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September 15, 2017


Good morning,

If you (or someone you know) lives in the Houston area, the Caribbean, or Florida, I hope that you were not affected by Hurricanes Harvey or Irma. If you were affected, I sincerely wish that you are able to recover speedily. For those who wish to help out, you may want to check with Charity Navigator in order to find a worthwhile charity that is offering relief in the areas affected by these vicious storms.

Time keeps flying by! In August, I marked 15 years since starting DBMC. A lot has changed in that time (back in 2002 we may not even have had flip phones, let alone smartphones), and I have just updated fees and policies. Please read below for the details.

Since the last newsletter, I've finished a messaging and brochure writing project, took on some copy editing, and have been working on a website re-do. I also attended WordCamp DC, and as I always do when at WordCamp, learned several useful tips. Read my takeaways in the post "4 lessons from WordCampDC that will improve your website."

As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, I have some openings to take on new projects. Some projects I can help you with are: developing or updating your messaging and organizational descriptions; writing new content for your website; and copy editing any marketing materials. Please contact me to arrange a phone consultation.

Best wishes,



Changes to DBMC policies and fees

After 15 years in business, I have only made a few changes to my fee schedule, and have only changed late payment policies once. Unfortunately, late payments are common, and after consulting with other businesses, I have decided on a new late payment fee structure. All the details are below.

Writing/communications consulting fee goes from $100 an hour to $125 an hour.
Copy editing fee goes from $55 an hour to $60 an hour.
Please note that these changes do not affect current projects, but do affect retainer relationships and all new projects after September 1, 2017.

Payment arrangements
All projects are subject to an upfront payment of 30-50% depending on length of engagement. Retainer relationships are billed on a monthly or bimonthly basis.
Payment arrangements must be agreed to before any work starts.

Invoices will be payable on a 30-day net arrangement instead of 14-day net.

Late fees
Invoices that are not paid after 30 days from date of invoice are subject to late fees on the following schedule:
31-60 days: 20% late fee
61-90 days: 25% late fee
91-120 days: 30% late fee
Any invoice that is unpaid after 121 days will be subject to a 50% late fee, remitted to immediate collection, and the client relationship will be immediately terminated.


Communications tip: Keep your blog looking fresh

If your organization has a blog, it’s imperative that you keep it looking fresh. That means that you should post relevant content regularly. New content on your blog is very helpful for search engine optimization. It also shows that you are still in business. If you haven’t posted in a while, take the time to do it now. If you don’t think you will be posting soon, you may want to consider hiding or removing the blog from your site. Another important tip is to make sure your blog posts have dates on them. Some organizations that do not blog often or haven’t blogged recently remove dates in order to make their posts appear evergreen. In fact, removing the date makes your blog look like it’s trying to hide something. Keep the dates and keep on blogging!


Let's work together!

Deborah Brody Marketing Communications services:

▪ Writing and copy editing of marketing/communications materials
▪ Communications and social media consulting
▪ Communications and social media audits
▪ Customized blog training and workshops
Writing and copy editing of marketing/communications materials
Communications and social media consulting
Communications and social media audits
Customized blog training and workshops

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