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Sept. 12, 2022: A new version of Redistricting & You focuses on county legislature redistricting across New York State

The CUNY Graduate Center has launched a new version of its Redistricting & You: New York online map to focus on county legislative redistricting. The map shows legislative districts in Nassau, Suffolk, and Onondaga counties. Other counties can be added in partnership with regional stakeholders.

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Onondaga County

The example above shows proposed district 16 in Onondaga County. Just like with our statewide Redistricting & You map, we provide redistricting metrics and population data for each district such as how much each district's population is above or below the average district size, the number of municipalities split by the district, and a pie chart with data showing the share of population by race/Hispanic origin.

In Onondaga County, we show the district plan that was adopted by the county legislature in Dec. 2021 as well as the other plans considered by the Reapportionment Commission. You can easily compare the proposed districts in each of these plans with current lines, and with each other, to determine how redistricting will impact you. If any new plans are published, we will add these to the map.

County legislative redistricting on Long Island

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The NY County Redistricting & You map also features Suffolk and Nassau county redistricting plans. The map above highlights the drop-down list of available counties. Select one and the map will zoom to that county. You then need to select a district from the list, or click/tap on the map or search for an address within the county.

In Suffolk County, we display Proposal A and Proposal B legislative district plans being considered by the county's Reapportionment Commission.

In Nassau, the map only includes current legislative districts because proposed district plans may not be available until October. We will update the map with proposals once they are available. In the meantime, we display all the same detailed population data and redistricting metrics for the current districts in Nassau County; see map example below.

nycounty nassau

Redistricting outreach; other counties; project support

Redistricting & You is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about legislative redistricting in these counties. But it's especially helpful for individuals & stakeholder groups that are preparing testimony for local public hearings on the proposed maps; journalists who are reporting on these important issues; and redistricting commissioners themselves who are proposing and deciding on new district lines.

The Center for Urban Research can help each of you make the best use of Redistricting & You in your work. Please contact us to request training and tutorials for the maps.

Also, if you are interested in a version of Redistricting & You for your county, please reach out to discuss the options.

Funding support for the Redistricting & You: New York County map is provided by the New York State Census Equity Fund, which was established in 2018 in The New York Community Trust to ensure coverage of the State's hard-to-count communities in the 2020 census and to extend community-based organizations' level of civic engagement into the redistricting process.

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