Good News for Recovery + Life (October 2015) Why I Love My Stomach Oh. The stomach. That bastion of photoshopping. That naysayer of bikini season.

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Good News for Recovery + Life (October 2015)


Why I Love My Stomach


This is the only pic I have of my little family: Pearl, Malti and me. I love it so much! And I love that my little round stomach (which is so clearly visible in our midst) made it all possible!

Oh. The stomach.

That bastion of photoshopping. That naysayer of bikini season. That frenemy of (tasty) dessert.

With so much seemingly riding on its relative degree of concavity or convexity at any given moment, it is no wonder I have suffered with digestive issues for nearly as long as I've been alive.

But today I am happy to share I am mostly free from these life-long embarrassments and discomforts.

Thanks in large part to a combination of affirmations, probiotics, breathing techniques, meditation and other gentle helps, my stomach is too.

Today, my stomach and I have an agreement. It takes care of "digestion" and I take care of the rest.

The other day my mom and I went shopping. I mentioned to her that these days, I mostly really like my body except for when I am forced (usually for work) to stare at pictures of models for hours at a time. Then I start to get anxious...and irritated....and offended.

My mom agreed. We both find it upsetting - not that there is a body type that looks like the models, but that it is mostly the only body type we see in shopping ads.

But while this anger and frustration fueled my recovery battle, it didn't heal my rift with my stomach.

Love did.

As it turns out, my round little stomach gave me back my life. Before it came along, I was sad, lonely, miserable.

But after it arrived, I began to thrive.

Today, I have my stomach to thank for the beautiful beings in my life (human and non-human). Plus, I recently learned that my curvy stomach is one of the things my boyfriend most enjoys about my body.


I am so glad I gave my stomach a chance to teach me these lessons. I am so glad it was so persistent and refused to give up on me as a student.

Today, when I look at my little round stomach, I see my dignity. I see my self-esteem. I see my humanity.

I see yours too. Here is why....

It doesn't matter what your stomach looks like - or mine.

What matters - the only thing that matters - is that it looks whatever way it needs to look to support us in being as healthy, happy and whole as we possibly can be in this life.

With great respect and love,



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