Next Foundation meeting Sept 28th 2pm Our next Foundation of Women in Hip Hop meeting is Sunday September 28th 2pm-4pm @ Wholefoods in Midtown Detro

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Next Foundation meeting Sept 28th 2pm

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Our next Foundation of Women in Hip Hop meeting is Sunday September 28th 2pm-4pm @ Wholefoods in Midtown Detroit.

FYI: Wholefoods has a Community room available to use for free. (Thank You Maya for the info)
Heather Schember
Marketing & Community Relations Specialist
Whole Foods Market Midtown-Detroit
115 Mack Ave.
Detroit, MI. 48201

Agenda Items:

• Fine tune the Principles & short description.

• Establish committees for various upcoming projects and events

• Assign duties and responsibilities

• Establish meeting dates and frequency.

• Establish Frequency of open mic event

• Establish Start date of open mic event

• Establish Place to hold open mic event (Mix is an option)

• Establish a consistent practice schedule & place for performances and workshops

• Establish a consistent schedule for professional development and skill sharing

• Establish consistent sponsors & revenue generation plan to fund features for events.

• Record material for a group project release May 2015

• Establish exchange between other Women in Hip Hop organizations (we currently have relationships with She's So Fresh in NYC, Bold Def & So Fresh in NYC, I Still Love HER in Chicago)

• Establish our Youth & community outreach component

Women in Hip Hop Conference:
We will collaborate with SASHA Center to have The Foundation Anniversary in May at Marygrove College as a Women in Hip Hop Conference (we need people to step up to be a part of that committee).

Please email your upcoming news, releases, and events to:
We'd like to put them in our calendar and of course highlight and promote the wonderful work you're doing.



Dear Foundation Family,

There is a big decision by the Federal Communications Commission coming up regarding Net Neutrality, which could drastically impair our communities ability to use the Internet in all the ways that our communities currently use it -- whether to organize against water shut-offs, or promote Discotechs, or expose environmental racism.

AMP was asked to sign on to two different statements regarding Net Neutrality. We (The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop) signed on. The first statement is from a broad range of feminist groups articulating the negative impact that the end of Net Neutrality would have on women and girls. The second is a statement prepared by the National Hispanic Media Coalition in response to some of the comments that were filed in opposition to Net Neutrality.

Here is a primer on the issue for anyone who wants more background information.

Please review and reply with your thoughts! The deadline to sign on is Monday at 10am (Today).

(Originally from Jenny Lee)

Letter on Net Neutrality to Commissioners Clyburn & Rosenworcel
September 15, 2014

Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th St. SW
Washington, DC 20554

Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th St. SW
Washington, DC 20554

Dear Commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel:

As two key women leaders at the Federal Communications Commission, you have a unique role to play in decisions the agency makes about the future of Internet access.

We represent millions of women of color, white women and people of color around the country who believe that the open Internet plays an essential role in our lives – and we are asking you to protect Net Neutrality.

Millions of people – including so many women – have contacted the FCC about the issue. That outpouring of passion about the Internet and our media system is exciting, because it shows Americans truly care about the future of these vital communications platforms. Throughout the Open Internet rulemaking proceeding, we have been impressed by your leadership, your engagement with the public and your thoughtful consideration of the comments from so many of our constituents.

Now, we need your help to ensure that real Net Neutrality is the law of the land. Women and girls around the country are depending on you to help us make sure that the Internet remains a level playing field so we can express ourselves in our own voices without gatekeepers, increased fees, or Internet slowdowns getting in the way. We need an open Internet so that we can organize and connect for political action and civic engagement; access vital news and information that is not available in the mainstream, corporate media, and ensure that women-led small businesses, creative endeavors, and innovations can flourish.

Without Net Neutrality, women’s and girls’ voices online will be threatened and silenced. Already, our so-called “mainstream” media’s structural inequality continually leaves women and girls out. The Women’s Media Center’s consistently dismal findings about women’s representation in the media affirms this sad truth. Especially affected by these structural inequalities are women and girls of color, trans women, queer women, and indigenous women (to name a few), who are regularly attacked and objectified by major media when they’re not completely ignored and erased from our screens and speakers. Having rich white men in charge of media and media policy has only made major media richer, whiter, and full of men — shocker. Now they want to takeover the Internet. What could possibly go wrong?
In a word: everything. The Internet is one of the few places where independent media can thrive, providing a place for all women and girls to tell our stories in our words on our own terms, free from the censorship and control of media conglomerates. The FCC’s current proposal for new Open Internet rules would not only threaten Internet users’ free and easy access to independent voices and viewpoints. That proposal would also give ISPs power to control and censor women’s and girls’ speech online.

And the threat is twofold: we use the web to organize and to fight for change outside of it. The Internet allows us to spread messages farther than our feet could take us, make ideas louder than our voices can shout, and stand together on the same ground though we are miles apart. But our access to the Internet and these organizing tools comes from big cable and phone companies. In the fight for media justice, we cannot let the powerful interests that we fight against have authority over the tools we use to fight them. Silencing dissenting voices would be easier than ever — and legal — under these proposed rules.

This moment, right now, is crucial. Justice for women and girls in its many forms is dependent on the ability to share information, ideas, and experiences freely. That is why we are standing up for women and girls across the country. Please scrap the Chairman’s proposed rule and stand up for real Net Neutrality. We are depending on you.


Women, Action & the Media (WAM!)
Adios Barbie
Bitch Media
Center for Media Justice
Common Cause
Crunk Feminist Collective
Everyday Feminism
Fem 2.0
Feminist Majority Foundation
Feminist Peace Network
Forward Together
Free Press
ImMEDIAte Justice
Know Your IX
Media Literacy Project
Media Equity Collaborative
NCWO Media & Technology Task Force
National Council of Women's Organizations
National Organization of Women (NOW)
New Moon For Girls
Our Bodies, Our Selves
RH/Reality Check
She Writes
The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop
Third Wave Foundation
Trixie Films
Turning Anger Into Change
URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equality
Waves of Change (Deep Dish Network)
Women in Film and Video
Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press
Women in Media & News
Women’s Media Center

Open Internet: Voices for Internet Freedom Reply Comments

Below please find the core arguments that will be made in the Voices for Internet Freedom Reply Comments. Our hope is that providing a summary of our core arguments will allow you to sign onto our comments in advance of the deadline.
1. There is no evidence that utilizing Title II authority to establish strong open Internet rules will harm investment in broadband networks.

(a) Historically, Title II has not hampered investment.

(b) Title II is the only way to establish rules similar to the 2010 rules - which the DC Circuit recognized as being crucial to protecting the virtuous cycle of innovation that drives investment.

1. There is no evidence that suggests that strong Open Internet rules under Title II would slow broadband adoption by people of color.
2. There is overwhelming support in the record for mobile providers to be subject to the same rules as fixed providers. The FCC should take heed and abandon plans to refrain from applying rules equally to mobile ISPs.


Spotlight Series Looking for a Feature @TheJazzCafe

Detroit Events is looking for a Featured Artist for their next Spotlight, a quarterly series at the Jazz Café on 12/10/14 to perform for abt 20-30 min to close the show.

There is no monetary compensation for Featuring as this event is set-up like an open mic. However, They will supply sound, dj and live band if needed.

Ndidika Vernon
Detroit Events Team
"LIKE" us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter @detevents


5 Elements of HIPHOP! Peer-Support Group Series

A Confidential Peer-Support Group Series

This focus of this group is to provide a space for women to come together and talk about their portrayal in hip hop.

September 10th-thru-October 29th

Occurring Dates:


TIME: 6pm-8pm

Registration Deadline Date: MONDAY, September 8, 2014

Held at: Marygrove College- 8425 West McNichols Rd., Detroit, MI 48221

~Women must call and register before the start date~

Call 1-888-865-7055 for more information & to register today!

Pre-registration required!


Come Represent The Foundation @ DElectricity

• Come be a part of DLECTRICITY as a part of the Knight Foundation Grant we were awarded. 4 shows Taking place @ The Charles H Wright Museum: Fri. Sept 26 & Sat. Sept. 27 8pm & 10pm both days.

Please Come Represent The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop!!!

Cultural collision may be translated as a challenge or an asset of a city. Citizens interpret and amplify their interaction into deeper conflict, or vibrant community. Emphasizing the potential for cultural collision to produce community engagement, The Hyper Interactive Hip Hop Carnival is a participatory event that combines the talent, creativity, and innovation of three unique Detroit cultures: the hackers and tinkerers of DIY Making, the creators of Caribbean Mardi Gras parades, and the musical, visual, and performing artists of Hip Hop.

Led by maker Jeff Sturges of the Mt Elliott Makerspace, designer/artist Ralph Taylor of Caribbean Mardi Gras Productions, artist Sicari Ware of 5e Gallery, and artist/facilitator Piper Carter of The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop, The Hyper Interactive Hip Hop Carnival catalyzes the energy of their inter-generational communities to create an experience of elegance in costume design, amazement in interactive technology, and inspiration in performance unlike anything seen, heard, and felt ever before.




Pillow Fight Event Friday October 17th

For this year's PURE Purple event, we're doing something completely different.

On Friday, October 17th, Mahogany's PURE Movement is hosting a PURE Purple Soiree Masked Party at Drive Table Tennis Social Club. It's more party then program and is really just a fundraiser for Handbags for Hope, a local nonprofit that serves domestic violence shelters around the Metro area.

On Saturday, PURE Movement and P.O.S.itive Native Initiative are hosting a Public Pillow Fight. The Pillow Fight is going to have more program-like features and we see The Foundation as one of the presenting organizations with POSitive Native and PURE Movement. Consuela, I know this is all news to you, but we'd love for BombaRica to be a presenting org as well.

AND we're looking for sponsors for everything. There's 15% commission for anyone who sells a sponsorship package.

We're asking pillow fight attendees to donate to the YWCA Interim House, the only domestic violence shelter in the city. At both events we're asking people to donate used cell phones for Verizon Wireless HopeLine which provides free, prepaid cell phones for victims fleeing domestic violence. Both events are considered official cell phone drive events.

Twitter: @APureMovement
Twitter: @GetJayne
Direct: (248) 919-8GET(438)
Cell: 248-636-6450
Skype: Jayne.Marie.Smith


Fall Vintage Masquerade Marketplace Sat. Oct. 25

Title: Fall Vintage Masquerade Marketplace

Theme: Masquerade (Vendors will be in Costume, Guest will be encouraged to dress up as well)

Date: Saturday, October 25, 2014

Location: Private Loft in the Eastern Market

The Marketplace will feature 6-8 vintage and or specialty vendors. The Marketplace will be open between 12pm-8pm. This is the time for guest to shop with vendors in a more intimate way, have conversations about vintage or life. Our Spring Marketplace featured an interactive styling showcase that allowed guest to talk to models dressed in vintage styles about the looks they were showcasing.

At the Summer Marketplace we allowed guest to style one of our mannequins for a chance to win prizes. For the Fall Marketplace we are planning something interactive for the guest. It will more then likely be a best dressed costume/ masquerade contest.

We will close the Marketplace with a Fashion Show followed by an after party.

Najah N.V.L. Detroit

About Nora's Vintage Loft

Nora's Vintage Loft has been producing Marketplaces every season starting this past spring, 2014. The Marketplace has a vintage focus, organizing several different vintage dealers as well as specialty dealers. Aside from the Marketplace there are styling segments to show guest how they do vintage.<-

Najah started a company in 2005 called Bright Star Entertainment after moving back to Detroit. Through this company she produced fashion shows featuring local designers and stores at art galleries like The CAID and 4731. Her business also included marketing and event planning for other small business including, salons, clubs and their largest client Forman Mills.

Najah continued working in events and marketing over the years in many different capacities and opened Norah's Vintage Loft in 2012.

Present Day, Norah's Vintage Loft has become a platform that allows Najah to do everything under one "roof". Vintage is her love and she is able to grow in it by incorporating event planning and marketing skills to promote her business and create a network of other vintage dealers and creators. N.V.L. is actually an acronym for Najah's Versatile Lifestyle since what she does reflects her lifestyle and she has to be versatile in it.


SASHA Center + Marygrove College collaborate to discuss Intimate Partner Violence!


On Monday, October 27, 2014 from 6-8pm join us at Marygrove College in the Main Dining Hall of the Madame Cadillac Building to hear a panel of men advocates discuss intimate partner violence.

Organizations that would like to have a free display table call 313-927-1484. Space is limited and we give priority to Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault agencies, no vending allowed, information only tables are available.

It is imperative that we provide opportunities for community members, students, staff, faculty and local organizations to get together and discuss intimate partner violence.

We use Domestic Violence Awareness Month to become aware of the impact of relationship violence within our communities. We also know that non-battering men can be very instrumental in stopping intimate partner violence if given the opportunity to share their stories and expertise in being non-violent in their own relationships and passing on their wisdom to other men.

Therefore, Marygrove College is hosting our annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month event for students, faculty, staff and the community to raise awareness, acknowledge survivors/victims of sexual assault/intimate violence and suggest solutions to the problem.

Our goal is to dispel myths and provide a forum with honest dialogue among ourselves-with men leading the way!
Special guests have been invited!!!

The Marygrove College Social Work Department, The Women’s Center, and SASHA Center will host a reflective evening to educate, inspire and provide support to survivors/victims/all persons affected by sexual assault and domestic violence.


On our campus there will be Purple Ribbon Campaign, Domestic Violence Dinner Table Display and The Clothesline Project -honoring those lives that have been impacted by Domestic Violence for the entire month of October.

This is a coordinated activity for the purpose of engaging our students and community and supporting those who may be currently in a violent relationship or recovering from one.

Kalimah Johnson:


CreativeMornings/Detroit! Looking for New Host:

CreativeMornings/Detroit host volunteer opportunity is open for someone to take on responsibilities! If you or anyone you know might be interested in continuing this chapter, please feel free to pass along this link:

If you would also like to spread the word, feel free to do so.
Melissa Hill


About The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop

foundation email banner logo sm

We founded a collective and event called "The Foundation" dedicated to Celebrating Women in Hip Hop to raise awareness of Women Artists, Emcees, Producers, Film Makers, B-Girls, Graffiti Writers, etc. that's been consistently going strong since May 2009.

We support each other by meeting to organize, workshop, strategize, discuss issues, strengthen skills through artist development, attend each others events, collaborate on each others' projects, and connect as Family.

Encouraging freedom of expression, healthy competition, independent thought, & positive self-identity, we focus on redefining the vital role of Women in Hip Hop.
Our mission is to educate and empower the community using Hip Hop as a medium to share love through the arts, inspire change and growth, build leadership, and influence the perceptions and roles of Women for current and future generations, shifting the culture to a healthier environment.

The Foundation brings international, national and local girls and Women together in Detroit through music, dance, visual & performing arts, fashion, film, with emphasis on Hip Hop specific media: Open Mic, Freestyle Cipher, Graffiti, to present a series of showcases, performances and workshops supporting, and creating empowering images of Women.

Accomplishments of our collective: we've hosted panels & workshops & performed @ Ohio State University, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Hip Hop Congress, African World Fest, Cranbrook Institute & had the honor of performing @ Grammy nominated Motown Recording Artist KEM's "Mack & Third LIVE: A Call to Service" event.

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