4-Day Adventure in the Crystal Forest of Arkansas with Mika

September 23-26, 2023

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Greetings all!

As we move into a new paradigm of love and acceptance, we look for allies to support us. Crystals are the tools that have chosen to assist mankind during these times -- they have the ability to reflect, direct and match your resonance in order to help raise your vibration!

In addition to receiving assistance from the Crystal Kingdom, we must acknowledge the ongoing presence of the UFO phenomenon prevalent here on earth for eons of time!

It was said was the consciousness of man wasn’t ready, mainly because of the religious doctrine that was imposed on us during this 3D reality, which has finished! We now look to accept our celestial aliens in recognition of The Galactic Federation that has been overseeing our evolvement through our Free Will. Join us as we explore and welcome their presence here and hopefully get a glimpse of who they are and why they are here!

We will also explore the Sasquatch energy and learn how they travel through portals to exist in a similar dimension we can experience here on earth!

This weekend, dig in the sacred crystal valley, while experiencing the magnetic anomalies that bring you through the door of portal dimensions to assist with the bigger picture of who you are!
See you in September!


Sacred Crystal Dig

Join us on this crystal journey created for everyone, whether you’ve taken a class with Mika before or not. It is going to be an unparalleled weekend of mining and unique experiences.

We will be going on two crystal digs in separate sacred areas of the crystal forest where there are highly concentrated magnetic portals. Both areas are unsurpassed for their magnetic anomalies and the 5th dimensional beings that govern the areas!

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Enjoy Sacred Water

Along the way, we will stop to gather sacred water from the crystal springs that flow through the crystal forest, so bring extra water bottles!

As a bonus, learn how to charge water perfectly with crystals. The key to perfect water is not only the mineral content but the vibration it can hold.

Guy making grid on ground

Dig & Grid

Our digs will be in private pockets in the mines, areas that are offered to only a few people by invitation. You will find spectacular crystals here, and an experience that will be imprinted in you forever!

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Extensive Personal Instruction

Each day, Mika will share teachings on clearing, charging and programming crystals to connect with the crystal devas in the earth plane. On Sunday afternoon, he will offer instruction on healing with crystals and how to use them for gridding.

Mika's focus on Monday will be the UFO phenomenon that is very prevalent here in Arkansas, as well as around the world. He will also offer instruction on Sasquatch energy.

UFO assimilation

Boardcamp Crystal Mine & Talimena Ridge

The drive today takes us to Talimena Ridge on Magnetic Mountain. Then we will explore is the Boardcamp Crystal Mine where research in ongoing into several areas including levitating rocks, ORBs, and Sasquatch sightings that have been documented and investigated by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

Bring your camera for night viewing and possible UFO sightings!


Lake Excursion

On Tuesday, we will embark on a cruise to explore the Crystal islands on Lake Ouachita. Enjoy one of the private islands on the Crystalline waters of Lake Ouachita which is a pristine lake reservoir (second cleanest in the country) that was created by the dam on the river. Many crystal mines were covered over when this lake was formed with hundreds of tiny islands. The lake has a Crystalline energy that is unsurpassed.

Here we will unify and implement a Crystal Grid for planetary access! Swimming and playing in the lake are encouraged.

Mika meets Sasquatch

How to Register

Investment for the full class, $444.
Register now, as space is limited.

Please send $100 deposit via Venmo, PayPal or CashApp.
Sorry no refunds unless canceled by Mika for weather reasons.

Venmo: Mika-Nelson-1
Cash App: $MikaNelson

After you have made your deposit, please register directly with Mika to receive full details:

We will supply all necessary tools and equipment for the digs.
Meals not included. We will stop to pick up lunches, including on Monday at the Wilhelmina Lodge.
Carpooling is encouraged.

More information at Academy for Healing Arts


Your Tour Guide & Crystal Teacher

Mika looking out of stone window

MIKA is recognized worldwide for his excellence in teaching on crystals, energy healing and Magnified Healing. Called "a teacher's teacher and a healer's healer" by many, Mika is a trained Crystal Keeper and Guardian, a Traditional Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, Master Teacher of Magnified Healing and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Mika's teaching ministry includes structured classes in crystal and gemstone therapy under The Academy for Healing Arts, and he has extensive experience with Marcel Vogel techniques. Mika has also lectured on crystals and healing at the United Nations in NYC.
New: Watch a The Vogel Technique for Healing
More information at


Helpful Contacts

Information on Lodging
* Red Roof Inn - Most economical accommodations
* Gold Inn
* Happy Hollow Hot Springs
* Hot Springs Info & Area Hotels
* Air B&B

Information on Transportation
* Shuttle from airport: 501-376-7433
* Resort Shuttle: 501-760-3200
* Uber also serves Hot Springs from the airport

On Saturday evening or Sunday morning you can opt to enjoy a personal private thermal bath, massage, or do some shopping in old Hot Springs, as you like.

Information on Hot Springs Spas/Baths
Book in advance if you want to soak away the aches and pains of crystal digging. Try the thermal baths or have a massage! Links to some popular establishments:
* Hot Springs Spas/Bathhouses - Area public and private bathhouses & spas
* National Park Bathhouses - Historical & present day bathhouses in the National Park
* Blog Compares 2 Popular Baths - Interesting comparison of traditional v. modern, with photos

Other questions: Contact Mika: 954-309-0193 or

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