Summer is HOT at Crossroads! The Hotline Chill On May 28, Thursday night, Crossroads hosted a Hotline-themed Thursday Night Chill! Aimed at getting


Summer is HOT at Crossroads!

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The Hotline Chill

On May 28, Thursday night, Crossroads hosted a Hotline-themed Thursday Night Chill! Aimed at getting the word out about Crossroads' Crisis Hotline to teens who need this vital service, the event featured T-shirt decorating and ice cream -- two highly popular activities. The event was held right outside the Center on Hachavatzelet street, Jeruslem, and drew many new teens to the area. The staff had a chance to engage teens on their turf, while still in a supervised setting. A memorable evening!

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Crossroads Summer Experience: Prevention in our Communities

Crossroads Communities is headed for new peaks this summer with Modiin and Beit Shemesh! For the first time we will be offering the Crossroads Summer Experience program for young teens.

As fun as summer is, it's also a time when teens find themselves wondering what to do. But long summer days don't need to mean looking for trouble. The Crossroads Summer Experience offers teens a dynamic, fun and constructive camp experience on a more relaxed schedule.

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Now that's success!

Two more of our internship teens have been hired to continue working at their jobs! "Amy's" employers so appreciated her work, they made her the on-call worker even during the school year. "Alex's" work is a wonderful environment suitable to his unique skills. Both teens are excited by their remarkable success.

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Crossroads in the Media...and at the Knesset!

Crossroads was recently featured in an article in Mekor Rishon by Zvika Klein. Klein joined Crossroads social worker Leah Sacks-Hagelburg for a night of street outreach and tour of the Center. You can view the original article or read a synopsis in English on our site.

As a result of the publicity from this article, Crossroads Director Robbie Sassoon was invited to speak at the Knesset in a meeting with the Committee for Aliyah and Absorption. The subject of the meeting was immigrant teens and the challenges they face in educational and social welfare system.

Sassoon explained the importance of Israeli support for its struggling immigrant teens. "We used to think it was the Anglo-saxons that needed to support Israel and not the other way around, that Anglo immigrants don't need help...but this is simply not correct." Frequently, these teens' families struggle financially and cannot provide support. Without collaborative support within Israel, our programs are at-risk of closing down.

He also explained Crossroads attitude toward its teens. "Contrary to what most people believe, these teens don't need Zionism. They don't need religion. They need, more than anything, a secure environment that will accept them as they are."

What Crossroads Teens Are Saying About Crossroads...

"I appreciate the realness and care that the staff offer here, they're genuine and they really care."

Crossroads.. "Gives me responsibility that I can't stay in bed always because I have to show up = someone watching out for me"

"I appreciate the freedom I have to be myself at Crossroads. There is no pressure to be anyone else."

"I have been coming to Crossroads for almost 6 years, this place was and still is like a home to me, always trying to help, making good connections, I would not change a thing of how they run Crossroads."

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