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Featured Candidates & Positions

February 2019

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You might have seen our recent press release about Tier One Executive Search expanding it's retail dealership practice. While we have always been known for our work in the manufacturing industries, we have also recruited for vehicle retail operations for many years. For the next 12 months, our focus is to grow our client base within the top dealership groups in the passenger car segment. Growing a business and expanding into markets takes careful planning and considerations. For our February Newsletter, we collected excellent advice for growing your business, with a focus on growing in new markets. But first, see our featured candidates and positions.


Featured Candidates for Employers

Global Demand Planning Director

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This candidate has an outstanding record of improvements to global demand planning, capacity planning, supply, distribution, and scheduling for his fortune 100 manufacturer. This candidate was successful in reducing inventory by 39% across his division consisting of 16 plants throughout the world and managed the MRP implementation team which rolled out a new system across all 16 plants. This director is seeking a similar global scope role, title not important and can relocate to anywhere in the USA. Please contact or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102 for more information.

North America Technical Training and Apprenticeship Manager

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A very talented leader who has proven their ability to develop, implement, streamline and standardize key job skills training as well as specialized shop-floor and skilled trades training programs for a global automotive supplier. This candidate has also set up national and international federal programs for tax and grant credits related to apprenticeship and learning initiatives. This person has successfully developed teams and technical school relationships to maximize training and recruitment returns. Currently based in the Midwest, this candidate would also consider jobs based in Southeastern USA. Please contact or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 103 for more information.


Featured Positions for Job Seekers

Senior Product Line Buyer – Automotive (Ohio based)

This is an opportunity to join a winning team within a $10 billion global supplier to the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and energy markets. In this role you will work within a newer, smaller business unit. You will be sourcing new suppliers and products related to electrical systems, wiring, harnesses, cables, connectors, etc. related to the e-mobility segment. You will be responsible for evaluating and selecting new suppliers, measuring and auditing suppliers, negotiating price, warranty terms, timelines, etc. You will take on a visible role for this growth targeted division. Please apply only if you can relocate to Ohio. Please email or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102 to apply or for more information.

Multi-Plant Automotive Quality Manager, Ontario, Canada

Our client is a leading supplier of lightweighting technologies to the global automotive OEM markets. In this role, you will lead the execution of the quality operating system at the plant level including managing and developing a team of quality professionals. You will ensure processes are in place to meet quality targets for the plant and corporate goals. You will also confirm the effectiveness of these processes through the use of a comprehensive internal auditing system (TS internal audits, LPA, Control Plan audits, etc.). This role also involves leading, coaching and guiding the timely and effective resolution of the 8D problem solving process. You will be responsible for providing leadership to the plant environmental management team for ensuring continuous improvement by reviewing objectives and targets and internal/external customer concerns. Email or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 106 to apply or for more information.


Ensuring a Good Landing for Your Next Business Leap

Preparation Tips for Entering a New Market

When deciding to grow your business, you might arrive at the decision to enter a new market as the next logical step. Entering a new market, for this article, is defined as bringing your product or service to a new demographic or selling it for a new use. Before diving into a new market, there is much homework to be done in order to mitigate the risks and reach your business goals. This article covers some of the considerations to make before taking on this initiative.

Set Clear Definitions
To remain consistent as you bring changes to your business, definitions must be set in place. It is important to define the roles in your organization, as well as the policies, processes and core values so the identity and culture of your business remains the same. It is also important to define your current market, as well as any new market you intend to sell your product to.

Research Internal Capabilities
Take a look at the stats and analytics of your business to get a realistic idea of its capabilities. Understand how your business has performed in the past and create models for low, assumed, and high expectations for success. Make preparations for each outcome by planning for projected revenues, gross margins and expenses. Decide how much investment is required, when it will be needed and when it will be available. Analyze the day-to-day tasks of your company and determine which tasks could be optimized. Operationally, you may need to adjust staffing, training, space, I.T., customer service systems, and outsourcing.

Research External Market Conditions
Perform a market analysis, identify target customers, market growth rates, demand forecast, competitors and potential barriers to the expansion. Research all you can about the market you wish to enter by talking to members of that industry. Get to know the target customers and what they want.

Set Goals
In order to realize your progress, it is important to define what the overall goal is for your company and where entering a new market fits in with this goal. In order to measure the success of growing your business, it is important to have SMART goals already in place. Smaller goals will provide guidance when you need to know what steps to take next.

The above steps should be taken before any move is made to expand into a new market. Once new market entry has begun, one more thing we recommend is to:

Remember to Maintain Consistency
It is important to stick to the definitions you originally set down before entering new markets. Do not lose sight of the day-to-day operations of the business as you grow, since this is what brought you profitability in the first place. If you need to hire new team members to keep up with demand, stay true to the quality and culture of your team when hiring. Stay focused on maintaining the same quality of service to your existing customers and be sure to track the retention of your older customers as you grow.


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