Snail Trail is heading to Estero Cafe in Valley Ford

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Join us in support of our local Snail of Approval restaurants, come follow the Snail Trail out to Valley Ford and enjoy a meal at Estero Cafe on Saturday, December 7th. Estero Cafe is one of our original (2017) Snails and we want to celebrate and support them. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, whatever you want to call it, they have it, visit anytime from 7:30am to 3pm. Gather a group of your friends and head on down, six or more and you can make a reservation. Otherwise just pop on in.

Saturday, December 7th.

(707) 876-3333

14450 Highway 1, Valley Ford

Traditional American breakfast and lunch made with locally sourced and organic ingredients! The Estero Cafe is a family owned and operated restaurant. Using only locally sourced and organic ingredients, including a commitment to pasture raised eggs, local grass fed beef, sustainable seafood, local dairy and vegetables.


We support restaurants and farms in Sonoma County that have been awarded a Snail of Approval. This meet-up is one of a series of meals we have dubbed The Snail Trail!

Slow Food in Sonoma County awards the Snail of Approval to local restaurants and farms that embrace Slow Food principles: Good, Clean and Fair food, for everybody.

Awardees utilize:
* seasonal ingredients or menus
* local, sustainable production and sourcing
* humane treatment of people and animals
* investment in fair labor practices
* green business practices (e.g. composting or recycling)

Any questions, email us at Snail of Approval-Slow Food in Sonoma County.



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