Zhenya Strigalev s NEVER GROUP

"always it's a surreal, impressive brew"

★★★★ Jazzwise

"A typical Strigalev collision of hip jazz virtuosity and surrealism... Strigalev's alto displays bebop agility, shivery lyricism, or sometimes a bluesy Ornetteish swerve."

★★★★ The Guardian

"Strigalev's group could well be the next big thing in jazz"

★★★★ All About Jazz

"A maverick at the heart of modern jazz."

★★★★​ The Telegraph

"Addictively and explosively dynamic...one of the most exciting contemporary composers."

Jazzenzo Magazine

"Breathtaking virtuosity, endless inventiveness and adventurous material."

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Never Group is a spectacular international band led by Zhenya Strigalev, the alto sax phenomenon from London via New York via St Petersburg. The rotating line up of Never Group members include Linley Marthe (Joe Zawinul), Ivo Neame (Phronesis), Eric Harland, Aaron Parks, Ambrose Akinmusire, Liam Noble, Justin Faulkner (Branford Marsalis), Alex Sipiagin, Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie) to name a few...Never Group is making it's name on the international jazz scene with exciting and unpredictable performances. Zhenya Strigalev gathers musicians around him who are able to follow his surprising and often high-speed turns. He enjoys the challenge of shining a light on the undiscovered, and describes the desired on-the-edge thrill that unfolded: “The whole point of what I do is that I need to surprise myself; I don’t want to record something which sounds exactly like this or like that, because that’s not interesting enough to me. Sometimes I can simply feel a tempo, a mood or an atmosphere, and I know this trio will provide the opportunity to develop that.”

Never Group primarily performs original compositions by Zhenya. Its the development of his previous group Smiling Orginizm, two albums of which enjoyed wide acclaim from audiences and critics alike and which were presented live during Zhenya's regular tours in Europe and US as well as in Chile. Line up for the dates between 30th May - 7th June is Ivo Neame (Phronesis), Linley Marthe (Joe Zawinul) and Justin Faulkner (Branford Marsalis)

Zhenya's latest creation is the "instrument" known as the "alto box" which will be presented during his upcoming tour in 2017. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE ALTO BOX IN ACTION.

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“The whole point of what I do is that I need to surprise myself..."

Born in St Petersburg Zhenya Strigalev took up the saxophone as a teenager, at age 17 winning “The Best Saxophonist" award in a well known St. Petersburg jazz competition. Soon after he began performing at many leading European, Russian, and UK Festivals, as well as starting to tour internationally. Since graduating from London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Music, Zhenya has cut a dynamic path between the London and New York jazz scenes. He’s worked with some of today’s most forward thinking musicians including (Matt Garrison, Chris "Daddy" Dave, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Joseph "Foley" McCreary from Miles Davis fame, Alex Sipiagin, Taylor Eigsti, Larry Grenadier, Nasheet Waites...) and appeared at many prestigious jazz festivals and concert venues, performing extensively in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Britain, India, Switzerland...In London, he played in the leading jazz venues including regular appearances at London Int'l Jazz Festival and headlining at Ronnie Scotts with his original projects. Having arrived in the city with almost no money and just his saxophone is testimony to Strigalev’s obvious talent, tenacious creativity and sheer hard work that he’s now regarded as one of the most exciting young musicians in London. Now with six albums under his belt, Strigalev has reached a new level of artistic maturity on his latest album Never Group. You can listen to the new album FROM THIS PRIVATE LINK.

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OUT NOW 'Never Group' The New Album by Zhenya Strigalev



Zhenya Strigalev's Never Group is available to book on request or during their European upcoming tours in 2017, which are between 30th May and 7th June -the line up for these dates is Ivo Neame (Phronesis), Linley Marthe (Joe Zawinul) and Justin Faulkner (Branford Marsalis) - and then from 19th of November and 10th of December. For UK ideally from 20th til 28th November - after the London Int'l Jazz Festival. Never Group tours as a Quartet or trio and features top class international musicians.
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