News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 119 June 2015 Dear Reader, Because our Starlink readership now spans so many different sectors, it's often ha


News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 119 June 2015


Dear Reader,

Because our Starlink readership now spans so many different sectors, it's often hard to ensure we're including something for everyone.

But it's a bit of a 'bumper issue' this time, so we hope there's a sparkling gem or two in here for you!

Sue was determined to get this issue out before the end of June and before she heads to the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference!

Squeaked in across the line on both counts. :)

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Digital Business Kit for Early Childhood

digital business kit

Getting Up to Speed is an early-childhood kit that is designed to equip managers, educators, leaders and other staff as well as families to understand the possibilities and impacts that digital technology brings. The kit includes tip sheets, profiles, online guides, videos and web links.

Salary Survey & Webinar for Non Profits


Pro Bono has produced a 78 page Salary Survey containing data gathered over 3 years from more than 2000 respondents about their employment. It includes operating budget, number of employees and professional development data.

There is a cost involved, but if you or your organisation is interested in information and insights about what's happening in the Not for Profit sector, this could be a very useful resource to help with benchmarking and comparisons about remuneration and professional development etc.

There is also a complimentary recording covering some of the key issues: What is Reward; Developing a Reward Strategy; Building a Grading Structure; Benchmarking Salaries; Incentive and Recognition.

Whether or not the full report (or one of the segments available) is of interest, the webinar makes for interesting listening!

Dropping Out and Clocking In


There are many resources available here in Australia about engaging students in education, strategies to promote school retention, and initiatives to provide alternative pathways to further education. But we're not aware of detailed studies done on those who do end up dropping out of school and why they leave.

So we were very interested to watch Dropping out and Clocking In, a video about students who drop out of school in the United States. It challenges assumptions that students who leave are bored or disengaged by learning and has some fascinating statistics about very different reasons for dropping out of school.

Are the circumstances covered by this video specific to the United States and not to Australia? We'd love to know and would be very interested to hear about similar research that's been done in Australia!

Workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide

Below are the four workshops offered, with dates for these locations. Each is $352 (incl GST) or $319 (incl GST) at the Early Bird rate. Early Bird deadlines vary, depending on the workshop date. (See the cut off dates for those in our full Program Schedule.) Click on the images below for more information about each program.


Chair Chi Lvl 1
Brisbane 17/08
Sydney 21/09
Adelaide 09/11


A Taste of Appreciative Inquiry
Brisbane 17/08
Sydney 21/09
Adelaide 09/11


Chair Chi Lvl 2
Brisbane 18/08
Sydney 22/09
Adelaide 10/11


Unleashing Appreciative Intelligence®
Brisbane 18/08
Sydney 22/09
Adelaide 10/11

Tools for Collaborative Supervision


Unique Outcomes is offering Tools for Collaborative Supervision, an engaging and information filled two day workshop, on 27 & 28 of August, followed by an optional third day on 8 October to share reflections:

For over 20 years we have been enthusiastically engaging in supervision and coaching with hundreds of colleagues in diverse roles and human service practice contexts.

We continue to learn lots about what it takes to establish meaningful learning partnerships that inspire innovative and hope-filled practice. Join us for 2 adventurous days exploring some of the ideas and practices emerging from this experience.

We look forward to sharing a collection of tools we rely on in our own collaborative supervision practice. Then join us again for an optional 3rd day of sharing reflections on some of the "Tricky moments" we've encountered in bringing these ideas into our workplaces.

More Information
Places limited; register soon!

The Power of Positive Connections Toolkit


Although this is a US-based resource, there is much food for thought and useful material in it for Australian Schools as well!

We know that students who miss too much school suffer academically at every age and every grade. Equally important, we know absenteeism is a problem we can solve if districts and schools identify the students most at risk and then work with parents and community partners to turn around attendance and achievement.

The Power of Positive Connections Toolkit calls for using absenteeism records from past years and from the first month of school to connect the most at-risk students to personal relationships and positive supports that motivate them to show up to class every day.

Wellbeing in Schools Australia (WISA) Conference

wisa logo

The WISA Conference is being held on 25 August, 2015 from 8.30am to 3.30pm at the Darebin Arts Centre, Preston, Victoria.

It's ideal for leaders of wellbeing in schools, school leaders, school wellbeing coordinators, staff, students, and parents or carers.

You'll receive practical evidence based resources and professional learning from leaders in education, school wellbeing and organisational health

Download Flyer

To register email Jac Van Velsen or or visit the WISA website.

Out and About on the Web


Random Acts of Kindness


School Leadership eCollection


Does Money Make You Mean?


The Calm Within

It's Never Too Late to Hear Better


The instructional video Assistance to Hearing Impaired Aged Care Residents, with the associated training pack and reference manual (Good Practice Guide) are available at no charge online to assist staff and others to address under-managed hearing care. Both can be used by groups or individuals.

The video is designed to fit within a 30 minute in-service training session for current staff. It is also suitable for use in pre-service courses for nurses and other care staff, as well as being a valuable reference for people outside residential aged care who assist a hearing impaired person.

The ABCs of Mental Health

abcs mental health

Parents and teachers often have questions about the behaviour of children and adolescents. They may worry about whether a behaviour is appropriate for a particular age or developmental stage, or a sign that something might be wrong. They may wonder why it is occurring, and how best to respond.

The ABCs of Mental Health provides two complimentary, web-based resources - one for teachers and one for parents – to help answer these questions. The resources include ideas for promoting the mental health of children and adolescents, information about how children change as they get older, descriptions of behaviours that might indicate a problem, and practical suggestions for steps to take.

Mental Health Lesson Plans for Educators

mental health

The US National Library of Medicine has three comprehensive lesson plans which are useful resources for both high school and further education.

Making Sense of Mental Health: Past and Present (Health Education, Years 9-12)
The Rest Cure: Gender in Medicine and Literature (English, Years 11 & 12)
The Troubled Mind in Medicine and Society (Tertiary)

Each of the high school plans has a detailed lesson plan, designed to take 3 x 40 minute periods, covering learning outcomes, step by step classroom activites, handouts and resources. The tertiary module consists of six one-hour classes that divide into three thematic units.

Although the material and resources are from the US, they could also easily be adapted for Australian students. (The Online Activity is about exploring careers, where the links are not applicable for Australia)

A summary of all three educational courses is also available on the website.

How to Build a Great Nonprofit Board


How to Build a Great Nonprofit Board from Scratch, has a long list of links and articles related to nonprofit boards.

You will need to sift past the advertisements on the page, but there should be something for any nonprofit organisation interested in establishing and maintaining a well-functioning board.

6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use with your Students


From Edutopia, 6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use with your Students is a very useful article, perhaps particularly for beginning teachers though also a handy reminder for those with more experience as well.

The author first give a clear explanation of the difference between scaffolding a lesson and differentiating instruction, before outlining the 6 strategies and providing examples. As she says:

Scaffolding a lesson may, in fact, take longer to teach, but the end product is of far greater quality and the experience much more rewarding for all involved.

Just for Fun


Here are two snippets to stretch your brain or make you smile.

Fun With Words is dedicated to amusing quirks, peculiarities, and oddities of the English language. Depending on your preference - or mood - it can be educational or simply entertaining. There are over 500 pages of word puzzles, games, amazing lists, and fun facts.

And if you've not yet seen Jamie Raven's magic trick, performed on Britain's Got Talent, we think you'll enjoy it. It's jaw-droppingly good and, if you're like us, it will have you scratching your head in wonder!

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