities. Sessions will be 30 minutes, featuring 15 minutes of presentation, and 15 minutes of Q&A.

April 14: "Soybean Yield Benchmarking: The Impact of Planting Date, Seeding Rate, and Fungicide and Insecticide Applications"
April 21: "Starter Fertilizer for Corn"
April 28: "Interseeding Cover Crops in Corn: Key Considerations for Success"
May 5: "Using Precision Ag Technologies to Implement Seeding Rate and Nitrogen Rate On-Farm Research Studies On-the-go"

To join on Facebook, go to the following page at the start time:

To join on Zoom, register at the following meeting link:


Mini Virtual On-Farm Research Field Days

New this year, we are bringing you short virtual field days to show you what is going on with on-farm research projects around the state.
You can find these on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


The latest edition of the Nebraska On-Farm Research results book features the results of 101 on-farm research studies conducted by farmers across the state during the 2019 growing season. It is now available online as a downloadable PDF.

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