"Riding the EleFriendly bus was a wonderful experience, a glimpse into the daily life of people who depend upon the bus to keep their children safe. The school children, villagers and their happy energy was infectious!" Alpana Ahuja, Singapore


Alpana Ahuja is an artist and illustrator who had published 20 children's books. Alpana lives in Singapore and regularly exhibits her art in group shows in Singapore. She had two solo exhibitions in 2014, both titled ‘Ganpati to Gajah’ to raise awareness on the plight of captive elephants in India. The proceeds from these exhibitions were donated to help the elephants rescued by Wildlife SOS India.

A unique series of paintings titled ‘Padhchinh’ were created by Alpana by taking the footprints of the rescued elephants on to canvas. These paintings sold through auctions by Wildlife SOS, USA continue to raise funds for elephants.

In 2016, Alpana did a painting of elephants called “My Family” to raise funds for the EleFriendly Bus. Prints and gift card packs of the painting raised over $2000 for the EleBus. The original painting is available for $2500 and the proceeds will go to the elephant conservation efforts of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society.

Alpana has had a long association with ACRES, Singapore where she is involved in education, fundraising, wildlife rescue and also functions as a board member. In addition, Alpana runs an ‘Animal Lovers Club’ at a leading international school in Singapore, where children are taught many aspects of Animal Concerns.

Alpana and two friends and colleagues, Gauri Savadi and Kiran Sujanani visited the SLWCS project site in Wasgamuwa in September 24th 2018 and stayed for 4 days. These are the reminiscences of their experiences with the SLWCS.


Visiting the Camp site at Wasgamua was a dream come true for me. The pristine land surrounded by a lake, hill and forests, the simple Field House, wholesome food and eco friendly ways, all made for an unforgettable experience.

The activities gave us a taste of the hard work that researchers do. Camera traps, sand traps (discovering a sloth bear cub’s footprints was the highlight for me), fence mapping we did them all. The tree hut was exciting!

Riding the EleFriendly bus was a wonderful experience, a glimpse into the daily life of people who depend upon the bus to keep their children safe. The school children, villagers and their happy energy was infectious! It was a project that I truly believed in and contributed for. My painting ‘My Family’ raised over $2000 for this project (cards and prints of the painting were sold).
We still have the original, for a buyer who pays $2500 and the proceeds are all for SLWCS.

Lastly I loved painting the wall mural at SLWCS and leaving my mark there! I spent many happy hours in peaceful tranquility near the lotus pond taking occasional breaks to observe 3 different pairs of birds catching insects around the pond.

I wish you all the very best and hope to visit again.’

Alpana Ahuja
Board member of ACRES
(Animal Concerns, Research and Education Society, Singapore)

IMG 5291

I embarked on a journey from Singapore to SLWCS on the insistence of my friend Alpana. I went with no expectation. When we reached the field house at SLWCS, we were welcomed by the staff and existing volunteers.

I came here with the willing to try a volunteer experience by helping animals, but the philosophy engaged by SLWCS is even better! “Protecting wildlife while protecting the people”. Its a double whammy! The assigned morning duties and the wait and watch game at the tree hut were exciting. I say this with a satiated soul - "You people of SLWCS are all CHAMPIONS" Good Luck, onwards and upwards.”

Kiran Sujanani
Entrepreneur and animal rescue volunteer with ACRES


Kiran, Alapana and Gaurie at the Tree Hut

SLWCS attests of us being human! All one needs is shelter, clothing, simple food and lots of love, and, this was surely reflected through all that we experienced at the abode.

To maintain the balance of the Lord’s creation-one needs to experience it!

My heartfelt thanks to each n every staff of SLWCS who provided us so much warmth. I especially needed the well-deserved let out and thanks to the dear passionate friend of ours Alpana for making this possible for us.

With hopes to contributing more, if not physically, for sure remotely. I am in awe of your beautiful country Sri Lanka and the people there, will return soon.

Good luck in all your endeavours.
God bless!”

Gauri Savadi
Principal of ‘Little Skool House’
(Early childhood education)
And animal rescue volunteer with ACRES

IMG 5379

Big, rumbling thanks to our Corporate Partners for their kind support and to everyone who has donated and supported our wildlife conservation efforts!

Photo Credits:

Alpana Ahuja
Kiran Sujanani
Gauri Savadi

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