January 25th, 2020

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Following is the complete text from our most recent prophetic release for Canada.



We have not only crossed into a new decade, but we have also crossed over into an entirely new era of upgrade where everything changes.

2020 will be a year of glorious changes. Change is a guarantee in life, but the “glorious” factor is not. As we position ourselves in love and unity, the oil from heaven will be released over us, birthing glorious changes. (Is. 61:3 & Ps. 133)

Coming out of the past season, there have been some who have experienced broken dreams, have taken wrong turns or have been mourning wasted years. The Spirit is saying, “You can change!” This is a year with a new grace released to get on track with Jesus. How we do church, how we do ministry and how we engage with the world around us must not be framed by the defaults of the old season because they will not yield the same fruit as they had in the past. Many attitudes and indulgences of the flesh from previous seasons cannot be tolerated in what we are presently entering. As we shift more deeply into the fear of the Lord, we must be far more careful to walk softly.

A large part of this "getting back on track" for many will have to do with restoring hunger and a fresh passion to pursue God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength. He is wanting to renew first love in this season to strengthen us and anchor us for what is to come.

Part of the new era shift we are experiencing will transition how we relate to one another. In this season in Canada, there will be a galvanization of relationships for a great advancing. Some, who have been connected together in the past, will feel a heightened call to gather intentionally throughout the year with a strategic focus. Senior leadership in ministry, in both the church and the marketplace will move in unity to apply creative solutions to increasingly heightened problems, effectively making headway by enforcing peace over the chaos.


In 1979, when Bob Jones died and was before the Lord, one of the things the Lord spoke to him was as follows:

“I’m going to bring one billion youth to myself in one of the greatest awakenings of all time. I’m going to glorify myself beyond anything that’s ever happened, and everything that’s ever been done in Scripture, I’m going to repeat it thousands and thousands of times.” Bob would often speak of this encounter of the billion-soul harvest, and he would say, “I believe it will begin in the year of 2020.”

Steve Witt saw in 1985 that 2020 was going to be a significant year.

Kenneth Copeland shared that the Lord spoke to him about 2020 in an unprecedented way. He was shown there would be a great move of the Spirit, especially among the young - a new Jesus Movement birthed in our time.

2020 is the 153rd year since Canada’s Confederation. In the year of Canada’s 153rd birthday, the voice of the church will be used to call in the harvest of John 21 and we will begin to see the manifestation of the 153 fish miracle.

In 2019, we anticipated a season where God was going to anoint a whole new wave of evangelists, those who would give themselves to evangelism as a vocation. This trend will continue in 2020, providing opportunity for the organized church to support and to provide backing (including financially) to these emerging evangelists. There will be a renewed commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

In 2020, salvations will be seen from very unexpected people groups within the culture, leading to an increase of transformation within society. Many new believers will catch an immediate fire for evangelism as well as transformation and they will have a tremendous impact within their spheres of influence. What has happened with Kanye West will continue to ripple and other next generation influencers will also be anointed to proclaim the gospel with boldness. The call of the Spirit to those who have been in Christ for years will be to pray, encourage, and come alongside these next generation believers. When we see God anointing unconventional vessels, we must resist the urge to criticize that which we don’t understand and instead, bless and give thanks to God for the move of His Spirit that is breaking out through these chosen ones.

Much of the greatest move of harvest and transformation in our nation will be through the business sphere and through youth and young adult led movements on campuses. There is a call to pray for both these groups of people. Let us pray for a massive outbreak of the Holy Spirit's fire to be released through them in power.


Exodus 23:28-30 is a strong verse for spheres in our nation where ungodly influences have been entrenched. It says,

"I will send the hornet ahead of you to drive the Hivites, Canaanites and Hittites out of your way. But I will not drive them out in a single year, because the land would become desolate and the wild animals too numerous for you. Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land."

A new group of forerunners have been commissioned into some of our nation's most challenging frontiers in recent years and months. They are making headway as true pioneers and preparing the way for others to follow in this season for our nation. The forerunners do their part but they alone cannot cause territory to be fully occupied. There is an 'increasing' that the Holy Spirit is calling for in the church in Canada.

This increasing has to do with coming out of shells and Christian subcultures into the main fray of some of the most challenging spheres of our nation. As the church does this, there will be massive shift in spheres in our nation but it requires engagement both in prayer and in practical ways. This is a season to add feet to our prayers in ways we have not done before. This is also where the apostolic and prophetic will meet in a powerful way in this season. This word is not for just one or two, but God is looking for an 'increase' in Canada through every person in the Body taking their place. This will be uncomfortable for those who have been conditioned into self focused, entertainment oriented, expressions of their faith in the past season.


The voice is coming back to the church this year.

2020 is the year to see more, hear more and to release more. A people prepared in God’s secret place are emerging into the “seen” place. Greater revelation will release a greater faith and the spirit of prophecy will be unleashed in a new measure. Declarations will shift atmospheres and set plans and assignments in motion that have remained dormant (even past due). Boldness and a refusal to be intimidated by a spirit of fear will come like a roar. It will fuel breakthroughs and the resulting fresh, divine encounters will impact many situations and spheres outside the walls of the organized church.

Isaiah 48:6-7 (ESV)

"From this time forth I announce to you new things, hidden things that you have not known. They are created now, not long ago; before today you have never heard of them..."

That which has been hidden, will be seen. Mysteries of the ages will be revealed by the sovereign Lord and new things shall be created (invented) releasing a greater dimension of God’s glory. The words which He is releasing will be quickly fulfilled, the speed will often take us by surprise.

As believers step up to a new level of releasing their sound, shockwaves will reverberate bringing devastation to the enemies’ communications capabilities, literally setting them back, up to three generations.

Many pastors in particular are coming into a new place of leadership boldness even now.


Many in the Body of Christ who have been through seasons of intense warfare will experience tangible healing in their hearts and lives this year.

A 20/20 hindsight will give a fresh insight which will facilitate a healing and a resolution within our personal journeys. We will be able to look backwards with fresh eyes to reframe situations that were difficult, to reclaim where we have encountered losses and to reposition where we experienced relational dysfunctions. There will be a grace to repent and a courage to course correct. Bridges will be built, estrangements will be dissolved and new networks will emerge.

The beauty of humility is coming into view and with it, access to the presence of the Lord in an unheard of measure. As humility gives access to all who embrace it, many will draw near. God faithfully showers grace on the humble and in turn, this grace will open new doors of opportunity. The deep secret power and access to the Kingdom of Heaven afforded by humility will increase significantly. No longer mistaken for weakness, meekness will take on a glow, an attraction, a wonderful air and the beauty that it deserves.

As we continually consecrate ourselves and draw near to Him, who is the source of all power; both miracles of healing and provision will flow. We must continue to keep our hearts open, seeking and hungry.


There are Simeon’s and Anna’s across the land who have heard from the Lord that they will see the promises of God fulfilled in their lifetime. The older generation has persevered in fasting and prayer for the plans of God and they have refused to let go of what they have been shown.

There is an honour and a reward coming to these “carriers of the promise.” The days of isolation and alienation and even loneliness in carrying the promises of God are coming to the point of fulfillment. In this season, many will see the early stages of what they have believed for, longed for and prayed for start to come to pass in their generations.


There is a call to a deeper holiness and purity that is going to sweep through the Body of Christ. Our eyes will see the beauty of Jesus’s holiness and this irresistible brilliance will cause us to “hate every evil way.” There will be a powerful grace for deep repentance and as we press into it, we’ll see laid bare, the hidden motivations of our hearts that have held back what He could do through us or entrust us with. It’s an exciting time where repentance won’t be a show, nor will it be religious works, but it will be a response to the Spirit’s life-giving prodding.
The Lord is about to pour out the new wine - the increased level of revelation, anointing, fire, signs, wonders and revival. But the preparation of the wineskin has to do with the preparation of the heart. A heart that burns for Jesus in passionate love is also a heart that longs for purity and holiness. A greater purity will release a tremendous deliverance anointing.

Rev. 22:14

“Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates.”

Much of the battle for Canada centres around truth. Godly foundations and benchmarks will be established as the body uncovers and then stands on His eternal truths. Isaiah 60 will unfold – a deep darkness will be seen on the earth but also a greater glory covering the earth and His people.

The days ahead of us are going to be more glorious than anything we have known, and even more than we have dreamt. It is time to give every effort into stewarding our gifts, opportunities and functions for the kingdom, and for the glory of God.



Kelowna has been called “The Eagle’s Nest of Canada” because so many strong, prophetic ministries have been birthed out of this city over the years. But between the religiosity in the church, and increasing governmental intimidation, a true, bold prophetic witness from the Body of Christ has largely fallen silent. Meanwhile, our nations continues to decay.

No more.

On February 20 (2-20-20) we are calling the nation to Kelowna to contend for 2 Chronicles 20:20: “Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.” While the prophetic gift has always been attacked in Canada, a new generation of eagles is rising again. From east to west, from St. John to Kelowna, now is the time to gather apostolic and prophetic mothers and fathers to commission a new generation with strength.

For Canada. For Destiny. For Harvest.



Canadian: The CPC seeks to serve the the nation of Canada through prophetic words that speak both to believers and to the nation in general. The focus of the CPC is national.

Prophetic: The CPC is a group of recognized national prophetic voices. Though many members of the CPC function in other giftings as well, when the CPC meets the primary purpose is to hear the word of the Lord prophetically.

Council: The CPC believes that there is wisdom in the multitude of council and that each person prophesies in part. Given this, we believe that as mature leaders come together in relationship, humility and mutual submission to seek heaven’s word for Canada, a higher quality revelation can come forth.

The CPC does not claim to be the only prophetic voice to our nation but rather is one of the representations of the prophetic in Canada.

This release is not meant to be exhaustive or cover every important issue for our nation at this time. Rather this is a sampling of the words that the CPC felt to release publicly right now.

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