Dear Friends, Welcome to the inaugural edition of our e-newsletter. This publication will be produced on a regular basis and will feature content rel

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our e-newsletter. This publication will be produced on a regular basis and will feature content related to WIZO around the globe, Israel, Judaism, Zionism and the Status of Women. We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Feel free to share with your friends and family.

I would like to thank my entire team for getting this project off the ground and look forward to sharing with you more innovative and creative initiatives.

Janine Gelley
Chairperson, Organization and Tourism Division
World WIZO


Feast and freedom: The meaning of Passover

The Pesach story is the most dramatic story of slavery to freedom ever told, one that has become the West’s most influential source-book of liberty. “Since the Exodus,” said Heinrich Heine, the 19th century German poet, “Freedom has always been spoken with a Hebrew accent”.

Be inspired by this wonderful article by Britain's former Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks. Read more...


A Taste of India: Tamarind and Date Chutney (Spread)

Tamarind and Date chutney is one tangy treat for the taste buds. Try this recipe for a sure-fire hit.

Thank you to WIZO India chavera, Remona Divekar for sharing this delicious recipe. Something snazzy and scrumptious to spread on your matza. Click here for the recipe...


WIZO campaign against sexist adverts

The 8th of March was International Women's Day, a day dedicated to highlighting women's issues.

For the last three years, WIZO has been active in highlighting how women are portrayed in the media. To commemorate this, WIZO named the Top 10 worst offenders who portray women in a sexist manner. “The advertisements that have been selected present a grim picture of how women and girls are often shown in degrading and humiliating ways,” WIZO Israel chairperson Gila Oshrat said. Read more...


Artists4Israel decorate a WIZO Day Care Center in the South

Israel's citizens in the south have endured barrage after barrage of rocket attacks. The sounds of sirens and booms are very traumatic for children, many who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result. To help bring smiles and a much needed creative outlet, Artists4Israel, a group of young, energetic volunteers visited one of our day care centers in Ashdod and decorated the walls with vibrant color, bringing cheer to vulnerable children.


Click on the image to view the video

Teens today, leaders tomorrow

A humorous and poignant insight into the thoughts of the new generation in celebration of International Women's Day.

This video was a collaborative project between Rachel Barrett, former intern in the World WIZO Fundraising Division and current Education and Community Relations Officer at WIZO Western Australia and Carmel School Perth grade 12 student Noa Levin to explore what young girls in their community THINK about the challenges and blessings of growing up in today's world.

happy tel aviv

Click on image to view a tribute to Pharrell Williams's song "Happy" from Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Rethinking Happiness

Countries are looking beyond gross domestic product to determine the well-being of their citizens. Gross national happiness (GNH) the big idea originating from the small nation state of Bhutan is catching on around the world.

Israel's high ranking (11th place) in happiness levels is one of the few surprises in the 2013 World Happiness Report. Read more...


Click on image to view trailer - The Women Pioneers directed by Michal Aviad

The Women Pioneers: Hardy Heroines Celebrated

Michal Aviad explores the relationship between feminism and Zionism in her latest film.

At the turn of the 20th century individuals from across Europe brought their pioneering spirit and ideals of a revolution to Palestine, with a dream to create a new and more equal society. Among these pioneers were the fierce women who came to Palestine to realize the dream of creating a new woman in a new world. Read more...

royal tour

Click on image to view sneek peek of Israel: Royal Tour

The Royal Tour: a close-up view of Israel that’s suffused with history and humor

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the star of this television special which offers a cutting-edge, unique look at Israel through the eyes of its leader.

The production is by journalist and director Peter Greenberg, whose international travel show is broadcast on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). The unique show features heads of government and state acting as tour guides in their countries. Read more...


Smart Snacks

Help your kids kick their chip-chomping habits by offering them healthier alternatives. Read more...

Mukpats Magazine is a joint project of the World WIZO Early Age Division and Joint Ashalim. It is a great resource for parents of early age children and contains up to date information, from Israel and around the world, recipes, tips and ideas on the subject of nutrition and exercise. To view the entire newsletter (in Hebrew) click here...

As always, we welcome your comments as well as feedback on news and features you'd like to see included in our newsletter. To reply please click here...

Compiled by World WIZO Organization & Tourism Division

Co-editors: Lisa Moss, Raquel Dar, Rolene Marks