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Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads

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Available in 3 sizes. Pick the size that's right for you.

Do you suffer from skin irritation and rashes caused by under breast sweat?

Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads are disposable pads for relief of under breast sweat and breast rashes designed to be worn with or without a bra. They are ideal for medium to larger breasted women with a B cup or larger.

Persper-eez is not only perfect for hot days but any day you want to be dry and confident. Whether your heading out to exercise, putting on formal wear, getting ready to make that business presentation, are a pregnant woman experiencing breast growth, or you care for a senior with under breast sweat problems, Persper-eez is right for you!

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Here's Another Way to Wear Persper-eez

We’ve heard from a couple of women that they are attaching the pads directly to their bra, laying the bra down on a flat surface and attaching the pads on the bottom edge of the bra, then putting it on. Let us know if you’ve tried it too.

Navigating a Season of Change

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Across the country, fall is in full swing. Rain alternates with sunshine, leaves are changing, and temperatures fluctuate. It's that time of year when it’s difficult to decide what to wear.

Life can feel that way too. It's hard to know what to think, who to believe, what's true and what isn't. Watching the evening news can be depressing, even frightening. Social media is lit up with opinions shouted across the electronic page, though no one’s listening.

But as fall morphs into the holiday season, there are positives to focus on, reasons to give thanks, events big and small to celebrate. Here are thoughts to consider amidst the rancor in the world—bits of truth, peace, and encouragement to help navigate through a season of change.

Truth cannot be found in the opinions being tossed about, where fingers point and sides are taken. Truth is found in a child's laughter, the change of seasons, and in serving others in their time of need. Truth doesn’t change with the tide but stands firm—the beauty of life, the value of each person, the need for food, shelter, and friendship.

There is no peace online, in the media, in messages shouted from billboards or television, in fear of the unknown. Peace is found in the light of a sunrise, the solace of a hug, and in God's promise to never leave us (even in our darkest hour). Peace comes from greeting a neighbor, offering a helping hand, sharing abundance with those who have none.

Encouragement has been replaced by the discouragement to be who you were created to be, by divisive and angry words and actions. Be encouraged by the depth of true friendship, the smile of a stranger, and by giving and receiving simple acts of kindness. Encourage others with a step toward them, not away. Offer a hand up, a fist bump, a high five.

Celebration is not about winner takes all, this opinion over that, “right” being louder than “wrong.” Celebrate moments—coffee with dear friends, victory over illness, a new life begun or the ending of one well lived. Celebrate events—an unexpected promotion, sharing a holiday, the first step into freedom from addiction or pain. Celebrate the simple act of waking each morning to a fresh new day.

The world may seem unpredictable, filled with anger and discord, but simple steps can effect change one moment at a time. The power to make change is found within each of us. That’s something to celebrate.

Our contributing writer is Stacy Monson. She contributes to local and national publications on a variety of topics from healthy living to Alzheimer's Disease. She is also a published author of fiction. "The Color of Truth," the final book in her Minnesota-based series Chain of Lakes, has just released. While the first two books of the series have garnered a variety of awards including Readers' Favorite Book, Book Buyers Best, and National Excellence in Romance, the highly anticipated third book is expected to fare even better. Get your copies today at

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