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The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada will be at the Montreal Vegan Festival again this year!

Montreal, October 18, 2018- We are pleased to announce that the Society for the Protection of Animals Canada (SPA Canada) will join the 2018 Montreal Vegan Festival, where animal lovers and advocates can gather and exchange with SPA Canada on its work, animal rights issues and veganism.
SPA Canada is Canada's biggest non-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness and educating people on respecting animals. The organization was founded by supporters of animal welfare and counts on a team of volunteers to accomplish its mission. Since its inception, the SPA directs its focus on three major campaigns: closing of puppy mills, the revision of federal legislation on animal protection and raising public awareness on animal abuse.

The vegan lifestyle has always been central to the values our organization promotes. "Becoming a vegan is the single most important thing you can do to help animals!", explained Gabriel Villeneuve, Campaigns Director for SPA Canada. Without realizing, we support many industries that rely on and cause suffering to animals. Becoming a vegan in 2018 is very easy to do, with many options for food, clothing, entertainment and cosmetic and household items. The Montreal Vegan Festival is the ideal place to learn about options available for people who no longer want to support animal cruelty, and in very simple ways. Whether you're a novice, a movement veteran, or just curious, SPA Canada is an indispensable resource to be informed on all subjects vegan.

At the festival, we will be selling merchandise promoting the organization and animal rights to finance SPA Canada's activities. Those interested can sign up to become a member, sign petitions, add their contact information to information lists, apply to the financial aid program for animal rights activism projects or just come by our kiosk to speak with representatives.

"Whether it's for ecological reasons, health, or animals ethics, becoming a vegan is no longer a choice, but a necessity for everyone!" asserts Mr Villeneuve. Entry is free, so there is no excuse not to come down, get informed, and mingle.


SPA Canada will be pleased to provide media interviews.
For more information, please contact :

1-877-630-NEWS (6397) or media@spacanada.org

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