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JULY 2019

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Guess who the new ABBA member is!

Dear Friend,

Summer is the perfect time to get away from it all and recharge. But if you don't have time for this, I'm offering a very special summer sale on ALL of my CDs and MP3 downloads for the month of July! See below for details and to order. And view my brand new Youtube video which provides more details on the recording, Rise of the Unconscious: Your Basic Goodness.

I'm so pleased to be able to announce that we will be launching a new self-study e-course this fall, Ancestor and Family Healing. Details coming soon.

Enjoy some favorite memories with my photo album from European workshops this past June.

This will be the last call for my Diamond Heart Meditation Retreat, located on the sea coast north of Vancouver, BC. There's only one spot left!


We can all be true to our authentic selves - our basic goodness - if we work at it. Learn how to stop being so self-critical!

In this all new video, I discuss how this audio recording can help you achieve heart opening and love for yourself and others as you joyfully discover you are wonderful just as you are. This audio recording, Rise of the Unconscious, describes the steps we go through to unite our personal and collective unconscious to be our authentic selves—a soul-infused personality. View the video on Youtube here:


All CDs $9 each | MP3s $5.95 each -- for July only

(Regular prices $14.95 & $9.95)

Rise of Unconscious-640x640-Payloadz

To help folks in inner contemplation and meditation this summer, all audio recordings are on sale for the month of July!

As described in my new video above (for example), my recording, Rise of the Unconscious, helps you make sense of the WHY our world is in chaos currently so you can see the positive outcome from it.

Allow us to assist you on your spiritual transformation journey this summer. Purchase Rise of the Unconscious as a CD or an MP3, OR download the entire Self-Healing Series of audio recordings for $15 (regular price $20)!

The Self-Healing series includes: Rise of the Unconscious, Reawakening Ancestral Memories and my most popular recording, The Body Elemental: Healing with Your Body Elemental.

Purchase individual recordings HERE.

Rise of Unconscious-640x640-Payloadz

Other CDs and MP3s also on sale

The Spiritual Transformation Collection
All CDs $9 each; MP3 downloads $5.95 each (sale prices).

▪ The Celtic Mysteries
▪ The Egyptian Mysteries
▪ The Christian Mysteries
▪ The Greek Mysteries
▪ Address from the Earth
The Celtic Mysteries
The Egyptian Mysteries
The Christian Mysteries
The Greek Mysteries
Address from the Earth

The Personal Growth Package
All CDs $9 each; MP3 downloads $5.95 each (sale prices).

▪ Eliminating Negativity
▪ Energy Rebalancing Meditation
▪ Linking Up World Servers
Eliminating Negativity
Energy Rebalancing Meditation
Linking Up World Servers

Ancestor and Family Healing

Our biological and spiritual ancestors are calling us to heal inherited patterns in our blood and spiritual lineage.

Gifts you receive from this self-study e-course:

▪ Free yourself from family issues (addictions, abuse, abandonment) to recover your unique gifts
▪ Meet a spiritual ancestor who wants to work with you
▪ Examine core beliefs (scarcity, money or love issues) & heal at source
▪ Experience past life regression to meet key ancient ancestor
▪ Transform past traumas to love others deeply and fully
Free yourself from family issues (addictions, abuse, abandonment) to recover your unique gifts
Meet a spiritual ancestor who wants to work with you
Examine core beliefs (scarcity, money or love issues) & heal at source
Experience past life regression to meet key ancient ancestor
Transform past traumas to love others deeply and fully

This course is based on my newest book, The High Beings of Hawaii: My Encounters with Mystical Ancestors. In it, I show how our ancestors influence our lives today and how we can contact them for healing.

Read more about the book here.


I'm now back from my extended travels in Europe, and here are some final memories to share with you. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have shared this time with all of you these last two months.

My sincere thanks to Olga Karlsson, organizer of the workshop in Stockholm. Olga has also just published Summer with the Leprechauns in Swedish! (Get your copy here!)

Thank you to Christoph Wasser for organizing the annual meditation retreat at Hensellek, Germany - once again one of the most wonderful highlights of our year at IIT! Thanks also to Werner Braun for creating our heart labyrinth and to Irene Ocklenburg for leading the yoga class.

Thanks so much to Ingrid Mettier and Jorg Hoffman for organizing the Swiss group.

sweden-nature group-1000px

The nature spirits workshop group in Sweden.

sweden-tanis with Olga Karlsson-1000px

Tanis with Olga Karlsson, Swedish workshop organizer.

Hensellek 2019 group-800px

The group at the meditation retreat in Hensellek, Germany.

hensellek-Tanis Christoph-800px

Tanis with Hensellek organizer, Christoph Wasser.

hensellek-Irene Ocklenburg leads yoga800px

Thank you to Irene Ocklenburg for leading the yoga class at Hensellek.

hensellek-Werner Braun created labyrinth-800px

Many thanks to Werner Braun for creating a beautiful heart labyrinth for us to walk.

Switzerland - Tanis w Lloyd doll by Monica-800px

Tanis with Lloyd the leprechaun and Monica Slavici…..who made this felt doll of Lloyd!

Switzerland - group-800px

The Swiss group.

Tanis with Joerg Hoffmann Ingrid Mettier-Switzerland

Tanis with Ingrid Mettier and Jorg Hoffman in Switzerland.


July 14 - 20, 2019 | CANADA | ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!


There is still one more spot available for the program. Accommodation for this last seat will be only minutes from Diamond Heart, in a cabin by the ocean (accommodation at Diamond Heart itself is now full).

CONTACT US TODAY to register: info(at)iitransform.com

For more information on this meditation retreat click HERE.


CAUGHT! Leprechaun or little person? You decide!

Do you have an image of a leprechaun, gnome or another elemental? We would love to add it to the Leprechaun Website.

Send it in to info(at)iitransform.com, or post it on Instagram using the hashtag #tanisleprechaun (remember to make it public) and we'll share it in our next IIT newsletter, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.


Love as always,

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Tanis Helliwell
International Institute for Transformation

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