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The Little Things . . .

a Going the Distance newsletter

December 2012 || issue #9

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Onsite Winter Program Begins January 2

The 1st onsite workout of the winter program is on Wednesday, January 2. Please note that all other onsite workouts are on Tuesdays, beginning January 8.

For program information and sign-up steps, go here:
Sign-up Steps

To sign up for the program, go to the
Sign-up Form

Time -- warm-up 5:45 to 6pm. Workout starts after that.
Location -- Riverfront Industrial Park, Lawrencian Drive, Lawrence, MA.
Directions -- From I-93, take exit 45, River Road/S. Lawrence
- if you are driving north on 93, turn left at end of off-ramp
- if you are driving south on 93, turn right at end of off-ramp

Continue down River Road/Andover Street past the Vocational School and the Lawrence Elks. Take first left after the Elks into Riverfront Industrial Park, approximately 1 mile from I-93.
GPS destination -- 2 International Way, Lawrence, MA


Email Program Can Work for You

Many of us cannot get to the weekly onsite workouts, especially in the winter when (yes) it's cold, maybe with some snow, and dark (except for the streetlights and the many headlamps that runners use).
Fernando's email program will give you the weekly "track" or interval session plus a schedule of tempo and long runs throughout the week to match your goal. And he adjusts the workouts for those who do some workouts on a treadmill -- pace and incline are specified when you plan on doing workouts on a treadmill.
You may choose the email option when you sign up -- and you always have the option to come to any of the onsite sessions.

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Program 2

If you're looking for a program with a daily outline and unlimited communication with Fernando and program adjustments along the way, you may want to use Program 2. You may sign up for Program 2 at any time.
Questions? Contact us --

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Why a Winter Program?

The purpose of the Winter Workout Program is to provide an educational running experience and a strength foundation that will enhance your ability to stay healthy and achieve personal goals for the year.

At the conclusion of the program you will understand how to create a strength or base program in the future. You will develop the high aerobic and strength capacity to safely participate in and benefit from the next workout phases and racing in the spring, summer, and fall.

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Catarina Rocha Takes 2nd at Nationals

Catarina Rocha unleashed a devastating kick in the last 400 yards to move from 5th to 2nd in the Footlocker National Cross-Country HS Championship in San Diego on December 8.

After playing soccer in her freshman year, Cat switched to xc and in 3 years became one of the most dominant female high school runners to ever come out of New England. She won the Massachusetts cross-country title in her junior and senior years. She won the Northeast Region title in her senior year, and she qualified to compete in the national championship in all three years. Running against the top 40 in the country each December, she finished 31st in her sophomore year, 7th in her junior year, and 2nd as a senior.
Although Cat comes from a family of talented runners -- her parents (Joe and Gina) and uncle (Fernando Braz) were all national finalists -- she is her own person. Gina says “The nice thing is that she’s a real humble kid and that makes me very proud. When you look at her high school career, what she wants most to be remembered for at Peabody High School is that she made a difference there and not through her running. She’s been secretary of the class for four years now. She’s involved in numerous organizations and she’s trying to build a community center for disadvantaged youths in our downtown area. I think that’s what Catarina wants to be remembered for. Any little bit of difference she’s made in someone’s life, that’s what Cat’s about.”
Cat is an assistant coach in the GTD Youth Speed and Conditioning summer program.


Going the Distance is a coaching service for runners at all levels.
If you know someone who might benefit from the Going the Distance program,
tell them about us, and forward The Little Things to them.
Visit our website -- Going the Distance
Head Coach -- Fernando Braz
Assistant Coach -- Annie Starrett
Webmaster and Director -- Dave Smith
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