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Spreading the magic at Eco Club

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Jacky was one of our volunteers from France. Together with his wife, he spent one week with us and during that week he surprised our kids at Eco Club with a magic show. After attending the two Eco Clubs that week, Jacky also performed his magic for the students at our camp. The kids were absolutely mesmerised and loved every second of it!


We have a billboard!

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The people over at Primedia Outdoor were kind enough to give us one of their advertising spots for free. All we had to pay for was the printing and flighting of the poster, which is a very generous donation for us.

The poster has been flighted at 3 different places and will keep changing every few weeks until it wears out. Right now, it's flighted in Sandton, so be sure to send us a picture if you spot it!


July Bonus Day

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GlobalGiving is back with another matching campaign! On July 18th, all donations over $100 will be matched. The exact matching amount varies from amount to amount, but the higher the donation, the higher the match!

We'll give you more information when we know more, but if you want to donate more than $100 to our cause, be sure to wait until July 18th!


You can now find us on Airbnb

Everyone knows Airbnb, the site where you can rent out amazing places to stay on your holiday. But what you might not know yet is that Airbnb now has a new thing called Social Impact Experiences.

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These Social Impact Experiences promote
non-profit organizations by giving 100% of the payment to the actual cause, waving their normal fee. We're happy to announce that we are now also a part of Airbnb's Social Impact Experiences!

What does this experience include? You arrive at our camp at 10 AM and leave at 5 PM. During this time, you assist our volunteers with animal enrichment and care. We'll give you a tour of the whole place and you can join us for lunch.

Long story short: you'll have a fun day caring for animals and actually making an impact. So, if you're ever in the neighbourhood but can't join us for a whole week, then just book a day with us through Airbnb!


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