Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue #10 June 2016 Dear Reader, Welcome to our June issue and I hope you are enjoying reading our snippets. We'v

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Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue #10 June 2016

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to our June issue and I hope you are enjoying reading our snippets. We've added a new section 'Upcoming Events' to provide you with additional information regarding the aged care sector.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi

Avoiding Peak Hour


I had a very enjoyable day at Dorothy Impey Home here in Melbourne, running our Level One Aged Care Chair Chi workshop.

Ten participants attended, including the CEO, and in addition to the skills taught we had a few laughs.

The drive across town from Mt Dandenong to Pascoe Vale, starting at 7.00am, was smooth - which was a complete surprise considering I was heading along dreaded Bell Street around peak hour time.

After the day ended at 4.00pm, I decided to drive to Thomastown Library to do some research on my memoir so I could avoid the peak hour traffic. The couple of hours spent there made driving home easier and more comfortable.

This week I'm running a Level One Chair Chi Aged Care Workshop for Jewish Care located in the city. I'm leaving the car at home and will use public transport.

I won't tempt fate by trying to drive down Melbourne's biggest carpark - the Monash Freeway!

Minimising the impact of depression and dementia for elders in residential care


This report, published by the Centre for Aging and Pastoral Studies, makes for interesting reading! It has significant implications for working with aged care residents who have dementia.

The research aimed to develop a successful prevention approach that will improve the quality of life for elders in residential care facilities by minimising the levels of depression among people with dementia, maximising morale and maximising cognitive potential.

Analysis found that the small groups, particularly in art and music, were used mainly as activities for the enjoyment of participants, with a focus on ‘doing’. There was little interaction at a spiritual level. We found marked differences in the amount and quality of communication from the participants in the different groups ... not related to cognitive levels.

The most important theme researchers found that accounted for these differences in communication by participants was facilitator style - irrespective of cognitive level of the participants ... It cuts right to the core of what it means to be human and what it means to have dementia and still be human. Simply basic person centred care would assist greatly, and it is possible to establish communication at deep levels with people who have dementia, despite their cognitive levels.

Tai Chi Tip


Sink the Shoulders
Imagine shoulders sinking & dissolving into your body - eases tension.

A Happy Epidemic


In the aged care sector, there's often a great deal of concern about epidemics. Lots of focus on things like flu, gastro, or the mental epidemic of depression.

As a contrast, here's an example of a 'happy epidemic' - equally contagious and much more beneficial! :)

This guy may have been hired for the job (it was actually an advertisement produced in Belgium) but as the advert concludes' it's very true that 'happiness can start with a smile'.

Pain Management - The Tai Chi Way


While marketing our public workshops in Tasmania we received interest in our pain management component of our Level Two Aged Care Chair Chi workshop.

We were asked specifically if we could run a one day pain management workshop for physiotherapists so we've decided to put together a customised workshop, Pain Management - the Tai Chi way.

In this new workshop Sue James my colleague will act as a facilitator and I'll teach the specific Tai Chi skills. It will be aimed at physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and other health care professionals.

More Details



A journey of a thousand miles

must begin with

a single step

Chair Chi Updates


New components for: Level Two - Pain Management; Level Three - Anxiety, Sleep, Depression and complimentary mentoring session for both Level 2 and Level 3 participants.
Level 3 workshop scheduled for November 28, 29 Melbourne - 50% discount for interstaters to assist in travel and accommodation (once only offer)
Upcoming public workshops. Vic country: Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Sale, Horsham, Echuca, Mildura.
New workshop - Pain Management - the Tai Chi way - onsite only
Chair Chi Plus Report: will be released soon

Contact me for more details.

Up Coming Events


Australasian Better Boards Conference
'Game Changing Moves - governing for maximum impact'
29-31 July - Melbourne

Active Ageing Conference
'wellness, reablementand restorative care in aged care'
4 August - Sydney

Aged And Community Services Australia
ACSA National Summit - 'Choose to thrive!
6-8 September - Hobart

Diversionary Therapy Australia
National Diversional Therapy Australia Conference - 'navigating an inspired future'
7, 8 October - Sydney

Leading Aged Services
LASA National Conference - 'Imagining age services: no borders, no boundaries'
9-12 Oct - Gold Coast