Tips and resources on performance and wellbeing   ||   Issue No.2, March 2021


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the second edition of Sports Chi (formerly Good Chi News). In this issue I've included a YouTube clip on how to improve personal and group performance from an Appreciative Inquiry perspective.

There's also an inspirational clip on junior sportsmanship, a Tai Chi tip and other tips for coaches and players.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Focus on What Works

AI Performance Improvment2

In this short clip, *John Townsin* from Acinya gives a brief over view of Appreciative Inquiry which is an effective way of improving self, club and/or organisational performance.

I like the emphasis on focusing on what works rather than just fixing problems.


Tai Chi Tip

When stressed, use abdominal breathing to calm yourself.


A Good Sport


Here's an example of excellent sportsmanship.

In this video clip a young boy helps a special needs child during a basketball match.

Watch the reaction ... it will put a smile on your face.


Coaches Corner

adria-crehuet-cano-LIhB1 mAGhY-unsplash2

A time out during a game is no place for a coach to deliver a speech. Keep your message clear and cover no more than three points, if you want your players to absorb the message/s.

Image courtesy of t to Adrià Crehuet Cano via Unsplash


Just About Anywhere, Any Time


The training you do away from your team training session will largely determine how much you improve your skill level.

And you can do this extra training just about anywhere and any time.

For example, sometimes I use visualisation skills to practice my Tai Chi stance when I'm standing in a long line of people. I visualise the correct Tai Chi standing posture and align myself accordingly.

The adjustments I make are micro movements, so I don't draw attention to myself. :)

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