Message From Bill Why do you read this newsletter? Are you finally ready to take a Lifetime Class (

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Message From Bill

Why do you read this newsletter? Are you finally ready to take a Lifetime Class? Have you been wanting to come back and see a Student Showcase? Are you ready to take a Stage 2 class in Scenework?

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Scene Work - Philosophy of a Scene

How do you like to play? If you’re looking for a fun class where you’ll do great focused scene work, then sign up now for this 4 week class. Relax and enjoy uninterrupted and solid work. You can grow stronger as an improviser, and you'll learn about the "Law of Choice."

This 4 Week Scene Work class is taught by INNY Award-Winning Improv Coach Bill Chott (The Ringer/Wizards of Waverly Place) and Samantha Chott (iO West's Walk of Shame/Red Coat Presidents)

BONUS: You'll get a worksheet that details a process you can apply to any scene to uncover what's not being said, things to look for and things to listen for.

New Lifetime Class

Are you ready to join the next Lifetime Class? Be sure to sign up below to take our introductory class! It's a perfect way to start improv and the best possible introduction to The Improv Trick.

Monthly Comedy Grab Bag

You'll love this classic Second City scene with Bill Murray. Sketches at The Second City are written using improv. Click HERE to see some comedy history.

Variety posted a great article by Alan Zweibel from SNL on the beginnings of It's Garry Shandlings Show. Click HERE to discover more.

Brag List

CHECK OUT IT Instructor and Lifetimer BJ Lange sporting his hobbies at the AOPA Chino Fly-In last week covering the food trucks! Click HERE to view. Fast forward to 11 minutes in to see BJ.

Magan Wiles is currently playing Mayella Ewell in TKAMB at Tony-award winning Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. She also produced/acted in Bloody Mary which will be released free on Vimeo soon after playing 18 festivals around the world. Quasi-sequel Sucklepump has been accepted into 3 festivals as well. You can an see trailers and more info on both on

Do you have a brag to share? Email us at and we'll put it in the next monthly newsletter.

Student Showcase this Sunday!!!!

Our Free class this Sunday is sold out...BUT...There are still seats available for our Student Showcase this Sunday at 1pm! Get ready for a really fun time. Join us for a round of freeze tag at the end of the showcase!

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