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Translational Research and Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration: Challenges for Latin America

Editorial Extract::
"There is ample evidence of Latin America's contribution to neuroscience research. Still, across countries, there is also a need for more funding, mainly to attract talent, prevent “brain drain,” and improve infrastructure, each of which is essential to facilitating regional networks, interdisciplinary groups, and overall productivity in terms of publications and patents. It is time to consolidate a consortium for neuroscience research in Latin America, which should include as many countries as possible and actively support scientifically less productive countries under the premise that knowledge has no boundaries.

"A team of neuroscientists from various Latin American countries came together to consolidate the recent advances in brain research in this special issue. The topics covered include biomarkers in aging and age-related diseases, novel molecules as neuroprotectants, cohort studies of cognition in Hispanic populations, novel proteins and pathways in neurodegeneration, as well as computational neuroscience and alternative animal models for the study of neurodegenerative pathways. Taken together, these studies bring us closer to revealing novel drug targets and therapeutics, and represent significant contributions of neuroscience from Latin America."

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K.S. Jagannatha Rao | Panama National Research System (SNI), SENACYT, Panama, Panama
Gabrielle Britton | Panama National Research System (SNI), SENACYT, Panama, Panama
Luisa Lilia Rocha Arrieta | National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City, Mexico
Norberto Garcia-Cairasco | University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
Alberto Lazarowski | University of Buenos Aires, Benos Aires, Argentina
Adrián Palacios | University of Valparaiso, Valparaiso, Chile
Antonio Camins Espuny | University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Ricardo B. Maccioni | University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

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JAD, Volume 82, Supplement 1 / 2021

This special issue has 24 articles, two of which are open access.
To view the entire issue, go here.


Translational Research and Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration: Challenges for Latin AmericaOpenly Available
Rao, K.S. Jagannatha | Britton, Gabrielle B. | Rocha Arrieta, Luisa Lilia | Garcia-Cairasco, Norberto | Lazarowski, Alberto | Palacios, Adrián | Camins Espuny, Antoni | Maccioni, Ricardo B.

Alzheimer’s Disease, Neural Plasticity, and Functional Recovery
Mercerón-Martínez, Daymara | Ibaceta-González, Cristobal | Salazar, Claudia | Almaguer-Melian, William | Bergado-Rosado, Jorge A. | Palacios, Adrian G.

New Frontiers in the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Guzman-Martinez, Leonardo | Calfío, Camila | Farias, Gonzalo A. | Vilches, Cristian | Prieto, Raul | Maccioni, Ricardo B.

Connecting Mind-Body Therapy-Mediated Effects to Pathological Features of Alzheimer’s Disease
Hüttenrauch, Melanie | Lopez-Noguerola, José Sócrates | Castro-Obregón, Susana

Pharmacological Strategies to Improve Dendritic Spines in Alzheimer’s Disease
Ettcheto, Miren | Busquets, Oriol | Cano, Amanda | Sánchez-Lopez, Elena | Manzine, Patricia R. | Espinosa-Jimenez, Triana | Verdaguer, Ester | Sureda, Francesc X. | Olloquequi, Jordi | et al.

Critical Review of the Alzheimer’s Disease Non-Transgenic Models: Can They Contribute to Disease Treatment?
Flores-Cuadra, Julio A. | Madrid, Alanna | Fernández, Patricia L. | Pérez-Lao, Ambar R. | Oviedo, Diana C. | Britton, Gabrielle B. | Carreira, Maria B.

Multi-Target Effects of the Cannabinoid CP55940 on Familial Alzheimer’s Disease PSEN1 E280A Cholinergic-Like Neurons: Role of CB1 ReceptorOpen Access
Soto-Mercado, Viviana | Mendivil-Perez, Miguel | Jimenez-Del-Rio, Marlene | Velez-Pardo, Carlos

Retinal Ganglion Cells Functional Changes in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Are Linked with Neurotransmitter Alterations
Araya-Arriagada, Joaquín | Bello, Felipe | Shivashankar, Gaganashree | Neira, David | Durán-Aniotz, Claudia | Acosta, Mónica L. | Escobar, María J. | Hetz, Claudio | Chacón, Max | Palacios, A.G.

Alterations in Piriform and Bulbar Activity/Excitability/Coupling Upon Amyloid-β Administration In Vivo Related to Olfactory Dysfunction
Martínez-García, Ignacio | Hernández-Soto, Rebeca | Villasana-Salazar, Benjamín | Ordaz, Benito | Peña-Ortega, Fernando

Gut Microbiota Alterations and Cognitive Impairment Are Sexually Dissociated in a Transgenic Mice Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Cuervo-Zanatta, Daniel | Garcia-Mena, Jaime | Perez-Cruz, Claudia

The Latin America and the Caribbean Consortium on Dementia (LAC-CD): From Networking to Research to Implementation ScienceOpen Access
Ibanez, Agustin | Parra, Mario A. | Butler, Christopher | for The Latin America and the Caribbean Consortium on Dementia (LAC-CD)

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