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Volume 70, Issue 2 / 2019 Available Online


Yan-Jiang Wang, M.D., Ph.D and Xian-Le Bu, M.D., Ph.D., recipients of the 2019 Alzheimer Award

Review Articles

Neurocognitive Disorders: Importance of Early/Timely Detection in Daily Clinical Practice
Akpan, Asangaedem | Tabue-Teguo, Maturin | Fougère, Bertrand

Tip of the Iceberg: Assessing the Global Socioeconomic Costs of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias and Strategic Implications for StakeholdersOpen Access (View Press Release Here)
El-Hayek, Youssef H. | Wiley, Ryan E. | Khoury, Charles P. | Daya, Ritesh P. | Ballard, Clive | Evans, Alison R. | Karran, Michael | Molinuevo, José Luis | Norton, Matthew | Atri, Alireza

Air Pollution, Combustion and Friction Derived Nanoparticles, and Alzheimer’s Disease in Urban Children and Young Adults
Calderón-Garcidueñas, Lilian | González-Maciel, Angélica | Kulesza, Randy J. | González-González, Luis Oscar | Reynoso-Robles, Rafael | Mukherjee, Partha S. | Torres-Jardón, Ricardo

Research Articles

Impact of Resilience on the Association Between Amyloid-β and Longitudinal Cognitive Decline in Cognitively Healthy Older Adults
Wolf, Dominik | Fischer, Florian U. | Fellgiebel, Andreas | for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Locus Coeruleus Degeneration Induces Forebrain Vascular Pathology in a Transgenic Rat Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Kelly, Sarah C. | McKay, Erin C. | Beck, John S. | Collier, Timothy J. | Dorrance, Anne M. | Counts, Scott E.

Trajectories and Determinants of Quality of Life in Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Alzheimer’s Disease
van de Beek, Marleen | van Steenoven, Inger | Ramakers, Inez H.G.B. | Aalten, Pauline | Koek, Huiberdina L. | Olde Rikkert, Marcel G.M. | Manniën, Judith | Papma, Janne M. | de Jong, Frank Jan | Lemstra, Afina W. | van der Flier, Wiesje M.

Gut Microbiota Alteration and Its Time Course in a Tauopathy Mouse Model
Sun, Bin-Lu | Li, Wei-Wei | Wang, Jun | Xu, Ya-Li | Sun, Hao-Lun | Tian, Ding-Yuan | Wang, Yan-Jiang | Yao, Xiu-Qing

Clinical, Structural, and Neuropathological Features of Olfactory Dysfunction in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
Lian, Teng-Hong | Zhu, Wan-Lin | Li, Shao-Wu | Liu, Ya-Ou | Guo, Peng | Zuo, Li-Jun | Hu, Yang | Yu, Shu-Yang | Li, Li-Xia | Jin, Zhao | Yu, Qiu-Jin | Wang, Rui-Dan | Zhang, Wei

Somatosensory Temporal Discrimination Threshold in Patients with Cognitive Disorders
D’Antonio, Fabrizia | De Bartolo, Maria Ilenia | Ferrazzano, Gina | Trebbastoni, Alessandro | Amicarelli, Sara | Campanelli, Alessandra | de Lena, Carlo | Berardelli, Alfredo | Conte, Antonella

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JAD Promoted at AAIC

Prize Presentation and Overview

JAD and its sister publication JAD Reports were on show at the recent AAIC meeting in Los Angeles. We were pleased to have so many delegates visit our booth to "Meet the Editor", as well as pick-up the reprints of the winning paper of the 2019 Alzheimer Award (sponsored by Memory Health) and the walnut study (the healthy snack giveaway was sponsored by the California Walnut Commission). For those who entered our draw to win a free online subscription to JAD, the winner will be contacted this month.


Board Presentation

Being in Los Angeles for AAIC was also an opportunity to hold an Editorial Board meeting and it was great to see so many of our board members, who work tirelessly to make JAD the success that it is, in attendance. During the meeting, we were very pleased to make the presentation to Weiyi Zeng (pictured with Editor-in-Chief George Perry) on behalf of the 2019 Alzheimer Award recipients: Yan-Jiang Wang and Xian-Le Bu.

In order to keep our JAD editors, authors, and readers informed of JAD's progress and development, we are pleased to now share the 2019 editorial update. To view the presentation, click here (PDF). This includes a wealth of highlights and statistics, including the most-viewed papers, the most popular press releases, and interesting journal statistics such as the turnaround times and submission rates. To discover the milestones that have led to JAD becoming a vehicle for more papers on AD than any other journal, and receiving more citations than any other AD-focused journal, delve into the detailed presentation. We wish to thank our authors and editors for their continued support! For questions or feedback contact us at: editorial@j-alz.com.

Click here to view the 2019 JAD Editorial Update

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JAD CME: Take the Quiz Online!

JAD launched a new partnership with Advanced Continuing Education Association (ACEA) last month to provide a new series of fully accredited continuing medical education (CME) journal articles. The JAD CME program, accredited by the ACCME and open to US physicians, launches with 10 landmark articles that have been published in JAD, each with a corresponding CME post-test providing 1.0 AMA PRA Category I Credit™. The catalog of currently available CME articles are all open access and cover a broad range of important topics in AD. Articles will be added on an ongoing basis. In our mailings, we will be highlighting the JAD CME articles and the first one is listed below.

More details at: j-alz.com/cme-credits


Summary: This review provides an overview of clinical trials for AD. A systematic approach to drug development advancing the scientific understanding of the candidate molecule from preclinical studies through clinical trials can increase the probability of success and de-risk development programs. Biomarkers for diagnosis, target engagement and proof-of-pharmacology, outcome assessment, and side effect monitoring assist in drug development.

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Most Read JAD Articles in July 2019

Most read content via the IOS Press content website published in 2018 & 2019 JAD issues.

Gut Microbiota is Altered in Patients with Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpenly Available (2019 Alzheimer Award winning paper; Research Article in Vol.63, Iss.4, 2018)
Zhuang, Zhen-Qian | Shen, Lin-Lin | Li, Wei-Wei | Fu, Xue | Zeng, Fan | Gui, Li | Lü, Yang | Cai, Min | Zhu, Chi | Tan, Yin-Ling | Zheng, Peng | Li, Hui-Yun | Zhu, Jie | Zhou, Hua-Dong | Bu, Xian-Le | Wang, Yan-Jiang

Tip of the Iceberg: Assessing the Global Socioeconomic Costs of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias and Strategic Implications for StakeholdersOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.70, Iss.2, 2019)
El-Hayek, Youssef H. | Wiley, Ryan E. | Khoury, Charles P. | Daya, Ritesh P. | Ballard, Clive | Evans, Alison R. | Karran, Michael | Molinuevo, José Luis | Norton, Matthew | Atri, Alireza

Episodic-Memory Performance in Machine Learning Modeling for Predicting Cognitive Health Status ClassificationOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.70, Iss.1, 2019)
Bergeron, Michael F. | Landset, Sara | Tarpin-Bernard, Franck | Ashford, Curtis B. | Khoshgoftaar, Taghi M. | Ashford, J. Wesson

Treatment Combinations for Alzheimer’s Disease: Current and Future Pharmacotherapy OptionsOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.67, Iss.3, 2019)
Cummings, Jeffrey L. | Tong, Gary | Ballard, Clive

The Amyloid-β Oligomer Hypothesis: Beginning of the Third DecadeOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.64, Iss.s1, 2018)
Cline, Erika N. | Bicca, Maíra Assunção | Viola, Kirsten L. | Klein, William L.

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Conference on Alzheimer's Drug Discovery

Sep 16–17, 2019 | Jersey City, NJ, USA

The 20th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery will be held September 16–17, 2019 in Jersey City, NJ, USA. The event will bring together leading researchers developing innovative treatments and cutting-edge diagnostic approaches for Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias and cognitive aging. The conference is organized by the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation. For more details, visit the website here.

REGISTER NOW: Early Bird Deadline Aug 16, 2019

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