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Issue 72, Lock Down 2020

Wha gwaan?

I hope this finds you physically fit and not having gone too bonkers.

Have you finished Netflix and need a little something to get you through until the new season. There's plenty of other sports out there - click here - and it seems all you need is a GoPro strapped to your head and the rest comes naturally.

If you're still not inspired, remember that while we are all missing the water, it's not always best to be out sailing even if it appears so at first - click here.

Olive Salami. If that does not mean anything, you should have read our last edition to the end. Just saying...

Boyd Newton, Da Easy Crew, Editor.


Important Info

▪ eSailing - Club Champ needed (in 45mins!)
▪ Race Officer & Mark Laying Courses - Signup now
eSailing - Club Champ needed (in 45mins!)
Race Officer & Mark Laying Courses - Signup now

Dubious Info

I tried and tried to no avail and cannot for the life of me come up with a joke this edition. Canoe?

Worth a Try

Bar Karate, (the action of describing a close tack or lee-bow with your hands in the bar after the race) is a sailing podcast with very simple goals - to be fun, informative, or interesting.

The hosts are ex pro's who talk with top sailors, designers, coaches and companies from around the World. Bar Karate is Australian based, so proudly mention local events to help local yacht clubs. www.barkarate.com


eSailing - ya'got 45mins left!

Sailors all around the country are competing in the Zhik Australian eSailing National Challenge.

This Virtual Regatta is an online sailing platform that puts you at the helm in short format races, identical to those used for real life competitions.


BSC members can compete in a series of virtual races to be crowned as our Club Champ. Representatives from clubs Australia wide will then go on to fight for the crown at the eSailng National Challenge.

Download the 'Virtual Regatta Inshore' app from Apple Store and Google Play, or play directly through you browser. If you need technical assistance, ask a teenager (the spottier the better).

When is this happening?

We will be holding our own series this week on Thursday evening.

First race will start at 19:30 (7:30pm) on the 14th of May. It could be your best chance of winning a race ever!

How do you participate?

All participants will need to register and provide details to Pete Davies who is our Race Officer.

Please provide the following:
* Competitor VR Username
* Boat Colour (we will be using the J/70 class)
* Email
* Phone number

Race Format

Our series will consist of five races (6 - 8 mins) run back to back. We aim to start a race every 15 minutes so will have our champion decided before supper time.

Many thanks to our own Pete Davies for managing this for us, and Zhik for sponsoring the national series.


Volunteer News

Race Officer Courses

Australian Sailing are providing Club Race Officer Courses, to be run as an online interactive video conference via the Microsoft Teams platform. Usually $65.00 per person, they are offered at nil cost to the participant to help keep members engaged in the sport.

Keen to join?
For online registration - click here

Mark Laying Course

Australian Sailing has developed an online Mark Laying course which is suitable for club volunteers looking to gain knowledge about mark laying at the grass roots level through to mark laying for regattas.

To sign up for the Mark Laying course - click here

There's a variety of dates for all courses.


Moth News

Capsize? - Not Likely!

Back in 1957, it seemed the ladies and gentlemen of the Moth fleet aspired to complete a race without capsizing.

Not much has changed - click here - Capsize? Quite Likely!


Tasar News

Daggerboard Casing - Class Rule Update

The World Tasar Council has published guidelines to provide clarity on the implementation of Rule C.2.2 (n), which regulates optional daggerboard case packing equipment.

Details can be found on the Tasar Association website - click here.

There are step-by-step instructions on how to update the case using both hard & soft case `retrofits'. Others have used 3D printed solutions and, once I have the strength to dissect the bit of old Tasar sitting in my garage, I hope to be able to produce a kit - and this is where some help would be appreciated...

As daggerboard cases have varied over the years the more measurements I can get the better. So the next time you're underneath a boat please measure the length and width of the lower case opening, and the distance between the front of the case and the leading edge of the daggerboard.

I know I've been talking about this for ages, but having nearly finished Netflix and Amazon Prime you never know what might happen...

Boyd Newton, Tasar Class Captain, BSC


Aero News

45 and counting...

There is a great list of top tips on the RS Aero Class Association forum. Many tips (like Da Easy Crew) aren't Aero specific so worth a look by all - click here.

Problem solved?

A little trick I picked up at the Worlds is to use a water bottle in the rear holder and a little ring to keep the foot-strap elevated. You may have seen, or be using, one of the prototype rings I had doing the rounds in January which make this trick easier. It does help the foot-strap issue but isn't the best spot to access your water so...

Problem created?

Inspired by Nick's 'bottle-on-a-string', which I chose to see as a problem rather than the simple solution that it is, I have prototypes of a compass/bottle holder that attaches to the existing deck-mount. It holds two drink bottles and a Velocitek Speedpuck - because I own two bottles and, you guessed it, a Speedpuck.

Own a TackTick (or other) compass? Please pass on the mounting cradle dimensions and you never know what might turn up on your foredeck!

Boyd Newton, CEO, Tasar Treachery Pty Ltd


Contender News

One of our Contender fleet is named 'Wonky Donkey'. Some quick research on the origin suggest it may be a reflection on the state of the owner!

Wonky Donkey - click here.

(In lieu of any real news from the Contender fleet I'm afraid this is what you get)


For Sale or Wanted

Tasar for Sale, 2722 'Yes Darling - $5900
Underweight hull stored inside club its entire life. 2 sets of mylar sails & foils in great condition and in padded bag. Light weight alloy beach trolley.
More info - click here
Contact: Kevin on 0402 008 704

Tasar for Sale, 1666 'The Righteous and the Wicked' - $4500
Great boat in good condition. Raced with BSC for the last 12 years. Ready to sail, Aluminium beach trolley and registered road trailer. Mylar sails recently purchased, modern foils and rudder/tiller. Tictack micro compass.
More info - click here
Contact: Michael Payne on 0425275398

Tasar for Sale, 'Trouble' - $7000 neg
Affectionately known as 'Trouble' and campaigned in many Championships by Michael Quirk and Marise Hannaford - inc. 4th in Nats & top 20s Worlds.
More info - click here.
Contact: Marise on 0408 253 925 or Michael on 0419 970 934

National E for Sale, 'Honalee' - $5000
More info - click here.
Contact: Phil on 0400 399 226 or Claire on 0425 250 322

National E for Sale, 'Alphaglassy' - $3650
More info - click here.
e: Michael Corr - michael.corr@propertyrecruitment.com.au

Have gear for sale or looking for something specific?

Send details to e: whalestales@balmoralsc.com.au



The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst

This book is a fascinating account of someone who has been called a true English eccentric, and displayed delusional overconfidence.

Donald Crowhurst was an English businessman and weekend sailor. In 1968 he entered the Golden Globe race, the first ever solo around the world sailing competition, in a trimaran he had especially constructed. At the time his business was failing and he thought he could win the race and collect the substantial prize being offered by the race sponsors, The Sunday Times.

What he actually did though was sail down towards South Africa and then tool around in the South Atlantic for several months before re-joining the race as the other competitors sailed past Brazil. He spent his time in the South Atlantic creating a fake log. However, the pressure of this task, and possibly knowing he would be discovered to be a fraud, eventually got to him and he went mad.

His yacht was eventually discovered without him on it.

Good news

If you enjoy reading as much as me, the book is available on Audible - click here and in 2018 the story was made into a movie “The Mercy”, starring Colin Firth.


Important Dates


BSC eSailing Championship - in 45mins!

No BBQ this weekend: no bread; no onions; no sauce; no little brats... so it's not all bad news!

Hi to all the kids and our Junior members!

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