Dear friend,

July has been a wonderful month. A lot of businesses are preparing to reopen and resume their summer activities, as Covid restrictions slowly start to lift in different countries. So July's Newsletter is coming in hot with a lot of useful information and resources. So grab your cold brew and have your notepad ready, because we're about to get started!

This month, as you prepare for your year-end financial and business reporting, it becomes essential to have an accurate, robust, fast and easy to use reporting system. Your board will be looking at year-end results in order to forecast/budget for the next year. Therefore, here at NewPath Consulting, we've created some successful solutions to not only make your life easier, but to also save you time and money on the resources.

Whether you're looking for automated, categorized entries from Wild Apricot to your QuickBooks accounts, or want the Revenue and Expense Analyses, we got you covered!

As always, feel free to reach out to me at alex@newpathconsulting.com to talk and connect. I look forward to hearing from you.

Alex Sirota
Director, NewPath Consulting
(888) 781-2539

Wild Apricot for Word Press Plug In

NewPath's Wild Apricot for Word Press Plug in allows you to quickly integrate Wild Apricot database content into any WordPress page, post or template. You can combine the full power of Wild Apricot's database and the unlimited customization power of WordPress' custom themes, with complete support of Wild Apricot API.

If this is something you've been thinking about or would like to see how it works in a live environment, we're currently looking for volunteers to beta test our Wild Apricot Plug in. Make sure to try it out!

Let's Fix Your Wild Apricot Website

Can't seem to set up your online store? The membership directory doesn't look like what you had in mind? Do you want a second opinion? Do you want to learn about what you can do with Wild Apricot from experts and other organizations?

"Let's Fix Your Wild Apricot Site" is a free, live web-conference sponsored by NewPath Consulting. It is hosted by NewPath Consulting every third Tuesday at 12pm ET. The next event is July 20, 2021.


Integromat TechTalk for Partners

Integromat Original

Integromat TechTalk for Partners

Alex Sirota, Director of NewPath Consulting is hosting a monthly Integromat partner TechTalk #10 on July 26 at 12 pm Eastern.

All tech talks allow partners to meet each other and hear about exciting developments in the Integromat partner community.

All Integromat partners are welcome.


Cool Resources - Using Wild Apricot

Do you need need winning your board's approval before you can use Wild Apricot to run your organization? You can download this free PowerPoint presentation to show your board. It covers the following:

▪ What is a Membership Management System (MMS)?
▪ Why switch?
▪ How Wild Apricot can help
▪ Support and education
▪ How much does it cost?
▪ What customers think about Wild Apricot
What is a Membership Management System (MMS)?
Why switch?
How Wild Apricot can help
Support and education
How much does it cost?
What customers think about Wild Apricot

NewPath Communiy

When we work from anywhere we require connection. The NewPath Community launched last month for all our customers and friends:

▪ To connect.
▪ To inspire.
▪ To learn.
▪ And to grow.
To connect.
To inspire.
To learn.
And to grow.

All NewPath Wild Apricot add-ons are supported at no cost on the NewPath Community. Have a look and sign up for free!


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