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Look forward to the things that matter most.

Release that which holds you back and you find yourself moving in a new direction. It may surprise you. You may not even realize that you have been chained to one idea of who and where you should be. Change is not always a negative thing, though many of us resist it and are uncomfortable moving out of our current mindset. This is a time where change is necessary but when you follow your passion, all possibilities arise. Embrace that which you love! It will show you the way.

dog mastiff wine glasses 2

Bull Mastiff Wine Glass by Kiki Michalek

Drink it all in

It is with a great sigh of relief that I transition out of an insane month of July. Moving the studio was indeed a monumental task that was unplanned yet the most practical decision due to the health crisis. I no longer feel the stress of wondering how I can keep my studio going when I could not use it to it's full potential. Working at home gives me freedom to just get up and go to work. Art has no boundaries. My home studio travels through the house, outdoors, wherever I feel like working that day. I feel free!

Little fox

Little Fox by Kiki Michalek

Where can you find me???

I can once again disappear into the woodland with my camera, take my time to savor the day.
I can get back to some big projects including my wildlife and environmental series.
I can get back to my writing.
These are in addition to current works and custom orders.
I am working at home and doing curbside at neutral locations for local clients. I'm not meeting clients at my house.
For those of you from distant lands, I'm happy to ship your orders.
My events are lined up for the year so you can find me on Youtube and Facebook.
And, of course, there is my website.

Pit Puppy in Leaves

Pit Puppy in Leaves by Kiki Michalek

So what's new?!

Upcoming events and demos are virtual now.
I'm happy to now bring my work to you in your own home. Visit my events page for more details! Once an event is posted, it will be available for you to visit at your convenience. Some events will include special promotions for a limited time.
August 2 - An Artists Journey. Farewell to Brick and Mortar. HELLO Virtual Studio!
August 16 - New Exhibit! All Creatures Great and Small
August 30 - Fire it Up! Painting Flames on a motorcycle Helmet
July events you may have missed:
Painting on Fabric Demo
Christmas in July - with a sales promo extended thru August!

Let s Play edited-2

Let's Play! Tire cover by Kiki Michalek

What's on the easel?

The Dog Days of August are here!
I'm starting a series called Water Dogs which I will be posting as I go. Hot days, water and happy pups! What better combination?

Kind regards,
Kiki Michalek

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