I've been pushing a little quilt around on my Bernina the last few weeks. It's for my grand-nephew, Lee. (Shh...don't tell him!) He was born in Januar

Borders quilted

I've been pushing a little quilt around on my Bernina the last few weeks. It's for my grand-nephew, Lee. (Shh...don't tell him!) He was born in January. I just got the borders quilted. If all goes well, he might even get it before his first birthday! (So many projects; so little time.)

del-superior thread

How Much Do You Know About Thread?

My personal answer is "not enough." That's why I was so happy to get Bob Purcell's newsletter from Superior Threads the other day.

The July installment is chock full of really useful information about thread. Plus, this month Superior Threads is offering up to 75% off with the coupon code "tryme." You pick the kind of thread you want to try and Superior Threads picks the color. This is a fantastic way to try different threads, for as low as $2.70 a spool! Dr. Bob (Self-certified Threadologist) is also offering a DVD that promises to solve 95% of your thread-related frustrations---FREE! Read the newsletter here.

Thread wounds

As long as we're on the topic of thread, did you know thread is wrapped two different ways? If you look at the picture, the spool on the left feeds from the vertical spindle on your sewing machine. The one on the right, with the thread criss-crossing, works best when it feeds from a horizontal spindle.

No horizontal spindle? Use a thread lifter, especially if you have a larger spool, or a thread cone.


Don't have an official thread lifter? You can use a large safety pin and a small binder clip. Fit the safety pin on the vertical spindle and clamp the binder onto the "open-closey" part of the safety pin. Feed the thread through the binder clip. It will lift the thread off the spool with practically no yanking on the thread at all.


No binder clip (or the safety pin won't fit on your spindle because the spring hole in the safety pin isn't big enough)? Flip the safety pin around the other way. It will wobble a bit as the thread goes through the safety pin, but it will work in a pinch.


Down The Rabbit Hole

Some things are way off topic for a quilting newsletter but are just too good to pass up. Even if you are not musically inclined, DO take a look at this video. (Click the "play arrow" at the right.) While this charming fellow shows you how to make a clarinet out of a carrot (!) this is ultimately all about creativity. Hang on! Creativity is part of quilting, so it's not as far off topic as I thought! I'm just pretty sure you can't make a quilt out of a carrot.

del-assembly required

Scooter's New Crate

Mom is putting my new crate together. I think she is having difficulty with the "Some Assembly Required" part.

We're taking an online dog-training class together. We play lots of games together. I get treats all the time! I am getting fat. I like fat.

Mom is hoping I won't bark so much or freak out when I see other dogs, cats, large birds, and cars that have been close to other dogs. I think I will just eat treats.

We had a very long training walk this morning. Mom actually ran a little and there wasn't anything chasing her. Mom is too old to run. I am very tired now.


It is my summertime job to to lick any feet not covered by shoes. I did my job, but I did it lying down today. Mom called me lazy. I was just conserving energy. I think I need another nap. You can watch the video of me while I sleep, OK?


Thanks for reading all the way to the end, !

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