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Dear Parents,

Opening day will take place this Sunday, September 13, from 9:15am-12pm, at our new location, Yeshivat HeAtid. It is opposite the door of our previous location, at 1500 Queen Anne Rd., Teaneck.

As a result of not being able to gather the parents for our annual opening day orientation brunch, please be sure to download and read the handbook below. It really is filled with very important information and the annual calendar.

When you come to drop off your child, we will be taking their temperature and asking for the completed covid questionnaire. Please be sure to fill out the questionnaire weekly and submit it with your child. Please click here for the form.

Please remember to send your child/ren to school in clothes that are appropriate to be sitting on the grass outside. The weather is supposed to be beautiful.

The following are the precautions we'll be instituting starting on Day 1:
• The school will be thoroughly sanitized, by a specially trained cleaning crew, prior to our arrival.
• As students pull up in carpool, their temperature will be taken and they will need a face mask in order to enter the building.
• Students and staff will be required to wear masks during the school day. We will have masks available should a child forget one at home.
• Students and staff will remain at least 6 feet apart from other people at all times.
• Students and staff will be regularly encouraged to wash hands with soap and water.
• Hand sanitizer will be provided in each classroom.
• Class spaces will be well ventilated – with windows and doors left open and fans turned on when possible.
•There will be desks available, upon request, with Plexiglas around them.
•We will have classes and tutoring, weather permitting, outdoors on the campus
• Students and staff will be screened for symptoms before entering the school.
• Visitors and volunteers will be limited in the building.
• Students will only interact with those in their class(es), their teachers and tutors.

• We will NOT be offering school supplies to the children for classroom projects to prevent spreading germs. Please make sure you send the required classroom supplies so your child can participate in the project.
• Students and staff who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 must stay home for 14 days before returning to school.
• Everyone will be notified, as soon as we are, if someone may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
• If you or anyone presently living in your home are planning a vacation or trip, please be aware that you will need to abide by NJ suggested quarantine regulations.

As we will not be able to share school supplies, please be sure to send your children to school with:

A school book bag with:
2 sharpened pencils A thick black marker
A three subject notebook A package of thin markers
A pack of index cards/box Textbooks and workbooks
Kippah or hat (boys) 1 box of crayons

We still have several spots to fill if you know of anyone. (If a family registers from your recommendation, you will receive a very generous tuition credit. CLICK HERE for the coupon to forward.)

Please click here for a special 9/11 Mishaberach Prayer.

We look forward to partnering for another exciting and successful year with you, your child, and your family.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and sweet New Year.

Dr. Debby Rapps

Please click here for a fun Rosh Hashana video.

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Shabbat Candle lighting times

Friday Night: 9/11-12
Shabbat Starts: 6:53
Shabbat Ends: 7:50


Dr. Debby Rapps, JYEP Director
Josh Rossman, JYEP Rabbi

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