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This issue of WORK contains 26 articles on topics such as productivity in older versus younger workers, smartphone addiction, sleep, presenteeism, occupational exposure and post-traumatic stress disorder among many other interesting topics, as well as 14 articles in a special section on workplace violence prevention using security robots.

Karen Jacobs


Editorial – Openly Available
From the Editor
Jacobs, Karen

The mediating role of religiosity and hope for the effect of self-stigma on psychological well-being among COVID-19 patients – Openly Available
Al Eid, Nawal A. | Arnout, Boshra A. | Alqahtani, Mohammed M.J. | Fadhel, Fahmi H. | Abdelmotelab, Abdalla s.

Evaluation of knowledge and health behavior of University of Medical Sciences students about the prevention of COVID-19 – Openly Available
Zandian, Hamed | Sarailoo, Mehdi | Dargahi, Shahriar | Gholizadeh, Helia | Dargahi, Abdollah | Vosoughi, Mehdi

Seizing and realizing the opportunity: A salutogenic perspective on rehabilitation after burnout – Open Access
Pijpker, Roald | Vaandrager, Lenneke | Veen, Esther J. | Koelen, Maria A.

History of work-related health problems in a population-based sample of women: An exploratory factor analysis – Openly Available
Amaro, Joana | Ubalde-López, Mònica | Lucas, Raquel

Productivity in older versus younger workers: A systematic literature review
Viviani, C.A. | Bravo, G. | Lavallière, M. | Arezes, P.M. | Martínez, M. | Dianat, I. | Bragança, S. | Castellucci, H.I.

Effects of vibratory massage therapy on grip strength, endurance time and forearm muscle performance
Alam, Mohd Mukhtar | Khan, Abid Ali | Farooq, Mohd

Smartphone addiction and the relationship with head and neck pain and electromiographic activity of masticatory muscles
Foltran-Mescollotto, Fabiana | Gonçalves, Érica Brito | Castro-Carletti, Ester Moreira de | Oliveira, Ana Beatriz | Pelai, Elisa Bizetti | Rodrigues-Bigaton, Delaine

Development and application of an innovative instrument to assess work environment factors for injury prevention in the food service industry
Markkanen, Pia | Peters, Susan E. | Grant, Michael | Dennerlein, Jack T. | Wagner, Gregory R. | Burke, Lisa | Wallace, Lorraine | Sorensen, Glorian

Time lost: Factors influencing advanced practice provider’s prioritization of sleep
Hittle, Beverly M. | Gillespie, Gordon L. | Jones, Holly J. | Bhattacharya, Amit

Relationships between balance and physical fitness variables in firefighter recruits
Marciniak, Rudi A. | Ebersole, Kyle T. | Cornell, David J.

Characteristics of forklift accidents in korean industrial sites
Kim, Kwan Woo

Development of a valid psychological scale for youth police selection among young unemployed and excluded persons: The Nemesis scale
Clemente, Miguel | Reig-Botella, Adela | de Lange, Annet | Detaille, Sarah

Classification of high knee flexion postures using EMG signals
Laudanski, Annemarie F. | Acker, Stacey M.

The combined effect of industrial noise type, level and frequency characteristics on hand motor skills: A lab trial study)
Nassiri, Parvin | Monazzam, Mohammad Reza | Dehghan, Somayeh Farhang | Teimori, Gholamheidar | Zakerian, Seyed Abolfazl | Azam, Kamal | Asghari, Mehdi

Occupational exposure and post-traumatic stress disorder: A rapid review
Van Eerd, D. | Irvin, E. | Harbin, S. | Mahood, Q. | Tiong, M.

Presenteeism in small and medium-sized enterprises: Determinants and impacts on health
Knani, Mouna | Fournier, Pierre-Sébastien | Biron, Caroline

Open space office: A review of the literature and Hong Kong case studies – Openly Available
Lai, Lawrence W.C. | Chau, K.W. | Davies, Stephen N.G. | Kwan, Locinda M.L.

Differences between risk situations identified using a self-reported questionnaire and an observational method
Zare, Mohsen | Norval, Maxime | Bodin, Julie | Roquelaure, Yves

The effect of occupational stress on marital satisfaction and mental health in Iranian nurses
Adib-Hajbaghery, Mohsen | Lotfi, Mohammad-Sajjad | Hosseini, Fatemeh Sadat

Work addiction as a predictor of anxiety and depression
Serrano-Fernández, María-José | Boada-Grau, Joan | Boada-Cuerva, Maria | Vigil-Colet, Andreu

Identification of physically fatiguing tasks performed during aircraft open-basket ground de-icing activities
Le Floch, T. | Nadeau, S. | Morency, F. | Landau, K.

Self-control and organizational citizenship behavior: The role of vocational delay of gratification and job satisfaction
Liu, Yao-Zhong | Wang, Yu-Jie

Patients in permanent vegetative or minimally conscious states: A literature review of the psychological and health impacts on healthcare personnel
Pinel-Jacquemin, Stéphanie | Althaus, Virginie | Boissel, Anne

Special Issue on Workplace Violence Prevention using Security Robots
Kumar, Priyan Malarvizhi | Pandey, Hari Mohan | Srivastava, Gautam

Need for developing a security robot-based risk management for emerging practices in the workplace using the Advanced Human-Robot Collaboration Model
Zheyuan, Cui | Rahman, Md Arafatur | Tao, Hai | Liu, Yao | Pengxuan, Du | Yaseen, Zaher Mundher

Mathematical modeling on workplace violence hazard assessment and security analysis using Optimized Grey Dynamic System Theory
Fu, Hui | Zhang, Yahong | Subbareddy, Rama | Vadivel, Thanjai

Robotic Mounted Rail Arm System for implementing effective workplace safety for migrant workers
Wei, Hongbo | Rahman, Md Arafatur | Hu, Xu | Zhang, Lin | Guo, Lieyan | Tao, Hai | Salih, Sinan Q

Security robot for the prevention of workplace violence using the Non-linear Adaptive Heuristic Mathematical Model
Tao, Hai | Rahman, Md Arafatur | AL-Saffar, Ahmed | Zhang, Renrui | Salih, Sinan Q. | Zain, Jasni Mohamad | Al-Hajri, Al-Anood M.

Design of a workstation based on a human-interfacing robot for occupational health and safety
Yu, Ke | Zhang, Liyun | Zhang, Yanling | Yu, Qian | Li, Xiaohong | Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha

Security and privacy issues related to the workplace-based security robot system
YGuangnan, Zhang | Tao, Hai | Rahman, Md Arafatur | Yao, Liu | AL-Saffar, Ahmed | Meng, Qiao | Liu, Wei | Yaseen, Zaher Mundher

FPLP3D: Security robot for face recognition in the workplace environment using face pose detection assisted controlled FACE++ tool position: A three-dimensional robot
Han, Meifeng | Zhang, Fuli | Ning, Ning | Zhou, Junwei | Shanthini, A. | Vivekananda, G.N.

Machine learning techniques based on security management in smart cities using robots
Zhang, Mengqi | Wang, Xi | Sathishkumar, V.E. | Sivakumar, V.

Interaction modeling and classification scheme for augmenting the response accuracy of human-robot interaction systems
Tao, Hai | Rahman, Md Arafatur | Jing, Wang | Li, Yafeng | Li, Jing | Al-Saffar, Ahmed | Zhang, Renrui | Salih, Sinan Q.

Meta-Heuristic Feature Optimization for ontology-based data security in a campus workplace with robotic assistance
Gong, Suning | Dinesh Jackson Samuel, R. | Pandian, Sanjeevi

RERS-CC: Robotic facial recognition system for improving the accuracy of human face identification using HRI
Jing, Wang | Tao, Hai | Rahman, Md Arafatur | Kabir, Muhammad Nomani | Yafeng, Li | Zhang, Renrui | Salih, Sinan Q. | Zain, Jasni Mohamad

ADA-SR: Activity detection and analysis using security robots for reliable workplace safety
Zhang, Guangnan | Jing, Wang | Tao, Hai | Rahman, Md Arafatur | Salih, Sinan Q. | AL-Saffar, Ahmed | Zhang, Renrui

Unprofessional problems and potential healthcare risks in individuals’ social media use
Chen, Long | Sivaparthipan, C.B. | Rajendiran, Sowmipriya

Industrial Internet of Things for smart manufacturing applications using Hierarchical Trustful Resource Assignment
Pingli, Duan | Muthu, Bala Anand | Kadry, Seifedine Nimer


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