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Jan 2021


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So how has it been for you? The first full month of our long-awaited and much-anticipated new year?

Here, it has been COLD.

If we are going to have a winter here in southern Texas, December is kind of its opening act. Come January, the main event is chomping at the bit to get onstage.

Believe it or not, this is actually quite good for a certain hibernating shell.

Reason being, when winter comes early and stays consistently cold, or at least cold-ish, Bruce can get a good long brumation in without any sudden disorienting metabolic wake-up calls.

While he snoozes, the rest of us can spend our time quite productively with missing him. And complaining about how cold it is.

Which is not to say that the large featherless/shell-less MommyGuard ever lets either of her two VIP charges feel any actual cold.

As if.

Malti has her indoor big girl tort She Shed with double heating pads, a cozy-warm UV lamp and plenty of hydrating humidity. She also enjoys cuddling on the couch with her mama most evenings.

Pearl has his birdie warmer, his personal birdie heater and, of course, his MommyGuard's lap (which is especially warm and comfy when she wears the fluffy blue bathrobe his Grandma bought just for him to roost on).

As for me, all I can say is - thank goodness for feathers and shells. And for YOU.

Your good company has made me brave.

Your love and laughter has kept me strong, especially last month when I learned of the unexpected passing of one of my two best friends - a soul sister I will miss forever.

Your love for feathered, shelled and furred beings (and all the rest of the species we share our sweet round blue and green home with) has given me constant inspiration to keep stretching out of my comfort zone to find new ways to share them with new extended flock members.

I have so many dreams and plans for the three precious ambassador animals I share my life with - my "inner flock" as my dear departed friend used to call them.

For those of you who have the means and feel the inspiration, you can help me begin to bring some of those dreams to life by becoming one of our treasured flock Patreon Patrons. All the information for how to do that is below here.

For now, sending you all our love and thankfulness. Our lives are better because you are in them. If you have a moment, hit "reply" and let us know how you and your flock are doing, okay? We so love to hear from you!


Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon

Flash Gordon, the Tall Tree & the Small Chef


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Just a bird and his blue fluffy bathrobe

Pearl bathrobe

It's always summer in the She Shed


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Me. Pearl. Bruce. Malti.

Hi! It is so good to meet you here each month! Pearl, Malti, Bruce and their mommy love having you in our extended flock!

We are super excited about our newest book, "Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book.

This book features 70 of Pearl's favorite "people food" recipes, courtesy of his personal Small Chef (aka his doting large featherless Grandma).

Have you treated yourself yet to a copy of "Love & Feathers: what a palm-sized parrot has taught me about life, love, and healthy self-esteem?"

If not, it's time! Get ready to smile, laugh, and fall in love with your own pets all over again.

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