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What's New at GHF?

With the help of our amazing community, GHF continues to grow in outreach, offerings, and support.

In the last three months, we've released another GHF Press book, Boost: 12 Effective Ways to Lift Up Our Twice-Exceptional Children, we've started the Spring 2018 Session of GHF Online, and have organized another blog hop with our GHF Bloggers. We've also started a GHF community discussion group on Facebook, published several new blog posts, and added a new benefit for Institutional members: a free one-time 15-minute consultation! We've also welcomed new board members and staff to our growing organization.

As we continue to extend our global reach, serve diverse communities, and meet the unique needs of the gifted and twice-exceptional, we want to acknowledge that none of this would be possible without support from people like you! Your donations, supporting memberships, and affiliate purchases help fund our outreach, advocacy, and support.

GHF works hard to give you what you need to be informed and successful.

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GHF is Growing!

We'd like to welcome Dr. Dan Peters of the Summit Center and Dr. Melanie Hayes of Big Minds Unschool to the GHF Board of Directors, rounding out our continuing board members: Anne Beneventi,Dr. Eleen Kamas, and Corin Barsily Goodwin. We appreciate all you do to keep GHF on mission serving the gifted/2e community.

We also want to take a moment to thank Amir Nathoo of Outschool for his board service. Amir has provided valuable insights and a unique perspective which have helped strengthen GHF.

We have also added a lot of new staff join us recently, including Jennifer Morris as Development Director, Vicki and Kevin Loh of Digital Cyclops as videographers, Jenny Curzan as incoming Regional Contacts Coordinator, and a group of new writers whom you'll be hearing from shortly in a variety of capacities. They have all hit the ground running, helping GHF increase our outreach, hone our message, and continue to find ways to better serve the gifted/2e community.

We are so grateful to the many amazing people who are willing to give their time and effort to our all-volunteer organization.




Real Advice for Teachers, Administrators, and Parents

Even the most experienced teachers often know little about the challenges their gifted and twice-exceptional students face. Misinformation abounds, and well-intentioned in-class solutions can backfire. How can teachers support the educational and social needs of these unique learners, while still addressing the needs of all their other students?

In her new book, Boost: 12 Effective Ways to Lift Up Our Twice-Exceptional Children, Kelly Hirt outlines 12 strategies to design a supportive, safe, and encouraging learning environment for twice-exceptional students. By utilizing Hirt’s strategies, educators will join with parents and students to create an educational experience in which all students can thrive and excel.

Wherever you are on the gifted/2e journey, GHF Press has a book to help!


New Benefit for Institutional Members!

GHF wants our Institutional Members to get the most from their support. That's why we've introduced a new benefit included in the Premium Plus Institutional Membership: a free one-time 15-minute consultation to determine the best way to maximize the impact of your Social Media Posts. Learn the best way to position your message to give your business the boost it needs to engage the people most likely to want your services or products.

Premium and Basic Institutional Members can also qualify for a free one-time 15-minute consultation!

Just purchase an Add-On Social Media Post to qualify for the free one-time 15-minute consultation!

Social Media Posts can be added to any membership. Up to two additional posts can be added to any membership level for $150 each.

To learn more about how becoming a GHF Institutional Member can help you reach your business goals, contact our Membership Director.


Are High Achievement and Giftedness the Same?

When people hear “gifted,” they often assume that means high-achieving, especially academically. How did these two terms become synonymous? What does giftedness actually entail? How can families, teachers, and other professionals work to change the misperceptions around giftedness to create a more accepting and supportive environment?

Check out GHF's latest blog hop, "Why is High-Achieving Synonymous with Being Gifted" to learn how these terms became equated. Discover the diversity of ability, interest, and presentation of giftedness in the real world.


Looking for Answers?

GHF’s Corin Goodwin and Mika Gustavson have answered questions about gifted and 2e children for over 10 years. They respond to the more common questions in our Dear GHF column, which runs periodically in this newsletter. To see if your question has been answered, check out the Dear GHF archives. Didn't find the information you needed? Check us out on Facebook or Twitter, or join our online community. Maybe your question will be in the next edition of Dear GHF!


Coming Soon: Summer and Fall Class Registration!

In March, we will announce the GHF Online class line-up for summer and fall. Get a head start on planning your summer and fall learning!

GHF Online offers original curriculum designed by the instructors who teach it. Our instructors are passionate professionals committed to sharing the subjects they love with their students.

Remember, GHF Supporting Members receive discounts on GHF Online classes! Join GHF today!


Thank You, Institutional Members!

Institutional members gain unique access to GHF's community, while supporting GHF's mission.

We would like to thank the following Institutional Members for their ongoing support!

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