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I know there is a lot of conflicting sometimes crazy information out there around food, diet, and exercise, eat this not that, everyone has a trick that will take you back 20 years and make you young and skinny again. Coconut oil is good for you, now it bad (that depends on who paid the scientist). You can't even trust what the FDA says because the results have shown that money rules Washington. Look at what was found out 50 years later about the Sugar verses Fat study. What are you suppose to believe........... ?
The truth is, you have to look back to look forward. Do not take any clues from television, ( Have you seen those drug commercials!!). Do some research if you need to on the history of
how your fore-fathers lived and ate. You have to go back a couple of generation and superimpose their healthy eating lifestyle, cows that ate grass, chickens that scratched and eat real corn (non-gmo.) Fruits and vegetables that stayed on the trees or vines until ripe for picking, fish that came from the sea, and lots of beans and root vegetables. The soil was naturally fertilized and food did not come from a can or box. They exercised mostly through the lifestyle they lived. They eat less and talked with each other more. That is the foundation of what we all have to do to do to stay healthy in today's world. It has to be a lifestyle.

Sharon ,
Your Health & Transformation Coach
Diabetic Solution Coach.
Student member Pennsylvania Association of Naturopathic Doctors


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