“Kids with dreams become adults with vision.”

We have wonderful news to share with you concerning Mukesh, our visually challenged teenager, who has once again aced the higher secondary examinations and scored 506 out of 600!

When just a little boy, Mukesh was rescued at Kilpauk, Chennai. As we enrolled him in special education classes, we realized that he is actually very intelligent. Although completely blind, Mukesh is a determined young man who has big dreams and a wonderful heart that houses them. He studies at St. Louis School for the Blind, Adyar. He is good at studies and at playing music which he learned at this school that is famous for its Blind Orchestra.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Mukesh is a determined young man who will make it in life, and we are excited at his potential to lead a wonderfully inspiring and purposeful life! Watch his story on News18 Tamil Nadu, here.


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