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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children.” (Nelson Mandela)

I’m sure many of us can recall our childhood as a happy, carefree time with a lot of fun, laughter, playing with friends in the sun, rolling on the grass, making little paper boats that float downstream in the rain, stomping around in puddles, going to school… How grateful we need to be for a happy childhood where we were made to feel secure and loved! Our parents may have had to correct us on occasion, but it was a just discipline. Without the intrusive arm of technology reaching into our warm, cosy homes, we truly connected, one-to-one, and our relationships are stronger for it. We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just thought we were having a lot of fun.

Studies today indicate that early childhood experiences are so important to lifelong outcomes; that our early environment literally becomes embedded in our brain and changes its architecture! Our childhood experiences mould us into the people we are today, impelling our choices, behaviour and attitudes.

That’s why children who have been abandoned or abused by the people they trust, can never ever live the same way after their traumatic experience. Their trust and innocence having being wrenched from them, leaves a gaping hole in their soul. Symptoms like anxiety, depression, aggression and excessive sadness are all responses to the physical, mental and emotional pain that has its roots in the traumatic experiences of childhood.


Current Realities

PPT child pic

We live in the 21st century, a supposedly ultra-modern era, an industrial society characterised by mass production and mass consumption with a complex incarnation of technologies. We can chat face-to-face with anyone anywhere in the world! Our social media accounts are windows through which the whole world can monitor our every thought and move just as we monitor others. Impressive, some would say.

This is also a time of profound change in political, economic and social structures enabling new transitions and advancements. And yet, there appears to be no discernible advancement in matters of the soul – in ethics, morals, principles and values. The fact remains that for all our advancement, innocent, vulnerable children in our country continue to be abandoned and abused, now more than ever – a fact that should make us hang our head in shame. The moral bankruptcy of our so-called “religious” and “cultured” society is now laid bare for the world to see.


Did you know...


...that abuse against the girl child is on the rise? Estimates say that India has 12 million children living with disabilities. According to UN Enable, these children are at a 1.7 times greater risk of being subjected to some form of violence. CRIN (an International Child Rights Network) says that 50% of children with a hearing impairment and 60% of those with an intellectual impairment are sexually abused. Only 1% of children with disabilities have access to school, and 90% will not survive past the age of 20!

So, what are we doing about the situation?

While you ponder this, we’ll illustrate what we are doing here, at Sri Arunodayam, to continue our mission of rescuing, safeguarding and upholding the rights of abandoned children with intellectual disabilities (ID). A little love and genuine kindness is all it takes to restore a bruised and hurting soul.

Care to join us on our quest to make India a safer place for vulnerable children? If yes, read on.


We are building a new home for 100 orphaned girls, and we need all the help we can get!

new home architects view

Architect's illustration of the new home

Truth be told, we had a very difficult time with the local governing bodies to get approvals for this project. Our guiding principles do not allow us to indulge in practices such as bribing, and this uncompromising stand has had its repercussions. After a year’s delay, the project finally commenced with the laying of the pile foundation on August 28, 2019.

This new 10,000 sq.ft. residential cum rehabilitation home will be fully equipped with a medical center, physiotherapy and special education class rooms, a vocational training center, and other living requisites such as dormitories, restrooms, a centralized kitchen/pantry and dining room, and a garden recreation space. It is situated on the shore of a small lake, so pile foundations or deep foundations are absolutely critical. 74 large columns made from steel and reinforced concrete have already been laid since August 28. The next step involves pile capping where beams will be laid over the 74 columns to reinforce the entire structure so that it remains for all posterity.


The construction cost alone exceeds INR 2 crores 50 lakhs. In addition, we have to raise funds to furnish the home with the latest rehabilitation equipment that will give the children a shot at leading a near-normal life.

If you find it in your heart to donate to this worthy project...

1. Do visit our project page and donate online via a secure payment gateway.
2. For more payment options, click here
3. To know more about this project and help us campaign for much-needed funds, please call our office on the numbers below.
1. Do visit our project page and donate online via a secure payment gateway.
2. For more payment options, click here
3. To know more about this project and help us campaign for much-needed funds, please call our office on the numbers below.

Thank you for believing in our cause. We will keep you posted on the project’s progress through regular reports with photographic evidence.

As our partner, you have a wonderful opportunity of becoming a foster parent to 100 orphaned little girls, leaving a legacy of love for all time.
Do seize that opportunity today!

SA Girls Home 1

August 28, 2019 - work commences!

SA Girls Home 3
SA Girls Home 2
SA Girls Home 4
SA Girls Home 10

September 10, 2019 - pile foundation work in progress. 74 piles laid till date.

SA Girls Home 12

Sri Arunodayam is a secular organization with zero tolerance for discrimination against children regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity, disability or gender.


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