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This is the June 2020 newsletter, introducing Casa Muriel Senior Living – A residential and medical resource center proposed to be built near Antigua, Guatemala in 2020-21. If you missed previous newsletters look for them here on the website: GuatemalaRetirement.com. Or write to Lori@GuatemalaMedicalTravel.com.

A Communal Culture of Caring

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Casa Muriel is a safe haven and comfortable home for older folks with shared values of curiosity, humor, charity and responsibility. With a lifetime of experience, we understand that societies thrive and prosper when every member applies individual strengths to cooperate as a cohesive group.

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In these days of social turbulence, experts note that we are naturally inclined toward “prosocial behavior” — checking in on neighbors, showing up to help, caring for the needy, and cooking for friends. The Casa Muriel community center is the perfect oasis to make plans with our neighbors, creating our own memories and traditions.

Guatemala Gardens Nurture the Body and Soul

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In our elder years, we need more calcium, fiber, magnesium and antioxidants. Fortunately, all the fruits and veggies that keep us functioning at optimum performance grow like crazy here in Guatemala: tomatoes, papaya, carrots, berries, avocado, and pineapple, to name a few. Casa Muriel will have a carefully planned organic garden for gardeners who love working with the soil and cultivating a harvest for our table.


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Gardening at home nurtures emotional well-being, as well as personal satisfaction in the nutritional results. Studies by the Princeton Environmental Institute, Sowing Seeds of Happiness, and Landscape and Urban Planning explore how caring for plants at home can positively affect your mood and happiness.

Growing Whole, Not Growing Old


In the third age of life, or tercera edad, our personal energy is consolidating, readjusting, and coming alive. All the aspects of our identities that have been overshadowed by jobs, school, marriage, family, health issues, culture and obligations realign to ignite the next stage of inner journeys. Dormant forces awaken and the art of “letting go” seems more comforting than ever.


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This is the pinnacle of human development, not the decline that we’re told it is. The best use of our precious lives is to live slower, deeper and more connected. Still, we have a lot to learn and a lot to teach. The modern elder is as curious as she/he is wise, as much an intern as a mentor. Overall, we refuse to be diminished.

Investing in Casa Muriel, a Cooperative Concept

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Individuals and businesses recognize the investment value in Casa Muriel because we are personally familiar with the community members who will benefit from our multi-faceted senior center:
(1) Private residences designed to keep our older friends comfortable and protected.
(2) The medical clinic is open to local doctors offering premium attention, convenient for patients, and improving quality of life.
(3) A community arts and activity center will be open to members and the public.


Investors, shareholders, sponsors, partners and participants are all welcome to discuss how they might find an opportunity for development together with our Antigua ex-pats cooperative project.


Lori @ Guatemala Retirement .com | +502-3315-1555
Lori Shea | Antigua, Guatemala


Guatemala Medical Travel: Business Up-date

The GMT office is open in Antigua Guatemala and ready to accept new clients. Nurses and patient service coordinators are connected with the best doctors, dentists and hospitals in Guatemala City, to provide you with the highest standard of medical safety measures, as recommended by the experts.

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Our GUA airport is closed now for public health restrictions, but we will be accepting international patients as soon as possible. Call us for the latest public health up-dates.

Lori Shea

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Extraordinary Elders In the News, Again

Jeanne Socrates, at age 77, is the oldest person to sail alone, non-stop, around the world, unassisted. She set a world record for solo circumnavigation in her 38-foot boat, arriving back in Victoria in September 2019 after sailing almost 28,000 nautical miles in 320 days.

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