Spring 2016: Updates for Coaches In this month's issue of the Minnesota League Coaches News: \* 2016 Racing Format Changes \* Updated 2016 Race Sch

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Spring 2016: Updates for Coaches

In this month's issue of the Minnesota League Coaches News:
* 2016 Racing Format Changes
* Updated 2016 Race Schedule
* Leaders' Summit Approaches
* Important Dates and Required Forms
* Support our sponsors!
* Share your stories
* Our core values

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Get ready for an exciting 2016 Minnesota High School League race season!

2016 Racing Format

This is a summary of what will be communicated to the entire league via an email before 1 April and the League Website.

A description of the race season for a team (4 weeks of single day racing, followed by a two day State Championship Race). The League will actually stage 5 single day races.
A statement that the Coach is the go-to person to field any questions that may arise on the 2016 race season.
The concept of “off” weeks – where a team has a “bye” week, and how the “off” weeks will be determined.
The details of how “Off” weeks will be determined, including team selection, late team registrations, new teams, and independent racers and the rules that apply.
The implications of the “Off” week for “Call” ups and Leader Jerseys.

Your role as coach in determining “off” weeks.

The team will need to determine the “off” week preferences for themselves, their racers, and the supporting families. A single coach from your team will be responsible for prioritizing “Off” weeks for their team, so the team will need to ensure that the highest ranking coach is designated on the team list. Starting May 1, the designated coach for the team will be invited to register the team’s “off” week preferences. Instructions will be provided when “off” week preference ranking begins

Background of 'Off' Weeks

For the past four years, the Minnesota High School Cycling League has grown beyond expectations and even more riders are anticipated for the upcoming 2016 season. The 2015 season was bursting at the seams during some of the races, specifically with the Boys Freshman and Junior Varsity waves. While some other state leagues have begun ‘Two Day Racing’ to support their growth, Minnesota needed a solution that fits our riders, teams, racers’ families and the League.

A volunteer committee consisting of a widely representative cross section of coaches, student athletes and League core staff was created to address the issue. Their mandate was to create a solution that reduced the number of racers in individual waves while respecting the race weekend time commitments of the volunteers and the families of racers.
The committee crafted what we feel is a unique, outstanding solution - that retains both the safety of our student athletes and ensures a quality racing experience, to continue to fulfill our mission of “more kids on bikes”.
This solution can be scaled to support 2000 racers.

Please visit the MN League website for more details.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 6.23.48 PM

Mt Kato in Mankato, Mn will host 2016 Minnesota League Championship.

2016 Race Schedule

Regular League Season:
9/11 - Austin
9/18 - St. Cloud
10/2 - Game Haven
10/9 - Duluth
10/16 - White Tail Ridge

Team Season is 4 of the 5 races.

State Championship:
10/29-30 - Mt. Kato

All teams and all racers participate in the State Championship.

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We have 2 days of need to know information planned at the 2016 Leaders' Summit.

2016 Leaders' Summit

When: Saturday April 16th and Sunday 17th, 2016; doors open at 8:30am each day.

Where: Quality Bike Products (QBP)
6400 W 105th St, Bloomington, MN 55438

Register now!

The date approaches!
The MN High School Cycling League brings together coaches, assistant coaches, ride leaders, and parent volunteers—both new and experienced—to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies, and build community.

Learn more about the 2016 MN League Leaders' Summit.

Required Pre-requisites
Here are the links to the webinars required for the Leaders' Summit:

Risk Management: watch the webinar now!

Coach Licensing and Registration: watch the webinar now!

Concussion Training: All coaches and ride leaders, new and returning need annual CDC Concussion training certification. You can register for this training on the CDC website. A fee is required.

CPR/Wilderness First Aid Certification
As of this email your immediate options are to register for one of the courses offered in Wisconsin.
Friday, April 1st 2016, Hayward WI
Saturday, April 2nd 2016, Pewaukee WI


Important Dates and Forms

Pre-Season opening: 1 April 2016
Pit Zone opening: Is now open!
Pre-season activity forms: can be found on the "Coaches Resources" page of our website. Remember that MN League teams are limited to 6 Preseason Activities through May and June.
The regular Fall season begins July 1st.

Preseason activities must also be listed on the Preseason Activity Form. This form, once completed, should be emailed to League Director Josh Kleve. Hard practices, such as time trials, interval training, etc. are not allowed during the Preseason. Fun rides, low speed training rides, and fundraising activities such as hosting a showing of Singletrack High are recommended Preseason Activities. Questions about Preseason Activities can be emailed to NICA Coaching Director Bruce Martens.

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Adventure, Friendship, Skills Development, and More!

Make this camp your team retreat! Register your team now!

Two years in development, this Summer Camp at Cuyuna will be an experience of a lifetime! From expert instructors to the best camp facilities in the region, Minnesota Rider Development Summer Camps are the perfect place for kids to have big time summer fun, develop a love for mountain biking, and challenge themselves in a healthy, supportive environment. Instruction focuses on proper nutrition, ride preparation, fitness, trail etiquette and safety, mountain bike techniques (climbing, descending, obstacles, and proper fit), and strategies for developing speed and efficiency. . Minnesota Rider Development camps offer a customized experience that will peak every young rider’s interest. This amazing camp experience offers participants:
• Mountain Biking
• Presentations
• Hiking
• Games
• Traditional Camp Experience
Each evening, we bring all the kids back together at True North Base Camp for camp-wide games, adventures, team-building and traditional summer camp fun.
We're offering three camp sessions in 2016:

June 12th – June 15th
July 17th – July 20th
August 14th – August 17th

Age Groups: 13-18 years (grades 7 – 12) Experience: None.

All levels of mountain bike experience welcome.
Lodging: 3 nights in tents at True North Base Camp
Includes: Secure private campsites, food, activities, facilities, water bottle and camp t-shirt.
Price: $349 if registered before May 1st, $399 if registered after May 1st.

Secure your spot now!



Please support our sponsors!

Please take a minute to review our growing list of national and local sponsors (see image below). When considering a purchase, be sure to visit and thank our sponsors for their support. Please encourage them to continue to support our student athletes as they learn life lessons about being part of something as special as cycling. VIEW ALL MN LEAGUE SPONSORS

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We love it when our racers finish with a smile! Photo courtesy of TMBImages.com

Let us share your stories!

Do you have kids that exemplify the NICA Core Values in unique ways? Send a jpeg and some text and we'll share their story on social media. Please forward to rayl@minnesotamtb.org team numbers, achievements or stories you feel will interest our audience of riders, parents, and sponsors. Post your stories as well on your team's social media channels as well. Use hashtags and @mentions to make sure your posts are seen.

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NICA's Five Core Values

Inclusivity: no bench-warmers, every finish counts
Equality: no try-outs; everyone rides
Strong Body: lifelong fitness and good health start here
Strong Mind: NICA student-athletes are students first
Strong Character: work hard, play fair, respect others and the community



As always, check the MN League web site: www.minnesotamtb.org for more information. Questions can be directed to MN League Director Josh Kleve at joshua@minnesotamtb.org or NICA Coaching Director Bruce Martens at Bruce@nationalmtb.org. Please direct sponsorship inquiries to Tim Walsh at .

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