Anna Church limited edition fine art prints available NOW from $490! About Anna Church: Artist Anna Church calls herself a “sculptographer.” That is


Anna Church limited edition fine art prints available NOW from $490!

About Anna Church:

Artist Anna Church calls herself a “sculptographer.” That is, she transforms found objects into original, eye-popping sculptures, which she then photographs and assembles as series of limited-edition fine art prints that reveal their complexity as the viewer leans in closer...

“I believe we come alive when art speaks,” says Church. “And I like the surprise when people discover the layers in my work.”

Visit Anna’s website at


Which style do you like best? Black frame or white frame?

AnnaChurch  Zebra CareerGirl BLKFrame H-1

Career Girl w/black frame


A warm welcome to new artist Sandra Harris!


Sandra Harris: "Art in harmony with nature..."

Sandra Harris's inspiration is the untamed wilderness of British Columbia. "I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame," she says. Her goal is to communicate the excitement that her surroundings evoke in her, and to awaken in the viewer a sense of "awe, identity, and gratitude."

Stop by Dimensions for a closer look at Sandra's breathtaking work, and visit her website at


Introducing the new Ramino collection by Roma Moulding.


Pumping up the "Wow!" factor with class!

Jim and Bruce wanted exactly the right style of frame for their photographs of legendary Hollywood stars – a look that would reflect an era of modern glamour and sophistication. We think the sleek, mirror-finish frame for each piece was the perfect choice to WOW their guests!


Riverside Walks 2015

The Riverside Walks 2015 event is a popular series of sidewalk sales and free local walking tours that takes place throughout the summer and fall in Toronto's growing Riverside neighbourhood. Starting on Saturday, August 8th, you're invited to come and join the fun along Queen St. East, between the DVP and Empire Avenue. And don't forget to drop by Dimensions to say hello and see what's new!

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Did you know we do HOUSE CALLS?

"Hello, Dr. Ellen and Dr. Wendy? I've got some beautiful artwork here that I want to display, but I don't know how to do it or where to start. Will you come by?"

Dimensions' personal touch doesn't stop at our front door: we will also come to your home or office! Simply make an appointment and we'll stop by, assess your environment and your needs, and get you set up.

Contact us @ 416.463.7263 OR


Enjoy your summer, and we hope to see you soon!

Wendy, Ellen and Hudson


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