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As the weather changes and it gets chilly, it’s very tempting to stay inside, to skip the gym, and curl up on the sofa with a book and a movie. But whether you are a trail runner or a weight lifter, exercising daily is doubly important in the colder months. People tend to put on weight this time of year because they are eating more comforting foods and moving less – a lot less. Here are 5 tips to ensure your workout motivation meter stays on high throughout the year.

1. Change your routine – A workout routine can get routine, if you get that. Changing things up from time to time will breathe new life into your exercise plan. If you’re used to running the same route, go the other direction. If you go to the same Zumba class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, check out a toning, spinning, or yoga class. Keep it fresh and you’ll be less likely to get bored.

2. Update your playlist – New tunes can be a great way to put energy back into your workout, and you don’t have to look far online to find a variety of exercise playlists. If there’s a specific speed you want, you can even find tools (like that will match songs to your cadence. Similarly, try using Pandora. If you’re really brave, you could try working out while listening to podcasts or talk radio—learn something while you’re getting fit.

3. Cross train – Don’t do the same thing every single day. Cross-training isn’t only good for your motivation levels and mindset, it’s good for your body too. If you like weights, try doing some cardio a few times a week. Changing things like this could even give you better workout results as your body will power through any plateaus.

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4. Take rest days – Schedule days off. When you go hard all the time, a day off can feel like a “cheat” and you may fall victim to the all-or-nothing mentality that leads from a single cheat day to an entire month off. Scheduling rest days ensures your body has time to recover and gives you a chance to indulge a bit.

5. Enlist a trainer or workout buddy – When you have to be accountable to someone, you’re less likely to give up. Hire a trainer for the season or just get a friend to meet you at the gym or trail. We all need additional support sometimes, and another person can offer the encouragement needed to get your butt out of the house on those cold mornings.

Colder months are no excuse for inactivity. Health is a habit that must carry through the entire year.

(by Elizabeth Renter,


As many of you have already learned, due to a recent update to the software OPERS uses to manage and facilitate all of our memberships, passes, and facility/classroom access, you now need to present the specific card associated with your current membership and/or pass when entering facilities and attending classes.

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The previous version of our membership software enabled us to allow customers to use any card associated with their account (i.e. student ID, OPERS memberships, FitLife GX pass, etc.) to access OPERS facilities and our GX classes. This functionality is unfortunately no longer available to us so we now need you to present your current FitLife Group Exercise Pass (see attached photo) when attending our classes. Your student ID cards and OPERS membership cards will no longer allow us to validate that you've paid for a current admission pass.

For those of you who signed-up for our free Employee Pass but chose to keep the card that was issued with your paid Monthly Pass, you will need to have a new card printed for you (the new card will have the pass-number for your Employee Pass), as you previous card will no longer work since it was printed for your expired/cancelled Monthly Pass. If you would like us to print and mail your replacement card to you via inter-campus mail (assuming we have a photo on file), then please email us your request.

Lastly, please always bring your actual card to class rather than trying to memorize your card-number, as this helps prevent membership/pass "sharing" (which does happen), and also helps prevent the entering/writing of incorrectly-memorized numbers (which also happens).

cruzfit tshirt survey

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We Want Your Input for CruzFit 2016!

One of the most common questions our FitLife staff gets is...

"What color will this year's CruzFit t-shirts be!?"

In response to this, we've decided to let you help us with this decision by giving you the opportunity to vote on your preferences among the 6 colors to which we've narrowed it down. Please take a few seconds to complete and submit our brief t-shirt color survey. Just click on the image below, or visit this link. The submission deadline is this Sunday, November 8th, so don't delay!


Please make note of the following changes to our regular programming schedules due to upcoming holiday facility closures.

Wednesday, 11/11: All group exercise classes and personal fitness services cancelled, and all OPERS facilities closed, for Veteran's Day holiday.
Wednesday, 11/25: Evening "Core Xpress" (7:30p) & "Zumba" (8:00p) group exercise classes cancelled due to Thankgiving holiday travel schedules.
Thu-Sun, 11/26-29: All group exercise classes and persona fitness services cancelled, and all OPERS facilities closed, for Thanksgiving holiday and weekend.

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Kia Blaustein


Kia is one of the newest additions to our FitLife team, having joined our staff last Winter as a substitute instructor for our WORLDANZ cardio-dance classes. In the Spring she advanced from subbing to being assigned her own weekly WORLDANZ class, and then this past summer she put her Yoga credentials to work by taking on our weekly SUNSET YOGA class. This Fall Kia is not only continuing her popular WORLDANZ and SUNSET YOGA classes, but has also added two weekly sessions of her PILATES-YOGA FUSION workout.

Having grown up in Lemoore, Califronia, Kia graduated from Cal-Poly with a B.S. in Animal Science. While in Santa Cruz, Kia has spent seventeen years studying Iyengar Yoga, in addition to being a certified massage therapist, and a mother of four. Through Kia's yoga practice her study of the expression of movement within the body led to a fascination with dance. After having studied intensively with Worldanz (, Kia became a certified Worldanz instructor in August of 2014. Kia remains grateful to be teaching for our FitLife program, sharing her passion for dance, yoga, and fitness with the UCSC community.

You can meet Kia and enjoy her terrific classes at the following times and locations:

Tue, 5:30p - PILATES-YOGA FUSION @ OPERS Multipurpose Room
Tue, 7:30p - WORLDANZ @ OPERS Dance Studio
Wed, 5:30p - SUNSET YOGA @ 2300 Delaware Ave.
Thu, 6:30p - PILATES-YOGA FUSION @ OPERS Multipurpose Room


FitLife is a program of the Office of P.E., Recreation, & Sports (OPERS)